Disney Star Accuses Rapper Soldier Kidd of Killing XXXTentacion

skai jackson soldier kidd xxxtentacion

After news hit of XXXTentacion’s murder, the Internet went to work to locate the culprits.

Witnesses described the suspects as “2 black males wearing hoodies, and the shooter was wearing a red mask.” This led many to believe that rapper Soldier Kidd had something to do with the murder. He recently posted a picture with a red mask, and he was within close proximity to where the murder took place.

soldier kidd xxxtentacion


Skai Jackson, star of the Disney Channel show Bunk’d, was good friends with XXX and even dated one of his friends. She called out Soldier Kidd in this social media comment:

skai jackson xxxtentacion soldier kidd

Soldier Kidd has already declared his innocence:



  1. This generation of Teenagers & Young Adults does NOT value life!!! Everyone deserves forgiveness but you also have to take ownership to receive it. I’m hearing so many mixed things about Xxxtentacion one side says he was peaceful and intelligent and the other side says he was Evil and possibly caused a Suicide. What’s the Real truth??!!

      • I know that’s right—-this is a lost generation and it’s really sad to see..
        Killing over tennis shoes, purses, dresses.. It’s really sad to see and the parents act like they are afraid to say NO to their children… All I can say they will never ever find what they looking for in this world, they best look to Jesus for it..

        • Its just me calling were you born yesterday? Killing over sneakers etc didn’t start with this generation.People have been killed for stuff like that and stepping on someone’s shoe by accident before we all were born. Don’t quote me on this but the crack epidemic and before that the heroin epidemics offspring exacerbated the problem. In other words it’s been around forever.

  2. Its the “look what I got and you ain’t shit cuz you cant afford it” mentality with these artists and the younger generation that follow them have these days. Unfortunately its our kids that are dying to try to live the lifestyle of the so called rich and famous while these top designers and name brands are raking in the dough smh.

    A LV bag??? Really?

    Materialism at its worst…


  3. Image is something you see that may or may not be true. Reality is something you may or may not see that is true. His death: image or reality? Take heed, let no man deceive you. The United States of America is the image. The United SINS of America is the reality.

  4. This little girl better stay in her place before they come and get her for talking too much.

  5. This generation is lost and soul less. So many have passed on and no tears Fredro Santana, Lil Peep, and now X. Its a death cult. This generation is being lead to slaughter.

  6. Y’all parents failed this generation.. Imagine ways gonna happen to the next gen.

  7. Y’all keep saying its the parents fault. I disagree. When you have a whole system fighting against you because they feel that you can’t assimilate regardless what you contributed to society…..its a rough road. Parents dealing with a system that doesn’t play fair and t.v. programs design to wreck havoc in homes etc etc……..and children thinking they’re grown……no concrete home structure because no jobs available for certain people……it’s rough on parents.

    • You are right when you have an entire system against you that is designed for you to fail there is no way you can only blame parenting.

      Most people are too Stupid and Brainwashed to understand everything happening are symptoms of the bigger issues we face on the daily as a people.

  8. the fact that those no talent website rappers, got scared and deleted that account…. shows that they are some bitches.

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