Reggie Bush’s Wife Isn’t Leaving Despite New Baby

reggie bush lilit avagyan cheating baby

If Lilit Avagyan thought her husband Reggie Bush wouldn’t do her dirty the way he did Kim, she was dead wrong!

Reggie’s cheating ways were exposed when he allegedly got his side chick Monique Exposito pregnant.

Monique is now getting divorced, and the NFL player has been named in her divorce docs.

Even though he has yet to take a paternity test, all signs point to Reggie being the daddy…but that doesn’t mean Lilit is gonna leave him anytime soon.

According to The YBF, friends of Lilit say she’s standing by her man.

“She has good days and bad days. [We’re] trying to be as supportive as possible, but we just don’t understand why she hasn’t left him yet! We keep telling her once a cheater, always a cheater [especially] since he has quite the reputation from previous relationships.”

Do you think Lilit is stupid for staying with him?


  1. She aint leaving the lifestyle she is accustomed to. Why do these men keep creating debt for themselves by having children like this. Some of these athletes got a dozen chirren!

  2. Low self esteem. She’s already had tons of surgery to look good for him so she needs his validation.

    • Welp, to me she hasn’t had enough.

      Two or three more procedures and she could be Kim’s double.

      And that’s what he wants, right?

    • LMAO…what did I tell you about airing your personal issues in the street….devil gagger?

      No one cares about your shit.

      • He sounds like this Coon who posts on Bossip and now Media Takeout. I believe his moniker is Daywalker Dream or some shyt like that.

        • Those ladyboys don’t want you anymore than those white trannies dick you be sucking on.

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        • Well then you should thank her for keeping you safe away from your dangerous BABIES weak man LMAO. Weak AF cant face off with another man. No wonder white men were able to enslave you

  3. maybe she just loves her husband and wants her children to grow up w/a father in the home. some women do forgive a cheater and try to get pass it. example: kobe and vanessa. leave them alone already.

    • Vanessa had a huge reason to “forgive”: MONEY. This woman here has a low self esteem. Its clear. She even had surgery to look like his EX. This isn’t just simple “forgiveness”. You’re not looking at the power dynamics between these couples

      • If loving blaCK men means changing my face like mrs reggie here and putting up with outside babies then leave me out of it. Go on to the white/latina chicks for that. I’m not doing this.

  4. In all fairness though, which black man wanted to date Whoopi? She didn’t have much of a choice but to date white. Tika is gorgeous but not many black holllywood men want to date a woman as dark as her unfortunately.

    • Tyrese is stupid. I still laugh at him. We love morris chestnut, Derek Luke, Mahershala Ali, blair underwood sexy fine smart asses. The list is endless! Have you ever thought that maybe the specific black men you mentioned are fools and it s not about their dark skin? Tyrese is stupid busy telling us how to behave in relationships when he isn’t even with his baby mama. Yuck. Oh and I forgot Lance Gross. That man is fine, good and black women love him. Next thing you’re gonna tell us we don’t like 50 cent because we don’t like dark skin, stop being stupid. Please.

      • Uhm…Most of the rappers rap about darkskin women being unattractive. This isn’t rocket science and we aren’t making things up unlike you

      • You’re living in a world that you’ve completely invented in your head. Please get some clonazepam prescribed by your doc ASAP. Or rather fluoxetine. It’ll be much more gentle on your fragile brain.

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        No one is calling black men anything. I am calling YOU and no one else a schizo psycho idiot who sucks white boy dick.

      • And every time I see your post that is what I will do.

        Because speaking rationally to gutter trash who downs black women is a waste of time.

      • White men prefer darker skinned women to light skins.

        The reverse is true for white women. You nearly never see a white man with a bi chick or a really light bw. And think about the dark men who marry white.

        Why is that? I was out with 5 women last week, and to be honest, there were 3 beautiful light skin ladies and 1 dark skin who is not real cute.
        All the white men wanted to buy her a drink, ignoring the rest of us.
        More bw ought to go where they’re appreciated.

    • You literally speak on black women all day long on this site. You’re obsessed. Get a job. Go date those white woman you seem to love so much.

      • He sounds like this Coon who posts on Bossip and now Media Takeout. I believe his moniker is Daywalker Dream or some shyt like that.

  5. 1. It’s about the loot.
    2. Reggie Reggie Reggie…all these women out here, and you get the mom from the Addams family? Reggie could get an army of bad African women. He could live like Coming to America. SMH.
    3. I’m starting to think it’s pretty accurate to say all rich AA men dating “others” are downlow. They must be. They know those chicks won’t say anything.

    • LMMFAO Plenty of Fish?

      Yeah you are a true Devil Gagger white tranny chaser…LOL.

      • LMAO…Devil Gagger the white tranny chaser is now the spokesfag for POF…LMFAO!!!

  6. ” cash rules everything around them …CREAM”……still not worth the emotional, mental and all too often…the PHYSICAL pain that these women of TRUE LOW ESTEEM are willing to undergo for the lifestyle………the lifestyle is seen but NOT the low key doctor visits….with their primary physician shaking his head…as he walks out…….but he gotta get PAID too…………vicious cycle the devil gone keep them all of them in the dirty bag for his RECYCLING PUROSES!!!!!…….( sits down the mic)

  7. Lol. Reggie is not in the same category as Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx.

    Jamie Foxx was sucking dick way back in 1992 before he mad it big in show biz(if you don’t believe me check the arrest records in New Orleans where he sexually harassed a cab driver.)

    Reggie has never had any rumors around him. And the idea that a BM bei with a WW makes him gay is the most ridiculous thin I ever heard. Just because SOME BM who are gay/bi have gotten with ww doesn’t mean that ALL BM who do so are DL.

    Eddie Long’s wife was black. Does that make her a salad tosser? And if you really believe that most ww eat ass, you are insane. Suck dick? Yes. Eat ass NO.

    That is disgusting and gross beyond words.

  8. hey if they rather take care o’ dem bitches instead of cultivating their own race then oh well

  9. As long as black people keep wanting to have light skin children with wavy hair there is going to be a problem.

    It’s not just the men, although they tend to want light kids more. But women do it too. That blonde blue eyed NY man who gave his sperm to 40 black lesbians proves that.

    And by the way, their kids are adorable.

    • Nah, they’re gay, and that crusty ass gay white dude is bullshitting.

      Like 99.999% of black people don’t date whites. Usually when you see those pairings it’s:
      -for a green card
      -a black Chyna situation (for the loot)
      -dude on the downlow
      -extra thirsty black folk that live in Montana or Sweden or something

      • So are you saying that those black lesbians who used the white man’s sperm was all a phony situation? They were all just actors with biracial baby actors?


  10. So now every BM that dates a WW is DL? A few months ago it was that they were filled with self hate! I don’t deal with other races besides BW, but we gotta stop accusing these people of being things just to justify the stupid sh*t they do. He might have had her sign a prenup (or her “exit money” is not that tight, so she’s staying). Bottom line is, like most athletes, Reggie’s never identified as black (unless it benefits him monetarily or personally). His whole life, from the time his talents first caught notice of people, he’s been cared for and constantly being told he’s great, special and “not like the others” by white, Hispanic as well as other black people. When weak minded people hear that constantly, they start to believe it (on the field and in life). At the end of the day, I blame the people who shaped his life (and never constantly reminded him of who he was race wise) as well as him for his shortcomings. On a side-note, I’ve been told recently by a friend of mine a lot of Pro-Athletes are “hip to the game” on these exoticals trying to get paid and don’t F with them no more unless it’s a HJ/BJ or get them to sign NDAs (this, as well as vasectomies will be addressed at this years Rookie symposium). The game’s almost up for them in the sports world, but they still got the dumb ass rappers they can fool.

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