Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint in Paris

kim kardashian robbed gunpoint

Kim Kardashian was allegedly held at gunpoint and robbed by men dressed as police officers. The incident went down at a private apartment in Paris.

Five men threatened the mansion concierge with a weapon, handcuffed him and forced him to give them entry into Kim’s apartment.

Two of the men were able to gain entry, and a gun was held to her head.

The suspects bound and gagged, and put her in a bathroom while they took two cell phones and jewelry worth millions of dollars. After the attackers left in their cars and bicycles (LMAO) Kim was able to break free and call for help….LOL!

Kim was in Paris for fashion week with her mom, Kourtney, Kendall and Corey Gamble. Despite her traveling with her family as well as her crew and her own security, we’re really supposed to believe Kim was alone in the apartment and the only one to be bound and gagged? This has got to be a joke…

When Kanye heard the news, he canceled his concert in the middle of performing “Heartless.”

Kim spoke to police for a few hours and then hopped on a jet back to the U.S.

News of this attack is suspicious….Kim was just flaunting a $1.3 million diamond ring that Kanye “bought” her, and that ring was allegedly one of the pieces of jewelry that was stolen. Also, news reports are claiming Anna Wintour, the queen of the fashion world, is done with the Kardashian circus and refused to be seated next to Kim at any runway shows. And on top of that, Kendall has been noticeably absent from Paris Fashion Week shows, and many big name fashion houses didn’t book her to walk their runways this season.

So, what’s the family to do when they feel that their star is fading? Stage a fake attack of course.

Do you think E! cameras were rolling as Kim got bound and gagged?

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      • Sasha, you getting a whoppin' for THIS pile of bullshit shenanigans??? I was hoping like heck you would have seen this foolishness, fall out laughing like you did & NOT run it here. I kid you not… I JUST wrote the following on the Chyna/Rob thread this morning…

        Okay…It's quite obvious I know some people who are seriously crazy & have clearly lost their entire damn minds….

        It is 1:43am. I'm in the middle of finishing my schedule for this coming week & watching the recording of the Dodson/Lineker UFC fight (Dodson was straight ROBBED of the win he deserved)…minding my own damn business, right? WTH is my phone ringing with questions about "Did I hear about Kim Kardashian being held at gunpoint in Paris?" I was beyond mad. ? I was more annoyed & insulted than anything. If I knew I wouldn't cause problems for myself & others I'd drop names just to embarrass they're asses….?

        My response was this:
        NO…I didn't hear about the alleged accosting nor do I give a damn. Forgive me for being so unkind but if they gunned her ass down in the middle of the streets of Paris for all to see it would serve her & her lowlife family right. Good riddance to the worst trash ever to dawn our society this century.

        Plus…the whole "gunpoint ordeal" was most likely a Kardashian/West stunt to garner international media attention.

        • yep. there is nothing to low 4 n8ggahs 2 do these days 2 get attention and money

      • Sasha R.– what's really f*cked up about this is that the Kardashians are such attention whores and the manipulate the media so much this could have really happened and many people would not believe it. That is what you get for being so calculated. That being said, folks need to know that Americans are targets for robberies overseas. I've had six friends robed at gunpoint in separate incidents this year–either in their rooms or on the street –in Greece, Italy, and France. Each was targeted by a group or more than one individual who seemed to know their movements. I also had a guy friend that was drugged in a bar in the Bahamas and woke up on the beach with no money and f*cked up. Just letting folks know.. if you travel overseas, be careful. Don't tell anyone your itinerary and don't flaunt your cash and be super aware of your surroundings and what you are being served. The Kardashians may or may not be lying but it is not a friendly climate for Americans everywhere so be hood smart when you travel.

  1. Anyone who knows upscale apartments knows that its not just a normal building where you just take the elevator up. You need to go through SECURITY downstairs in the lobby where I imagine kim would've even paid for her own private guards to be on the lookout. Then there would've been guards on kim's floor when you get out the elevator. Another guard directly outside the apartment door & another inside WITH KIM. Can this family end already?

  2. When I first heard this the word that popped up in my head was fake. I don't get why the world is so obsessed with these no talent plastic witches (literally)

    • The same here, lol. FAKE! Still believe this narcissistic trick is lying. All for the attention.

  3. Yes this is a publicity stunt. Her bodyguard is always with her and this happens on the same day Chyna has her baby shower. The Kardashians are full of it.

  4. The funniest part about this was kanye just ducking out of his performance lol.

    • Since they had her ass at gunpoint why didn't they finish the job and make us all happy? It's not like she would be greatly missed. I know some people who would gladly throw a bomb ass party for something like that. IJS.

  5. Aint no body robber this fat heffer……Please …Cont have Pitt and Jolie taken all that good press…god forbid her fat ass aint in some lame gossip site story about showing her titties that every body done seen more than there own…..go away already

  6. Number one how can anyone get to her when she have bodyguard camera crew paparazzi all in her face two they were with Kourtney yeah right Kourtney and Khloe are not important enough they don't need bodyguard then Kanye hear about it and say let me write this diss track you guys are crazy for attention that you are going to far when it's not about you

  7. In 5,4,3,2,1… "Now I know the plight of black people" speech & "Armenian lives matter" movement will be hitting the airways. Let the cooning continue & all their brainless sheep follow

  8. Odd place to be 'staying' in Paris. Looks like a dump outside. Didn't they fire a bodyguard (cheap one too) for speaking to her? It must be fun to ride the media train all over the world. They pimpin the pimps!


  10. And where was the missing sister at? Trying to get knocked up by anybody but preferably an NBA baller, any baller! Cause pregnancy is what's popular today.

  11. Distractions Distractions….

    All this is meant to do is put her back on top and upfront of the Brad & Angie distraction story…

  12. These PEOPLE!!!! UGH!!! I can't stand these succubus's! All they do is COPY! Now they copy the IDIOT LOCHTE LIE and DEBACLE in RIO and the DRAKE JEWELRY HEIST!

  13. since my comments don't seem to get posted I hope this does go through! Peeps, just a heads up! I heard that they have passed a Marshall Law that will allow the Government to seize you bank accounts so find a place to hide your money near to you that you can get to!

  14. In addition, they have also passed a law that BANDS LOCS in certain states! You will not be hired for a JOB!!!! New JIM CROW!

  15. Insurance Fraud. She was in on it.

    Now will someone please arrest this fake ass (pun intended) hoe and upgrade the entertainment industry.

  16. This is my first and last post on this. Everyone needs to stop giving these heifers life. Every time you turn around, they are in the news to something. I guess her tacky damn near naked dresses were not garnering her enough attention. Btw, people get robbed all the time. Especially if they like to flaunt their wares!

    • Wishful thinking. The MF who report on this including here need these bitches to stay relevant.

      They all think they blogs will dry up & die if they do not get in on the action.

  17. I don't know why you reported that Kendall wasn't walking in Paris Fashion Week.

    She was everywhere.

  18. Can't believe this dumb lying bitch really pulled a "LOCHTE"
    Can't wait for that firestorm of backlash, when this shit blows up……..this will surely finished her & that ratchet ass family of hers 15mins of "fame"!

  19. I think they were trying to off her, and something went wrong…Notice how kids were in NY and her bodyguards was with her sister..

  20. Also- is it me or is Kim Kardahian getting ugly, and is starting to show her age? She's had too much plastic surgery, and she's beginning to not even look like herself.

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