WTF?: Kanye Is Signing ‘Trump’ On His Merchandise

kanye merchandise trump

After admitting how much he loves Donald Trump in an interview with Ebro, Kanye West’s videographer shared a photo of a bunch of Yeezy’s Saint Pablo Tour merchandise that the rapper had autographed “Trump.”

Is this getting weird yet, and how long before Kanye is back under 5150?


  1. Meanwhile…….Back @ The Ranch……Kimmy Is On The Gram Displaying Her Contaminated & Bedraggled Snatch 4 The World 2 See……..Under The Guise Of Promoting Her New Perfume Line.

    #You Can’t Make This Shit Up!!!!!

  2. leave him alone. if everyone would stop scrutinizing and trying to control him he would be fine. just mind your own backyard and stop the hate. it’s okay to have a difference of opinion just be peaceable with all.

  3. Fuck this dude, tired of MF wanting to coddle grown men for their fucked off actions.

  4. I think the only thing that’s changed about Kanye West is his willingness to do their agenda I think in the beginning back when he said that bush doesn’t care about black people I think back then he was willingly trying to get us to be like sheep and follow him that set the tone for the next president to come Barack Obama who did absolutely nothing for the black community…now I think he’s unwillingly but activityly following their agenda now..the only change is us thinking ye was one of us in the first place…

  5. Stop putting so much stock into these entertainers and athletes. When it’s all said and done, they are still millionaires and you all are broke. Who gives a fuck about them! Live for you.

    • Could not of said it better @Mystique and those A&E’s,black politicos,etc don’t give a rats azz about us unless they have a movie/book/promotion coming out,game coming on,or upcoming election,use them like they been using us for decades #boycottalltheyazzs

  6. When they plug him up at night they must loop the phrase “seek attention by any means necessary” into his audio device…


  7. So its ok to 2 be gay, ok 2 be a crossdresser, transgenders, white ppl saying they black, getting married 2 a dog, all that BULLSHIT is ok, but a black man supporting Trump is the end of the fuckin world??…this shit a joke, i dont blame Kanye..they teachin ur sons in school to be a tranny and take it up the @$$ but yet they more bothered because a millionaire black man support Trump lol..this world.

  8. Who gives a fuck u say? Well u might not care about these individuals on this post we are talk..I get that part…’s bigger than them…we scrutinize them because they are just a few of the many add to his system…there s a bigger picture..u can’t possibly take this stuff for face value..if u believe this gov is the answer for this world u desver to have it all blown up in ur face… Conspiracist? No ..SMH we are just trying to putting the piece of the puzzle together that we ALready NO is boken.. time to wake up and smell the coffee..

  9. Obama was the president for everybody not just the black community people need to stop with Obama did nothing for the black community. Leave Kanye alone he can be friends with and follow with whomever he chooses. Trump is not everybody’s cup of tea but neither was Obama but right now he’s Kanye’s cup of tea.

  10. If anyone thinks this man is not being controlled, pull you head OUT of your ass.

    Yeah I know there are some black folks down with the repubes, but this is deeper than that.

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