WTF!?! Rihanna Calls Rachel Dolezal “A Hero”


“[Rianna] is supporting Rachel Dolezal for a wildfire of conversation she ignited about racial perceptions …”

Some may view a liar as being the lowest of the low, but RiRi seems to view such moral fortitude as heroism! Don’t believe me.. Ask Rachel Dozal.

To recap, Rachel Dolezal is the infamous liar that was forced to step down from her top-ranking position with the NAACP — leading the Washington state chapter, to be specific — only to lose her jobs with the city of Spokane and Eastern Washington University after damning reports outed her as a white woman. A recent interview with Vanity Fair revealed RiRi as being a Rachel Dolezal supporter!

Here’s what RiRi had to say about Dolezal:

“I think she was a bit of a hero, because she kind of flipped on society a little bit. Is it such a horrible thing that she pretended to be black?”


  1. Why are Black people calling Rachel a liar for pretending to be Black? So we have no problem with NeNe Leakes, Mary J Blige, Nicki Minaj sporting blonde hair? Then let's not pretend we see all those sistas buying weaves pretending to be who? Not Angela Davis or Black women who wear their natural hair.
    Give me a f!ckin' break.

    • Soooo… we're equating someone wearing a wig or weave to someone intentionally lying about their race? denying her white parents? and then taking a job that you don't even need to be black to do, but (again) lying about being black?

      This (black) world is doomed. people are too dumb/gullible/accepting of any and everything. #onlyblacksthough

  2. true, I gut nothing against Rachel, I would rather claim Rachel an educated University Graduate and Professor over Nene Leakes, Porsha, Kenya, Claudia and all them fake black hoes we gut represented so called black stereotype on tv… I mean seriously, I demand a trade, we'll take Rachel Dolezal and they can have Stacey Dash.

  3. #Hair (OVER ONE EYE) MUCH??



    NICE TRY, THOUGH! Laughing!

  4. Ri had a crush on her if rachel wants to be transracial as they call it let her be black i need a laugh guess all that black dick she took f*cked upbher mind no wonder white men fear the almighty black dick

  5. and this is why the black race will always be bottom feeders yall are straight scardy-cat a55 kissers who everybody punks, controls, and doesnt respect lol

  6. just like yall was cool with mr white man pretending to be you when c000000ning, you still the same nuccaz..but then expect change. HA!! yeah errbody else should stay makin money off you nuccaz while yall stay powerless

  7. Light skinned blacks have been passing for years i think it to be a funny ironicy that a white person finally did the same!

  8. ummm… first off blonde hare is not just a white thing. look up the Solomon islands look at Aborigines. Lets not forget people who bleach their skin who try to be a little lighter to look "better" for the camera.I am not even going to go into light skinned blacks.

  9. This woman is a fake period. If her intent was to do good for the black community she could have done so being herself. Don't attempt to compare black woman rocking blond hair with what she is doing.As far as I know all the black woman you named identify as black not white,and for the record every white woman isn't a natural blond. This is a white woman (confirmed by her very white parents birth certificate and all) who is trying to pass herself off as black. There is a difference in feeling black and saying that you identify with black culture and outright lying about what you are. This woman wants to benefit from her lie. Check the pics before the tan/ethnic wig/weave.It gets no whiter than that.. raised in a community more than 80% white in the Midwest. There is a whole lot more to being black than tanning your skin, throwing on an Afro wig, and declaring your self such.Rihanna is a damn fool for cosigning to that idiots shenanigans. Some of us are so happy that anyone wants to be a part of our race that we will embrace all types pf crazy sh^t. Dress up as a white person ,and go to the white community and see if they embrace your black ass.. This woman wants to benefit by claiming to be one of us.Just because your white parents adopted 2 black children doesn't make you black by association.This chick has mental illness.

  10. Who in their righteous mind would take what bird brain cum bucket like Rihanna, said seriously, one could NEVER hold an intelligent conversation with the likes of Rihanna or her big sis Beyonce, it just could never happen, & of course that imposter Rachel, would be Rihanna's shero, rihanna has that house slave mentality.

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