Willow & Jaden Using Snakes To Practice Witchcraft!?

Willow Jaden Smith Witchcraft

Recent word of Willow and Jaden Smith “sleeping with snakes” may prove the Tinseltown teens to be practicing witchcraft. Sources say… “Willow has several snakes in her bedroom… Jaden calls his snakes his girlfriends.”

“In 2008, Willow reportedly got her first boa constrictor, which she named Beauty.”

Back on May 1st, Willow, 13, posted a photo of a book called “Planetary Healers Manual”… alongside the caption “books I read.” Not only have we discovered ‘Planetary Healing’ is noted as “the Heart of Wiccan Shamanism… an ancient history of Ireland, magik and witchcraft” — we also found out that animals, like snakes, are reportedly used “in pagan and wiccan ritual.” That’s according to Patti Wigington, noted as “an initiated third-degree High Priestess” — who writes, “An individual hoping for transformation could perhaps powder a bit of snakeskin for use in a spell.”

“I see myself as an extension of source energy- always gathering information, going on adventures, and spreading light.” -Willow Smith

Here’s what a source reveals about the teen Smiths and snakes:

“They slither into his [Jaden’s] bed and curl up with him! Willow is obsessed with snakes. She has 10 sleeping in her room, and some aren’t in cages!”

Will Smith Kids Satan Worship


  1. Willow and Jaden just said in their Vanity Fair interview that they have 3 snakes and a lot of dogs, cats, fishes etc lol. So where do they get 10 from? Y’all need to let those kids be smh!

  2. And her mother Jada has stated they won’t get more because the snakes have to be caged. Y’all reaching. Who would sleep with boa constrictors in their bed? Do you know how big those get? Smh those kids would be dead lol’

  3. I mean I think it’s very strange the obsession people have with Will and Jada’s kids. Like I hope they worry about their own as much as they do Willow and Jaden. Shrugs. First Willow couldn’t “read” because she mispronounced a word at 9 years old while she was crying from being overjoyed. Umm now she is reading and still y’all wanna dissect everything. Lol! Let those two kids be smh. I agree with you. Kids out there doing way more than Willow and Jaden.

    • Will and Jada are black people from regular black neighborhoods who grew up and turned into a gay/les couple who own a SCIENTOLOGY school. That alone makes them fascinating to normal black ppl.

    • You think its strange that people find it curious that Will Smith kisses his son on the lips and allows his 13 yr old to lay in bed with grown men? Both children appear to lack proper education, supervision and possibly nutrition. And your only premise is to compare them to murderous street urchins? You are kidding, right?

      • So do internet trolls. Maybe wste your time worrying about the upcoming extinction of snow beasts. World travel is a form of learning experience that can broaden ones formal education, not act as a replacement for one. I dont worry a out “fatally high” out of wedlock statistics because I do not believe them. I don’t know about 40 year old high school graduates but I know a out my own experience as a 28 year old graduate school grad, and I can tell you people spew stats all day long without knowing how to properly control or compile them. Same thing with marriage . It’s just another attack on the black family . You can keep tap dancing for the Smiths and their trainwreak progeny, but I’m not buying it.

      • You are too caught up in worldly bullshit. The best education in the world will not make you a a decent human being. Human beings should not be laying up with reptiles. Especially considering Reptilians are destroying the planet. Stop co-signing sick shit. We need to get away from demons, not rep their behavior. Too many sheep and idiots on this planet.

    • Bp ? Did you mean british petroleum because if thats the case you are right. if you meant black people, no we are not a mess despite the sustained and near constant attacks on our psyches bodies and morale in this country. Do you even know any black people…..besides the Smiths i mean? while i agree that Will is downlow and Jada is a bisexual hoe, do not judge all black people by their poor example. I am a married professional with no kids and don’t want. Plenty like us out here. So don’t worry about “our community”. Worry about the fact that you are not as good as you could be at your job of whitewashing their sordid reputation online.

  4. I AGREE. Anyone defending these crazy ass kids are being paid to do so. “Some kids are playing with guns.” GTFOHWTBS

    • If you think these kids aren’t playing with guns, ask the thousands of parents who have had to bury their kids because of another kid. So, YOU GTFOHWTBS.

      • I’m with Joi on this one. If you want to go tit for tat, tally up the body count of young Hollywood/ celebrity/ billionaires kids. So no, You once again, GTFOOHWTBS. FOR REAL.

      • Most of the mass shootings I see are done by…hold on let me get it right “WPs Kids”. They might tell you that black kids are playing with guns but…”WPs kids” are using them, and quite well I might add. Mass murderers are always called wired nx crazy by someone, then a green peace SOB comes along and say, oh no, they are free thinkers, they are just Eccentric. Then a week or two later, they get turnt up…..IJS

        • Oh NO! Someone should tell the kids at the Washington Post to cut it out!!

  5. It seems like the mellinials will support and defend anyone- no matter how weird they are.

  6. they daddy say hes a “alchemist” & he can create, that whole family is into aliester crowley type stuff & jaden is worse than willow b/c he already sold his soul…ask Bieber…they are only acting out what they are exposed to & Will & Jada are blood sacrifice blood drinkers baby killers…Jaden & Willow are in the initiation phase learning what they need to about the dark arts before they really become big…all in the same boat & Kendall & Kylie jenner are involved as well…

  7. Wow i figured they were gonna join the order a family of witches and worlocks evil people i wonder what would happen if everyone worshiped the higher power what would the world be like? I’ve seen and heard what worshiping the evil that be now let’s see what would happen if worshiping god would like or whatever other spiritual being that people believe cause people have their own Belives but I mean good over evil what would it be like?

  8. PLEASE SOMEONE GO GET THESE KIDS! Where our their grandparents, aunts, cousins, uncles, and etc….

    • Where IS Will’s mom? Is she alive. If she commented that she approves of their lifestyle, I MIGHT back off. But I’m sure they would take back all the money they are paying her if she opens her mouth.

  9. Those are KIDS are yall miserable old pieces of broke shits serious??!!! Let those babies do them and discover instead of accepting whatever told to them. Watch Zeigeist for a start. SMH. See yall have no social skills that’s why your asses be online talking shit. NOBODY would accept the greater majority of ppl like you in their money making circle, because yall are so IGNORANT AND NEGATIVE. Snakes are a good omen. Ignorant mofo’s I promise!!! LMMOTHAFUCKINAO!!!! WOW.

    • LOL….”your asses be online “. Why do the fixers always try to sound like colonial era field hands? Super Obvious, lol!

    • Thank you, on top of that black people are always whinning about what people think of them im sick of how negative they are SOME Mexican people have alot of kids live on welfare or poor job wages and come over.here and raise thier.families and have a great life they dnt care what noobody thinks about them they just do them and look out for eachother, these spoiled black people dont know what it is to have it hard and live in a country where education IS NOT.AN OPTION, thats why people come to America for more opportunities start out on wefare and wind up owning a buisness, and all the black race does is complain and be negative thats why the other races think there lazy

      • Lol…Naw….u aren’t tired of black people at all. If you were your paid troll ass wouldn’t be all over the thread trying to diminish the oddness of the smiths by insulting black people. I know its your job and no one takes you seriously, but still….very annoying.

  10. phuck this new age parenting!!! there’s a couple in america allows their 3 year old son to wear boys/girls clothes

    they say is this cross dressing this is helping their 3 year old son understand ???? or something like

    • I’m not being mean, I’m simply stating a fact . Now this fact could be a coincidence but it’s also something to think about. I’m not dissing Aliyah but right after her movie with snakes she died and Britney spears lost her mind. Like I said, it has to make you wonder…hmmm

      • But allyiahs mother begged her not to do that move and she also begged her not to do that rock the boat song. Her mom said it was to sexual

        • like her other songs wasn’t sexual.

          a teenage girl singting about rtelationships married a grown man for fame yes aaliyah been crossed the line.

  11. LOL, None of yall r goin 2 b goin 2 their house 2 spend tha night so, y worry about this????

    • Same reason why you are worried about what we are worried about….in other words, don’t be a hypocrite.

  12. Cali is a crazy state anyway, all kinds of weird ish goes on daily. With money and fame, the stupidity is amplified X10.

    • Seriously. Wtf is in the water there? Everytime you here about somebody runni g naked through traffic or trying to eat someone’s face, its in Florida

      • @Tyrone is money and fame make people crazy look at the Jackson that family is crazy because of the money and fame

        come on we all know if the Jackson’s wasn’t fame and rich do you honestly think white people would give them a time a day??

      • I was watching cable one night and they talked about little haiti in Miami and this hatian gang that was into voodoo and they wouldnt just rob ppl they would torture them. This dude being interviewed said that he knew a guy in this gang that kidnapped a child, took the child to haiti and sold the childs soul. Came back rich.

        • Oh, you talm bout the Zoes. Yeah, a lot of Hatians Believe and dabble in voodoo.

        • heard of the gang top 6 they worship 50 cent as a god saying the rapper GOD 50 CENT WAS SHOT AND CAME BACK TO LIFE.



    • Magic is very real and people with no overstanding of the occult (which means hidden, not satan or the devil) will never understand hollywood, and why they do what they do… what is done in the hollywood hills stays in the hollywood hills. What you see is a fraction of what they do… crowley is a prerequisite, almost like occult 101. It goes so much deeper. Crystals have a lot of energy the ancients had them all over the globe. Magic is the science of intent, you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot for it because it is very powerful… many celebrities will become involved because once you know HOW to create at will, the power is very seductive… sad part… this is our knowledge! They ancient mysticism and science and gave us baby jesus… now we scared of the science and want to slap a satanic label on it… when hollywood is luciferian… theres a difference…

      • Thank you for the clarification. You are correct as magic does not break itself down into good/evil white/black. Magic is built on intention & is very African & earth based in origin. Why we are so afraid of it & embrace a fictional blue eyed devil is beyond me.

  13. oh stfu. first of all you definitely are a fixer. And a liar. Which is why you have no credibility. If you are ever on this site at all, you know our kids and attacks on our community is basically what we really care about. All this balderdash about kids in Chicago and guns doesn’t make the Smiths exempt from criticisms over their awful parenting. They aren’t mutually exclusive, we can discuss both.And I hate when you p r pros play that let’s focus on our community card because you folks ain’t fam, you’re fakes.

    • Not to mention, the amount of money and resources that the Smiths have and shes comparing them to broke ass lowlives with no education, no money and no common sense in the hood. There’s no excuse for the f*ckery thats goin on in the Smith household.

      • It means if you don’t know you should put down your crystal meth pipe and return to the conversation after your teeth fall out.

        • Now I need a f*ckin crash cart

          You just killed me..——————————–FLATLINE—————————–

          LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!

  14. Well I had pet snakes as a child and fed them pinkie. As well as iguana named komodo. Rabbits, goats and pigs and briefly a squirrel monkey. Dont see he exotic pets means witchcraft. My cousins used to scare girls with the baby boas, let them loose and lock the door….

    • Yes but were you growing crystals and consulting witch craft manuals and making out with your father? Plenty of people have exotic pets. The Smiths are absolute freaks.

      • Actually yes. Crystals are healing and I kept them around my office before esp black tourmaline bc it repells negative energy and amethyst.

        • Lol…well I have some Austrian crystal earrings that my coworker got me in Europe. Cool. Now get to the rest of it. Are you a malnourished Mk ultra wiccan with daddy issues?

          • Jada’s mom is fit keeping a waistline and youthful appearance is in their maternal DNA as to not age like Sister Souljah. Willow isnt malnourished just slim built like her family. They are some families that never seen nor find FUPA acceptable.

            I still do not see how snakes, crystals and reading new age books is considered witchcraft – a eurocentric term coined by those who misunderstood nature or were ignorant when encountering indigenous systems.

  15. @traci404,

    Don’t forget, smoking weed, doing bath salts, and stabbing people to include their parents or parent!

    • Lol….stop co signing your own shit. What are the chances of two like minded idiots replying to each other all over the thread, to out down everybody else’s parenting…..except the smiths?

      • Of course you do. Who but one of the fixers/ co signers/ black family attackers uses the word “bastards” like this is 18 century Britain?

        • Yeah, dickwad, I know. It’s still backwards as f*ck. Like some old back on the day shit …like dissing some one for wearing high waters…Lame, outdated shit. Oh and duck you. Your mama is a moron.

        • Don’t get it twisted not al BP don’ have no children yet because I want mines in order so stop acting like we are all alike with the same goals. We are people just like anyone else. And I am sure your life has gaps just like the next person.

  16. They do worship the devil. im aware of it. im boy worried about it. everyone reaps what they sow

  17. Lets be clear.. fixers are high powered highly funded lawyers, former intelligence and law enforcement officials… fixers dont troll blogs. They dont have time to address blog topics. That would be an assistant, pr, or assistant to their managers job…

    • I dont care what their job title is, if they are fixin shit, I’m gonna call them a fixer. Lol.

    • You are wrong about that. Public relations and celeb fixers take on many forms, from notifying press to celebs where abouts for strategic photo shoots, to placing blurbs in magazines to where to sit during the shows at fashion week. It’s all different fingers of the same arm. We absolutely did post to gossip blogs and monitor Twitter and facebook responses. It’s all meant to boost status and control perception. That’s how Angelina Jolie reformed herself from Hollywood brat vampire man stealing freak to Saint Angie , earth mother and humanitarian in a loving relationship (despite the fact that she’s a druggie who still sleeps around)… So, you are wrong.

  18. Now what a fixer would do is arrange for you to never have access to information like: what really happened to jayz old bodyguard who yanked off to beyonce pics with a hooker in the room…

      • Go to CDAN they have a blind item reveal on the situation…however, the after effects of his person is otherwise unknown at this time…so that tea is still out there

  19. Just ask Rob kardashian how vain and desperate they are…they didn’t even want him to show his face at the wedding because he doesn’t look kardashian enough..but people are talking about willow and jaden…wake up people

  20. I just looked at some pics and….I don’t know. Kylie does look like a 25 year old synthetic Kim clone. I don’t know what happened to her…maybe bad plastic surgery?

  21. they both look phucked up blame their parents!!!!! this new age parenting is a load of shyt!!! it mostly for hippy white people

    will and jada ain’t doing their jobs as parents



  23. In the words of brother Martin (payne) Can’t we all just get alonggggg damnnn man

  24. You come across as very inauthentic. You are definitely being paid to monitor this tread . I recognize you as a liar trying desperately to distract away from this vile sick family.
    It’s not working, by the way…

    • You come across as stupid. This is a gossip blog. We can’t all share the same opinions or feel the same way about an issue. Traci404 isn’t even new here so why is she being called names for speaking her mind? You cackling hens are just making fools of yourselves with that whole ‘fixer’ bs.

      • Ans you come across as a jackass. This is a gossip hub, not your living room. So anyone can say what they wanna say…and get called out for it. Only…don’t be a hypocrite. U take issue with name calling but apparently its ok soe you to call names like stupid and cackling hens when YOU don’t like the opinion. Next time u feel like butting in, don’t

          • Dumborella. I bet it took your intelligent ass a whole five minutes to come up with it. Especially since the irony of what you call irony is truly amusing, stupid ass.

          • Yawn….you barely make any sense, so why bother?
            P.S: I didn’t come up with ‘dumborella’, but it is apt.

          • @ 9:16….you are yawning, which makes sense because you are pretty tired. Go pop a geritol and go back to sleep. You aren’t conscience enough to keep up with the conversation

          • ????….oh well, at least you managed to avoid using your favourite word. Still dumb, though

            • !!!!!and at the very least you haven’t managed to stop making yourself look like an imposter. Suddenly the site is over run with Brits….favourite? That’s bot how we spell it slick. Looks like your dumb multiple alias-having ass is slipping.

            • ROFL….it’s called the the WORLD WIDE Web, you
              simpleton. And I don’t understand how I’m an impostor. I
              suppose you assume I’m a ‘fixer’ (?) too….lol. With each
              response you reveal more and more of your ignorance – from
              your assumption that every dissenting opinion is from a ‘fixer’
              to your love for profanity and exclamation marks. I wouldn’t
              knock anyone’s grammar and/or spelling if I were you.
              PS: I only ever post as anon and I’ve never felt the need to use
              multiple aliases. Pls do not judge me by your own standards.

    • I know darling. You are too invested in the Smiths to Cate about anything else. It’s ok, boo. This is a safe place. Let it out. Deep breaths now, breeeeeeeeathe

      • U Need help making assumptions about people online that you dont know, bitch if you havent noticed your on the same blog investing your time and energy being a hater and starting arguments about it with people who have a different opinion, now go have a seat hypocrite

  25. Jaden has been given this gay vibe for a while now and the sad part about this. It like each day it get worst one day those kids will come out and begin to confuse our kids about their own preference.

  26. Pick on children? Are you only concerned when willow and Haden get picked on? Because this thread is full of bitter contempt toward black chikdren….out of wedlock, bastards,gang bangers etc , but you didn’t react to that. Isn’t that so very strange for a loving child advocate like yourself?

  27. Hollyweird kids, point blank and the period. Send those brats to Baltimore or west Philly. But will and jada are Hollyweirded out, scientology practicing weirdos

  28. Oh yea, whenever damaging photos of those kids leak, jada start posting innocent baby pics of them

  29. Well gay, les, bi, DL and all of that shit is whats crackin, you wanna end your career, just speak out against it. So you saying that abou them is actually a good thing to all you liberal minded FREE thinkers out here.
    I guess you didn’t have a daddy, you had a depressed fat mammy, and most of the males in your family are in jail, on drugs or baby daddy’s. Well shit I see why the smiths way life is what YOUR dreams are made of.
    You caim to be black and you talk like that, shiiiiiiit that some supreme self hating or you are a racist hiding behind the keyboard.

    I don’t know about a fixer but you working on being uncle Ruckus.

    • Breathe, Stretch, Shake….. You probably got a dick in your butt right damn now.

    • Lol….I love how the fixers get more and more desperate . They start out being all fake reasonable (don’t judge the Smiths! They are just like you) then they get more and more unhinged….black babies are bastards! Black women are fat! Lol…they gate us but they aren’t trying to leave us be , haha

  30. This kids are to young for all of this that happening into their lives I really wish for them nothing but the best, Its more like Hollywood has reach it goal in making females las bans and now they’re pushing the agenda using every male that is willing including young kids and Jaden is more then willing how sad..

  31. I remember when Janet Jackson used to sleep with snakes. Wonder if she still does.

  32. Lol…look at you and your ilk fronting like you all weren’t just calling black babies bastards….is that not going after minor children? Or
    does that not qualify as sick. What’s really sick is death wishing a cancer survivor. You really exposed yourself with that one.

  33. It’s politically incorrect to use the term retarded as an insult. The socially accepted term is person with physical challenges.
    It’s obviously a story, and Jacky isn’t alone in thinking it.. Do you not see all the comments?

  34. Jacky plz just delete these bullshit comments. They gotta lotta Hr nerve insulting you on your own site. That’s how you know you done pissed their camp off, hahaha.

  35. Thats exactly what we keep telling you.only your kind cant adaot to too kuch cuz y’all are about to be extinct and you can tell your scientology/satnism/witchcraft practicing devilbot minions with you.

  36. Bullshit!. he likes dancers with large tiddays! Don’t believe me? Ask Benecio del Toro!

  37. ROFL….it’s called the the WORLD WIDE Web, you simpleton. And I don’t understand how I’m an impostor. I suppose you assume I’m a ‘fixer’ (?) too….lol. With each response you reveal more and more of your ignorance – from your assumption that every dissenting opinion is from a ‘fixer’ to your love for profanity and exclamation marks. I wouldn’t knock anyone’s grammar and/or spelling if I were you.
    PS: I only ever post as anon and I’ve never felt the need to use multiple aliases. Pls do not judge me by your own standards


    • I still don’t understand why a daddy can’t kiss his own son in the mouth. It’s his son, I don’t believe he was being inappropriate.

      • U must have pedophile tendecies also
        Just because he is is son does not give Will a RIGHT to do that
        He do not own him

        • He kissed him in the mouth when he was a teenager
          nd Will and Jada has sold those kids out 4 fame and fortune
          I know u are not naive

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