Kenya Moore BLASTS Kim Zolciak for Attacking Her Appearance * Kim Responds!

Kim Zolciak made a loud return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta on the season 9 finale with a deafening QUACK!

During Sheree Whitfield‘s housewarming extravaganza — complete with barely clad women twirling in balls from the ceiling. Zolciak and Kenya Moore got into a heated argument, trading harsh insults over Kenya shaded Sheree‘s unfinished basement. But the drama did not end at Chateau Sheree, as each lady is now accusing the other of jealousy.

Kim spoke to People and she’s adamant that the former Miss USA is jealous of her life — her marriage to Kroy Biermann and six kids.

“Why are you talking about my husband? You wish you had one,” she said. “Definitely don’t talk about my husband, my children — just don’t go there.”

Kenya fired back with a zinger.

“Bye ‘sour milk-aging’ hater!”


According to the Moore Hair Care owner,Kim’s jealous that she’s all natural.

“I appreciate my genes and the face that I have my original face and I don’t age like sour milk.,” said Kenya.”

Kenya also broke down her reaction to Kim‘s dramatic cosmetically altered face and their heated fight at Chateau Sheree.

Kenya told Bravo.

“When she came for me, I had to first figure out if it was really Kim. Her own mother probably couldn’t pick her out of a line up now, so how could I be expected to? She kept making nasty comments about my appearance… This is the same woman who wants people to believe she hasn’t had any plastic surgery done to her face, but she can’t close her eyes when she blinks. B***, bye! No, I don’t want to be Kim. Yes, I would love to have children, but I’m not interested in having three baby daddies.”


  1. More drama from the reality shows which don’t entertain just feed the haters and drama seekers.

    • Thank you, it’s not about charity, big parties, helping others and overall glamours life..
      It’s about drama and who can make the other person feel, less than who they are.. Kenya couldn’t answer ok’d blow up ugly doll fast enough.. No one wants to be you Kim, you are straight up ugly and you’re making your two older daughters feel the same way about their bodies and looks in general.. Kenya told you correctly no one wants to be you, you are not someone, anyone with common sense would want to be.. You’re only back on the ATL, because your money is short and you need the money because your husband is unemployed..
      That’s just a fact…

  2. They all needthe money to keep up appearances& are fame whores so let them pick each other apart. In the end they make double if not triple ur annual salary each season to be stunt queens. Kim needs the money for surgery, give her credit she aint ho”in, yet. Kenya is a hater but most of what these ppl do is for a check, bring nene back so she can get her check too

    • She’s definitely a former whorer, Kim will never change.. she will continue to live above their means..

  3. No shade but cone on Kenya you know you had some work done, maybe not as drastically as Kim but there has definately been some alterations done to your face since the Martin show….lol lol stop it! Kim coming back to the show for sure and not because she’s great but because tge producers cant wsit to exploit her daughter Brielle and talk about her surgerires and new boyfriend…stroy line, story line story line…ha ha ha

  4. Never watched that show, but I’m going to comment based on the fact that neanderthal bitches are the most shady ass haters on the planet! Fake ass bitches and have always hated on the Black woman. Always coveting what the Black woman has. (Youthfulness, ultimate creativity, Originality, dynamic powerful presences, etc) And don’t be a Black woman who has full self esteem, self love and confidence. Natural hair and blessed body. OMG!!! The hate will surely begin. I know! “THESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES”!! I have the misfortune of working in a place where 90% of the females are neanderthal. HATE CITY!!!! It’s so thick the bitches have done things to sabotage my work desk. I’m about out of there, but I just had to testify. I back Kenya, there is so much underhanded shade a neanderthal bitch will do behind the scenes and think she won’t get checked just cause she’s “white”. CHECK DAT HOE ASS NEANDERTHAL!! #ahhhNowIFeelBetter

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