WorldStar Founder Died at San Diego Massage Parlor

q worldstar massage parlor

On Monday, it was announced that Lee “Q” O’Denat, the founder of WorldStar, had died at his home at the age of 43. But now, it’s being reported that he actually died while getting rubbed up at a San Diego massage parlor.

The San Diego County medical examiner’s office said Q was at a San Diego shopping center, in an establishment that police identified as a massage parlor. He became unresponsive and was pronounced dead.

At least he went out with a bang.



  1. all he did was bad images of black people on his website and getting paid by jews world star hip hop has had more black youth killed with facebook combined

  2. And?

    You all are so selective when it comes to reporting deaths…would not know him if I passed him on the street.

  3. What massage parlor! And at what mall? They got massage parlors at malls in California?!

  4. @17:42, Spoken like a true Neanderthal. I can’t wait until the planetary and paradigm shift, then we will see who gets exploited. Chemtrails won’t even help you devils keep the sun from burning you up!

    • WSHH is a huge embarrassment and it has definitely had a negative affect on AAs in general. But, I have to agree with the person y’all are accusing of being white above^^that people now act up just so they can get on the site. Yo can’t blame white folks for that.

      There is a low echelon of folks of both races who are an embarrassment. That’s a fact. This dude just found a way to make a buck off it.

  5. shidd he was getting rubbed down by lil korean hoe smdh they open massage parlor all over america n strip malls RIP man

    • Rumour has it the girl giving him the rub down was shouting “World Star” whilst recording the event in portrait mode.

    • I hope you’re kidding.

      If there was an Illuminati, they would not want him to die. They would want him to continue causing chaos and embarrassment.

      • It’s a little more complicated than that. If it was them, he did some shit that made thm do it. If not, God handled it.

    • I kind of think something may have gone amiss @Anon 00:54
      I heard he was supposed to b signing some type of mtv major deal the next day
      The plot sort of sound like what they were trying to do to Lamar Odom
      But Odom got away

  6. This man was behind the company that actively promotes black fuckery, real coonery, further mental degradation of blacks- He won’t be missed much, not by those with some decent sense at least.

    I wonder will they shout WORLDSTAR at his funeral?

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