WTH!?! * Gilbert Arenas Shades Lupita Nyong’o: Says “Not Too Many Beautiful Dark-Skinned Women”

Also shades Lupita Nyong’o claiming she’s, “only cute when the lights are off!”

Gilbert Arenas has women pissed off after he made a disgusting comment about it not being too many beautiful dark-skin women on the outside.

Gilbert Arenas Hates Black Women


  1. These type of black men hate themselves and they also hate their own mothers. Gilbert Arenas needs to be stabbed in the eyes with a meat thermometer. Unfortunately too many black men think like this; especially that coon comedian Corey Holcomb.

    • We can talk about Gilbert all day but what messages are WE SENDING to our sons when we speak of folks being too black, big lipped, dark skinned, nappy headed, having “good” hair or as being EXOTIC if they are lighter skinned?

      WE are our own worst enemy because we’re perpetuating every stereotype our oppressor has thrown at us since the beginning of time and sending the message that we are less than…when the TRUTH is that we set the standards everyone is going out of their way trying to emulate.

      My cousin’s son took a white girl to the prom and you would swear he won the Nobel Prize the way she was oooing and COONing. It was simply because the girl was white. Her character didn’t count and never came into play. It was as if her son “won” by doing this. It sickened me but she hates herself and has projected this mess unto her kids.

      Black women are for the most part raising black men but we have to question how good a job we’re doing when black men and women PUBLICLY TRASH their own race.

  2. Gross! Exactly why I stopped watching basketball because that’s all I see the women the ballers bring to the game. Self hating…

    • I stopped watching Tennis as all the Black females are self hating Aunt Jemmimas married to white men!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Shut up fool…Serena has dated all races and the black men & some of the whites she was with dogged her…so if she is happy leave her be.

  3. Well now we know why he’s breeding the black out of himself… he prefers Neanderthal & flees

  4. Lupita is beautiful. Gilbert is just a product of single mothering who raise their sons to be disrespectful in the name of “No one can tell me nuntin”

    • Lupita only became beautiful when white people said so, and black women followed. When she did her documentary on Albinos in Africa some years back, I never heard you black people saying shit about her looks!

      • I always find lupita nice whe she was acting in Kenya movies she was even more gorgeous. It’s funny that these lowlife African American women were the ones saying she was overrated lol why because she was dark and pure African stock. Dark African American women look like shit.

  5. Gilbert I feel so sad for you,brainwashed slave,your folks can’t be too light,cause you are a dark skin man,I use the word “man”sparingly I’d love to see all the blacks in your family! The woman who raised you was not too bright( intelligent) I hope Black Men like you develop some respect for yourselves over time before you go broke,because you surely are,karma is waiting around the corner for you,Odom,all you Dark Black Men who have this hatred for your black family,the way you disrespect women period tells me something about your lack of intelligence,and down low status,hope you meet a cop who Hate black men like you,who will set you straight on who you are,and beat the hell out of you,can’t wait to see you prone on the ground bleeding that black blood you hate so much!

    • If you hate him that much do it yourself. That fact that you want to use a racist white cop to be your proxy means you are the true real of a coon!!

  6. When did he become a media spokesperson for anything????????
    Play ball or retire or whatever.

  7. C’mon y’all this dude has 4 children from the hideous acting and looking Govan woman.He wouldn’t know fine if it was naked in front of him.

  8. I’m sickened by the blatant disrespect some of these black men publicly have towards black women. The media loves to blow up ignorance like this. I’m disgusted. If many black men feel this way about dark skinned women then black people are doomed.

    • The timing is suspicious too as it comes almost a day after we were treated to the first black Elle cover model – who looks similar to the women he said he found unattractive.

      It almost negates her achievement. It was a shame that a black man had to ruin the moment. I am quite sure he has a handler though.

      There can be no unity bewteen us.

      • And it will be another 17 years till it happens again, as you tight fisted black women will let it collect dust on the shelf instead of buying it and making it a big selling issue. It will be the lowest selling issue in years.

    • If you hate him that much do it yourself. That fact that you want to use a racist white cop to be your proxy means you are the true real of a coon!!

    • Why do black women act like they like dark skin people you guys are the most vocal about skin colour and strange part when we call you out you say “no wun can tell me nuntin”

  9. So we have Tyrese and this guy publicly disrespecting black women. We black women need to stop supporting these type of people! We are good enough when they are starting out, but the moment they blow up and have other’s coming after them, suddenly brown skin is no good. Going forward no second chances.

    • They are probably programmed / coerced into behaving like this. The media loves / lives to push this type of thing and these men are ‘industry ‘ and thus must do as instructed.

    • Is this really more disrespectful than Ghetto Gaggers? Why is their no protest against that vile, perverse site by Black women? I have my theory.

      • What the fuck are you talking about? I’m tired of motherfuckers like you saying dumb shit. Either stick to the topic or keep it moving!

      • I like ghetto gaggers..to see the white man treat black women like shit actually helps me deal with the emotional trauma black women put me through LMAO

      • The porn industry in a whole is perverse and just flat out nasty, especially behind the scenes. So everybody should collectively go against it.

  10. Who told this dude his skin wasn’t dark? Lol lol lol the pot calling the kettle black? Nigga you’re dark skin in my eyes. He like that black racist character from the Dave Chapelle show….LMAO God i pray for all fools and babies and you sure ain’t no baby. Just play baketball and never speak out loud again…mercy lol lol lol

  11. Why does liking your opposite make you self-hating? A lot of people are drawn to those who look very different from them. And I’m not just talking black and white either.

  12. SMH. Amazes how many people seemingly can’t wait to open their mouths (or Tweet) and show just how ignorant and ugly they are inside.

  13. Get a white beard then. Why are you calling dark, black females ugly just because their skin is of a dark complexion? You’re ”dark”, aren’t you? Do you not find your dark skin on yourself attractive? Do you find yourself handsome as a ”dark” male? I guess not. Self-hate at it finest, that’s all..and he’s mentally dumb I see.

  14. Honestly, fuck this guy, what he stands for, and fuck those like him. Black women need to start holding their heads a little higher, and just ignore these types of men altogether. They obviously hate themselves, and who seriously needs the attention, and approval of someone who hates themselves? Let alone pass that off on my offspring.

  15. Quick question yall!????? HOW MANY IVY LEAGUE EDUCATED WOMEN HAVE WE EVER SEEN GILBERT ARENAS WITH??? DARK OR OTHERWISE??? Like Ms.Lupita, they would never go near his ignorant azz!! She doged a bullet and then some. Mr. Arenas wears his stupidity like his favorite hat and he is ignorant fluently!!! #FACTS

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