Paris Jackson Opens Up About Being Black, Attempting Suicide & MJ’s Murder

paris jackson black

In a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Paris Jackson talks about her life and what race she identifies with.

Michael Jackson’s daughter revealed she was sexually assaulted by a “much older” stranger, she attempted suicide multiple times and battled with anxiety and depression, why she believes her dad was murdered and how online bullies helped her better understand why MJ resorted to plastic surgery.

She also set the record straight about her race, saying her father always told her she was black, so that’s why she identifies as a black woman.

” [He would] point his finger at me and he’d be like, ‘You’re black. Be proud of your roots.’ And I’d be like, ‘OK, he’s my dad, why would he lie to me?'”

You can read the full interview here.


  1. Unfortunately, Paris is a perfect example of how people act out and become unstable adults because they don’t know their history. This young lady’s real parents have a responsibility to come forward to at least let her know her true history. It doesn’t have to be publicized. She’s the only one that needs to know.

    And why was she attending a community college???

    • Rachel Dolezeal got heat for doing the same thing. At least Rachel lived the black life in the black community and nearly looked light skin black. I don’t know what this girl here is doing.

  2. Every white person who puts BS info out there are proud of ignorant bastards like you. All you do is feed into their perpetual self-hate, self-destruction mode of thinking.

  3. I’m afraid thats all ratchet women.. ratchet White women, Latin Women etc.. It explains why most women have whether White, Black or Latin have bastard children walking around in America today!!!! This is not the old days when women actually settle down with descent men, today they sleep with thugs aka bad boys and expect them to be prince charming, well I say bitch you had a good guy but you turned him away so you reap what you sow..

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        Stop picking your butt and get a life.

      • Every time someone tells the truth about black women they get called gay or a sell out..Black women are an edidemic of HIV right behind the gay community… Facts are mist the women are savages and removed from feelings or emotions. Black men share some of that blame but I do think black women are allowing black boys to be emasculated

        • Why do you come back every day under a different handle saying the same thing?

          You need to go to therapy if you are really this fucked up in the head.

    • @ 07:48 Well it seems their no good daddies never stuck around or cared to take care of the children the bum sired. So, what would have the mother do? Throw the bastards out on the street too? The father is heartless, enough!
      The bum ass fathers are probably out preying on college educated woman, looking for a roof, warm bed and a hot plate of food like some stray cat. smh. Pathetic

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          It cheapens their point and turns off the listener.
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  4. This girl is confused as hell and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t see herself as a black woman being that she’s not a actual black woman lol and isent her boyfriend a racist or some shit? The whole Jackson family is fucked up its so sad.

  5. Every time she speaks I know it’s going to be some phuckery because she is so confused because she grew up in confusion. How is she black? Hell MJ was barely black at the end. If any black man gets a pass to be white – MJ pretty much got it!

    • When he wanted his just due financially they made sure to put his n*gga ass in his place, by putting those charges on him, so he definitely did NOT get a pass at the end…

      • when that arab gets tired of janet. he’s going to drive her crazy (like latoya husband did her), keep that baby (mistreat it for being half black) and keep all that fool money and send her back to america penniless, looking at black america gain for a come up

        • @17:34… You truly are a social retard. If a black man doesn’t have the internal locus or inborn conviction NOT to hurt another black man, then their is a serious problem. Or maybe you are exposing yourself by implying that you are easily manipulated. You’re definitely the simp/scrub type. I see you!

      • #PREACH… Can’t erase your DNA… Bruce Gender-bender TRIED IT!
        …& Sorry, Ms. Paris, You ain’t for real!

  6. The simple fact that Michael Jackson chose to adopt her and the other one is an embarrassment. It’s easily one of the worst things that any black person of means and status could possibly do.

    I don’t find anything amusing about this person or anything they have to say.

  7. Yeah, I find her annoying myself; but she is a lost/confused young woman. Hopefully some older female can mentor her. If she chooses to identify as black, ok, but she could take those Ancestry/DNA tests & see just how little/no African roots she does have.

    Ok, about all this bastard talk-btw, I don’t think it’s right to call children who’s parents aren’t married this. I just call ppl bastard as an insult in general. Since we’re on the subject, Joh’vonnie Jackson, Joe Jackson’s daughter with another woman (Paris’ aunt/half aunt?) has written a book titled, “Bastard Child”. It’s a tell-all about her experiences growing up in her situation. Looks like it’s going to be a good read. Plug 😀

  8. Ya’ll stupid. I don’t know if Paris is black but there are plenty blacks that are as white or whiter than Paris. Dumb blacks. Especially dark skinned southern blacks seem to not understand that there are blacks lighter than Mariah Carey. This does happen. There are white skinned blonde haired pale gray eyed black people. Grow up and educate yourselves.

    • Stay on topic and stop deflecting.
      This article isn’t about mixed people with an actual Black parent or Melanesians, this is about an alleged child of a naturally dark complexioned man with a large nose and coiled hair. I don’t care how many surgeries MJ had to erase his features, those African genes would be blatantly obvious in his children if they were his. Some of ya’ll will make excuses for anyone to join the club.

      • it’s amazing how those jacksons cried racism every 5 minutes but they are the dumbest black racist of all. janet with her, my dad told me not to marry a black man while screwing tupac, bobby brown and Lords knows how many others.

        all that wealth BLACK AMERICA, put in their hands should have been given back to the community as reparations.

        they r some real crazy idiots.

      • historians do estimate that 70% or more of black slaves have caucasian blood because the massah stayed in the slave quarters looking for the love that their cold fish wives weren’t giving them.

        during slavery the law wouldn’t permit blacks to claim ALL their heritage. that is why people are doing it today.

      • Thank you. Some so called black people are insane with that “whiter than white” black people shit. SMH. It’s called Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. Anything to identify with the slave master with a pinch of poor self esteem. This WHITE female should really stop. At some point you have to look at the people you are raised around and decided to STOP carrying on another line of foolishness. Black is Black, White is White. Up until 1860, mixed breeds had their own category. They should have been smart enough to lobby and have it reinstated before Obama left the white house. It would have been easier to get it done. People don’t realize that this isn’t a game, you just can’t pick and choose who you identify with. We’ve seen Bruce Jenner try it. We’ve seen Rachel Dolezal try it. We see a million trannies try it every day. Doesn’t make it right. So, thank you for tellin em!

    • EXACTLY!!
      And WHY yall so damn Mad!!! She is saying what her DAD told her.. Im wirh Prince..what difference does it make to you!!!

  9. Is MJ her bio father with Debbie. If he is, then she is black. If she is not black, then neither is Obama. The coloration of your skin is not a determinant factor. Black goes from very dark skin to light almost while looking skin. Now if MJ is not her bio father and Debbie artificially inseminated with a white man’s sperm, then this kid is not biologically black. The same goes for her siblings. She is just confused and things will not end well for her. She will be taken advantage of for her money and forgotten.

    • Obama ISN’T Black! He’s Bi-racial… There’s a lot about science and Universal Law you don’t know. If he needed an organ transplant, Obama’s body would reject an authentic BLACK or white organ even if it seemed to match! Why? because God aint playin… But ya’ll ignant kneegrows are. There’s alot the mainstream doesn’t tell you – they just bury your dumb asses under a bunch of Swirl Propaganda!

      • ^^^THIS^^^…all fucking day!!!

        Another FYI…a true bastard is a person of mixed race. Stop believing the hype!

      • There is no “god,” and Jooish is not a race. Anyway, Anne Dunham was not a Joo.

        Obama’s father’s fourth wife WAS Jooish, hence Obama has a Jooish half brother.

        Google next time.

  10. MJ is looked at as a non-color world wide by his white fans. At the end, he remained colorless – not by the record companies but by his white fans – those who made him rich and famous. This is why he could have those children and the confusion that went along with it.

  11. lollll.

    this dude died looking like elizabeth taylor.

    MJ wasnt black until white folk came for him with the pedo charges..did that stop the bleaching tho?

    wish this girl would stop lying and his gullible fans would move on. all his actions tell me he didnt like being black.

  12. anybody who believes this was his child is sick. sure a black man can produce a kid that looks caucasian but 3 in a row?

    did yall see debbie? that to me looked like a clear case of bearding. hell a guy who hated himself as much as MJ prolly used somebody elses sperm preferably white man.

    look at your history before all the allegations in the 90’s was this dude black? im telling you he played that black card and it worked for him lol.

    this nigga shed his identity to the point he didnt want black kids msh.

  13. Lighter than Mariah Carey? Mariah is half black so what are you saying. Yes there are blacks as white as Paris but black people call that fair or passing and with that fair complexion you can still detect black features: lips,mouth, nose. Paris is a confused blue eyed white girl thanks to MJ. All his money won’t fix her.

    • It’s not called Black, because they truly are not black. The only Blacks who are whiter than Mariah Carey (who is Biracial – NOT black), are ALBINOS who are black people. Any other mixture falls under the spectrum of Mullato to Melungeon to Quadroon to “Octoroon” …

      This would not have happened, if they would have lobbied to re-instate their own racial category. JS

  14. You must be white who spoke about Mariah do some fact checking I went to high school with her. She a nappy headed mulatto who learned how to relax her hair so get it right before you talk smack

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    MJ did not father those kids biologically. How is it that we can’t tell each other apart as black people?! White people are not at all confused about who’s white or not. Also Paris is just black “cool” not real black. She’s dating a racist who wears the confederate flag! And don’t forget about how she called the cops on the jacksons way back when. Shes white as hell! Calling the cops on her black family.

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    • 1. There are full blood black people with that complexion, and who have a very similar hair texture. They’re the Tuaregs or Somalis or Ethiopians that came out albino.

      Albinism is a very common thing. Most people are carriers. And the more closely related people are, the more likely the child is to come out albino.

      People think albinism just causes one set of features, but it’s responsible for a broad range of complexions and hair colors. Albinism is also the cause of nondark brown eyes.

      There also isn’t a single hair texture in Africa. African people have all hair textures, but mass media chooses to present one image of African people. East Africans are not mixed with arab; Arabs are albinos.

      2. I don’t believe MJ fathered her or the older boy, but he might be the father of the youngest one:

  17. LMAO…and neither can all those white bitches who abort, sell their children and have children they cannot afford while living off of the system.

    • No you did not know that…stop deflecting the fact his mother was white and threw him away…devil gagger.

    • Black men and women informally adopt black children all the time. In situations where the government would step in, black people step in to take care of their own. It’s an African thing to do that. Black people do it because it’s the right thing to do, not because they don’t want to get knocked up or whatever.

      White women get drunk, have a kid, and then expect other people to fix things. It’s pretty common for middle class white women to make the government take responsibility for their actions.

    • Also, black men and women are quick to informally adopt children even when they’re far from ballers. They’re willing to make it work; but middle class white women (and even those with more money) put kids in the system without a second thought.

  18. Man… this blog is dying. All these Anons… STFU talking that irrelevant bullshit.

      • Wrong. If a white person owned this mess they would want to improve it, get clicks and make money.

        Do you see any of that happening?

        • So what are you really?

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  19. naw she cant be black cause she already look like madonna and i mean madonna at the age that madonna is right now xD lmao

  20. madonna bought her african kid and covered it up as ”adoption”,she did that to serve her (((maters))) who are desperate to implant social engineering programs in people’s mind in order to achieve their nwo crazy thing

  21. But is it really a wonder why Paris is confused? Look at what family she comes from. The Jacksons obviously hate blackness & are all about a certain image. I don’t get why they were mad about a white actor portraying MJ, MJ wanted to be white. He probably would’ve love the idea. As far as I’m concerned like has been said before, The Jacksons are a bunch of self hating coons with fucked up values. MJ’s nephews recently did a reality show-all 3 were either married or involved with nonblack women. It’s my understanding that the fat one’s babymama/common law wife/whatever is half black. Still, these women are all light skinned. The babymama is real thirsty; on her social media she often brags about all the celebs she knows because she was a caterer. Looks like she doesn’t have that much to show for it. Anyway, these nephews were on The Real a while back. Since the discussion has been about Loni & what image she may or may not portray, why wouldn’t these nephews date/marry her or someone like her? She’s cute, funny, educated & paid. Why wouldn’t she be good enough? Because of her skin tone & weight? So these dudes would rather get w/non black, uneducated, ( 1 of them is ignorant as hell) women because they are the perceived standard of beauty & image? I was looking at some old school photos of these dudes-all of them have had nose jobs and/or bleached their skin. The one who has joint custody of MJ’s kids was actually about a shade or 2 lighter than Loni-this negro was much darker. The 2 nephews with kids children all came out looking multiracial/other, the black has just about been wiped out. What’s wrong w/having little brown babies? Guess having light babies with “good” hair fit the image better. However, I will keep a degree of respect for Latoya & Jermaine for their initial books. They give some explanation behind the madness. Jermaine on Celeb Wife Swap however was not a good look & he has since divorced. Guess Jackson men don’t know how to treat women. I also feel that Bob Jones & Stacy Brown’s book told the truth.

    • The Jacksons are not ignorant. Their *parents* tried to push all of them to marry certain people. Most of the Jackson boys’ 1st wives were AA. Some of them are on their 3rd wife.

      Janet dated Bobby Brown at one point, but didn’t want to get serious because of her parents’ attitude. Then she got with Jermaine years later, and still her parents were pushing her.

      It’s the parents, not the kids.

      • That’s no excuse. If you’re a grown person, your parents shouldn’t have that much pull over you.You have a right to be w/who you want & should know how to stand up for yourself. Also, this still doesn’t explain why the 3rd generation Jacksons, those who are The Jackson 5’s offspring, why have the majority of them are not married to/have children with other black people. What’s the excuse w/MJ’s nephews? Did Tito tell them not to bring home a black girl? What about Jermaine Jr who just had a baby w/Asa from The Real Shahs of Sunset? And what’s the explanation for all the plastic surgery & skin bleaching? The parents made them do that too?

        • MJ was a tortured soul who had a screwed up family. So it’s no surprise that his “kids” would have issues in life.

          Not every kids can get past bad experiences from childhood. MJ was irresponsible. He should never have brought kids into the mix.

          I feel sorry for the kids. Hopefully they seek out help and try to get past things as best as possible.

    • I do think it’s fair to say that the Jacksons (maybe not all, but who knows?) have a degree of “self hate”. Heck, all of us on here know people like that.

      Just the fact that people use the term “good hair” says a whole lot.

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