‘Erratic’ Kanye Got Rid of Scooter Braun & His Entire Management Team

kanye west scooter braun

Those in Kanye’s inner circle are reportedly worried by his “erratic” behavior after the rapper gave his whole team an ultimatum.

Yeezy reportedly held a meeting and asked his whole crew, including his lawyers and even his manager Scooter Braun, to either work for him full-time or get ta’ stepping. So they all chose to walk.

“Scooter has a million irons in the fire and working for Kanye full-time is out of the question.”

During the meeting, he reportedly stated he would move forward with handling all of his business “in-house,” meaning by him only. He then wrapped things up by saying he wanted to be bigger than Apple, and “Yeezy is the new Apple.”

Meanwhile, his wife is posing nekkid and showing her va-jay-jay for free again.


  1. Clue when they are about to take you out they get rid of your whole team no Witnesses to see what’s about to go down.

    • @Miss L 15:35

      Oh My Goodness……Do You Think That This May Be The Case With R. Kelly Also?

      It Seems Like All Of His Employees & Staff Are Ghosting On Him Too.

      • I was thinking that lol it’s been a long time coming down for R Kelly to go down they all ways remove people a way from them just like before they took out Michael Jackson they told his body guard he wasn’t needed any more.

  2. It’s not looking to good for him. They gonna reprogram him again or take him out.

  3. He is a Trump loving clone….the real Kanye is either dead or in a sunken place.Ever since his mental breakdown when he put Gay-Z aka El Diablo on blast,it’s never been the same for him and the voices living in his head.Smfh!.It’s a shame,he really is talented.I loved The College Dropout album it was one if his best work.

    • You got that right. College Dropout is a classic. I’m telling y’all, we lost Kanye long before he got the lobotomy. Remember the whole Bush doesn’t care about black people during the Hurricane Katrina Relief?..welp he was doomed from then… he publicly went against the potus…Now he’s buzzing around the most hated man on earth…I truly believe that if Delonda West, god bless her soul, were alive, we would be enjoying his music, happy for his marriage and expanding family and respecting his hustle. Instead we just shaking our heads and eyes rolling.

  4. Pray for Kanye. He’s trying to rid himself of the demons around him. He’s come to realize things too late. I wonder if he recently saw the movie Get Out.

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