Former Wrestler Ric Flair: “I Smashed Halle Berry”

ric flair halle berry

Um,ew…On an episode of The Ric Flair Show, the former wrestler was asked about all the celebrities he has had sex with.

He says he has smashed “several dozen,” but he only admitted to one celebrity in particular…Halle Berry!

Ric says the incident went down in Atlanta right after Halle got divorced from former MLB player David Justice.

Peep the interview:

You really think Halle let this thing get on top of her or is he lying?


  1. Halle seems to be crazy so I wouldn't put it past her. Question is why is rick hiding the others instead of revealing their names too?

    • I agree
      They stay trying to down black women but stay uplifting "Becky" the blow job queens

      • Exactly. White women have beeeen sleeping with everyone for jobs. Natalie Portman's two kids aren't even her husbands. They're her directors kids and she's considered the belle of hollywood. The white women rick slept with are probably all married with "respectable" reputations now.

      • That is what Halle Berry gets. She chose to play the role of hollywood negro bed wench. Did she really think that all of the white guys she f*cked would stay silent?

    • Now see, as a white woman I see this completely differently. I don't believe for a minute that he is protecting any ww he may have slept with. I believe that he knows that every man will be impressed and envious that he had an experience with one of the world's greatest beauties, and THAT'S why he named her. He may have slept with 200 white wresting groupies during his day, but do you really think that anyone would be impressed by that? I mean, Halle is an Oscar winner and a People Magazine's Most beautiful.

      He didn't name her because of a lack of respect—he named her because he is bragging.

      • Your insight into the racial injustice faced by black women is irrelevant. You know NOTHING about this. You've shown it by refusing to believe OUR experience as we tell it and overriding it instead with "Now see, as a white woman I see this completely differently. I don't believe…". You know better, as per usual.

      • And thank you for providing your "Caucasian" authority on this topic as you do with every other topic. Next we'll be discussing "the life of Indian person". I bet you'll know everything about that too.

        • Sorry. I did not think I was overriding anyone's opinion.

          I was simply giving my different point of view and perspective. Why do you think that I was being imperious? Was there anything particular in my words or tone which offended you? I genuinely want to know so that I can learn from my errors.

          I did not realize that this is meant to be a site which only invites one group of people to speak their opinions.

          Of course I can completely understand that racist or bigoted opinions are not welcome, but is this site only intended to be patronized by people of color?(this last question is to Sasha the editor while the first was addressed to Sarah)

      • Guys don't forget that Halle Berry was in her prime in the nineties. I believe Ric Flair f*cked her. Halle is just mad that the old white man is telling on her.

  2. After Halle bedwenched for her role in "Monsters Ball", this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

  3. I believe Ric. This reminds me of when Boy George specifically named Prince as one of lovers. I'm sure BG had many Celebrity lovers but I found it interesting that he only mentioned Prince.

    Well we saw what happened to Prince, maybe Halle is next.

    *later I think BG retracted his statement, saying it was a joke.*

    • There's no way Prince actually did that. The only way that happened is if Prince was high/drunk and passed out or almost passed out. Prince experimented with drugs at least a little bit. BG might have felt on his booty while he was passed out.

      Prince is the same dude that makes chicks sleep in full makeup and picks out their clothes. He's had every bad AA singer/actress/model/etc. He's had bad chicks since like high school. There were no stories at all about him being with any dudes. If no one has a story after decades (except Boy George), he's probably not gay/bi.

      If he is gay/bi, he wouldn't get with BG of all dudes.

      • I agree
        Prince would have gotten a transgender that looked like Amiyah Scott if he swung that way
        Not some1 who looked like Boy George

  4. Yeah, it happened. Caused she was filming the late Alex Haley's Queen when she was with David. And as soon she got done with that, she was getting a divorce. He's not lying. And he still lives in Charlotte, NC.

    • DaRadiant1–you are right.. Ric Flair has a flair for the ladies of color. That was a rumor going around in the ATL for a minute. I heard about it years ago from a friend in the "know" in the area. Halle kept that shit under wraps but you know that the walls talk!

  5. ric so what you f*cked haillie berry so has every jewish man so she can be put in movies . ric why don't you talk about how you had your son reid as as a sacrifce, why don't you talk about how chris benoit didn't kill himself or his family that vince mcmahon and kevin sullivan them set up just like chyna and ultimate warrior.

    • @Stephen, In my heart, I believe Chyna was murdered. Also thought Benoit's death was very suspicious.

      Vince will do anything to protect his empire and his family.

      • It was said that Chyna was going to release info of what it took for her to really make it in the WWE. Why do you think she went into porn so quick? She had cleaned up and wanted to clear up so loose ends so she could move forward…. you know, 12 steps style? Plus she was pissed that she made so much money for the franchise but because she was a woman, she never saw the money that they were continually making off her. Books, dolls, etc. Chris Benoit suffered from repeated concussions and steroid use that make him nuts… no one saw that coming.

    • I don't see how Tripple H lives w/himself. I think he completely whored himself out & sold his soul. Don't think that will save him though; who in their right mind would marry into the McMahon family? I wonder who the next dead wrestler will be….*wishful thinking*.

      • cm punk thst's a big if punk went hard on wwe when he left and vince already killed owen hart and bret hart hart knew about it

      • He is married to Stephanie Mcmanon (however it's spelled) Triple H wanted longevity and Stephanie wanted H. He was a Featured player and from what I heard, played his card so that he could be in that family. So, trained he Stephanie with others behind the scenes for her "debut" and seduced her by not kissing her ass, telling her how it is and being real romantic.

    • Stephen tell more about the Chris Benoit incident. Are you saying that Vince had Chris and his family murdered? If Vince did this, Why? What would be his motivation? What did Chris Benoit do to Vince? And why hasn't Vince murdered Hulk Hogan?

      • all of this started with chris benoit sleeping with kevin sullivan wife nancy (google it) kevin sullivan is into satanism he used to be shit out of nancy. also he is a high mason like vince mcmhaon the whole mcmahon family is into that stuff. they wanted chris to sacrfice his son so they killed him and his family. strange thing is his death was announced before the wwe said anything chris wanted out

        • bret hart brother owen hart was a blood sacrfice for the mcmahon family bret hart knew what was going because bret hart is a part of masonic as well bret hart was paid to keep his mouth shut he didn't found till later on what vince did so bret just kept quiet over the years. wwe wanted owen hart to do certain storylines that he was not sure about doing owen hart hated wrestling

          • Around the time Owen died he started hanging and became affiliated with the Nation of Domination which was a group of black wrestlers so I know his white peers probably wasn't feeling that

      • chris benoit was under mk ultra as well. by the way dwyane johnson slept with patt patterson he works for wwe and known homosexual he molested roddy piper. dwayne johnson has always been bisexual.

        • I have lost all respect for Dwayne The Rock Johnson! I always wondered how a black man could become so popular in the WWE and in hollywood. Now I know why.

          • hell dwayne johnson put on dress several times behind closed doors dwayne has slept with hollywood producers just like all the rest and guess what? they video tape hidden camers when these cleebs ttry to speak they show them on camera what they did and they get casue they do want the public to know their homosexuals. who recently 'came out' diddy and mayweather right? at a party

    • Just started checking out the wwe again for the 1st time in years-same ole same ole. A lot of recycled gimmicks. Hate that they're the only big national wrestling promotion now, they bought out a lot of their competitors. I miss wcw right about now, lol. I don't know too much about impact wresting, I'll try to check them out again. Ecw was crazy! Anyways, what's with this 'The New Day' gimmick? Kinda don't know what to make of them, but a lot of ppl think they are coons. Booty-O's….really?

  6. Ric paid Halle berry for sex like most old ass white men who wanna eat black p*ssy and ass

    • @Crazychris, say it isn't so. Not Mick Jagger. GROSSSSSS

      • Yes nia dated Mick like I said nia must have needed some bills paid or she really wanted to try that tounge out because word has it Mick jagger is one if the best p*ssyeaters in rock music ask tina Turner, Marianne faithful, and Merrie Clayton would say ask etta James but she dead

        • Holy shit! Nia Long f*cked Mick Jagger! DAMN! These black girls in hollywood will suck on any white dick that comes close to them. In other words all black girls in hollywood are negro bed wenches!

  7. This I believe! Halle Berry is the white man's sex slave! I don't think Ric Flair is the type of man that would lie on his dick!

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