The Hilfiger Family Put On Blast: ‘Bribed’ Richard Hilfiger’s Girlfriend To Abort Black Baby’

Tommy Hilfiger Bribery Aborted Black Baby

“Basically, they didn’t want a Black baby in the family.”

HSK Exclusive – The son of Tommy Hilfiger — 24-year-old Richard Hilfiger aka Rich Hill — is reported to have recently impregnated an unnamed 21-year-old mulatto woman. A source exclusively tells HSK the alleged pregnancy has since been terminated — supposedly under Hilfiger family orders. Know why? We’re told “they didn’t want a Black baby in the family!”

It could be ironic… or not… that this word comes just four-days after reports claim “Rich Hill has hooked up with Rita Ora.”
Though we can’t tell you much about the unnamed woman, she’s reported to be an ‘aspiring singer.’ We’re told the Hilfiger’s may have used their clout to “bribe” her… “promising to help her with her music career.”

Dig the Drop:

“They used a fictitious name and paid cash. The aunt [allegedly Ginny Hilfiger] wanted to be in the room to make sure it was done.”

Did Tommy Hilfiger once say he would have never made his sports wear had he known that Blacks and Asians were gonna wear them? Of course! Ask Oprah.


      • Girl bye! When his clothes hit the mid nineties, minorities mainly BLACKS were buying his stuff up! U know damn well his is lying! Now ask yourself this question. Why the minorities mainly BLACKS stopped buying Hilfiger?

        • True! Blacks and Hispanics stayed in Tommy back in the day. I think they went and tried to make Aaliyah the face of their brand once backlash came because of the comments that he made.

          “Polo, Fuck that Hilfiger!” – Pimp C

        • Becasue that shit played the hell out just like any other fad, and we stopped buying becasue Puffy came with Sean John, Jay and Dame came with Roc a Wear, FUBU hit the streets and ENYCE and Echo. Basically hip hop took that business from him and we brought from our fave artist. That is why Tommy went bye.

          • Also I thought it wa RL who did not want to use blacks in his shows and ad. Other than Tyson B. (who he was probably f*cking)

  1. Stop lying. Hilfiger never told oprah that. They both have no recollection of that conversation you speak of

  2. Tommy Hilfiger is a gay man & has sex w/black dudes…this is a fact. I know a BLACK MAN who was approached by him & no, I wont go into further details…

  3. Black blood is precious and valuable, so stop giving it away to scrubs like the hillfingers, they look sick.

  4. Once again ppl stay reaching and won’t let old rumors die. Everytime I hear these type of articles aka rumors I keep hearing the song by Timex Social Club called “Rumors”. People are so pathetic and miserable and want to taint ppls reps at any cost by starting ugly nasty lying ass rumors.

  5. white people are cocky arrogant they steal lie. do’t know what other race see’s in them but white people are on a pedal stool
    because other races think their nice perfect and weak yeah right!!

    • Why are you pretending that you are a black person, and can’t complete a sentence. You are so obvious.

          • That’s how I know she isn’t American or British. Her English is all jacked up, lol

          • @Anonymous take your boney coony bufoony azz somewhere i’m not putting up with you shyt so

            phuck off!!!!!!

          • Funny how she can’t spell or write but continues to lash out at those who try to correct her. Immature and uneducated aint a good look.

          • @Anonymous what do you want??? you been pissing me off all week. so take youe boney ass and phuck off i’m not
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            so go phuck off you piece of chewed gum!

          • I hate to tell you this CB, but there are more than a few folks who are anonymouses here. If you think that it’s one person on your case you are sorely mistaken. I know, because I am one of them, but the rest are not me. Why don’t you take a hint and work on your posts a bit? Then you might get a better reaction.

    • Name they used for slaves who were mixed race. I don’t know why they would use that obsolete word in 2014.

    • More semantics if anything. While living in europe and gambia they were referred as “half caste” (weird, right). Same thing, different verbiage.

      If this is true it probably has to do more with the woman being young, unmarried and probably not from prestige. I believe the Hilfigers are/were raised Catholics who generally dont play that bastard child shyt, melanin or not. Probably why Hispanics seemed programmed to have legitimate families by age 20.

      • ‘Caste’ as in class, like in India. They had a caste system.

        And the abortion probably has more to do with the junkie father, not the mixed mother, poor or not. But the article doesnt go into all that.

        All we need to know is a half black possibly got slighted by a rich whitey. Time to riot guys.

        • A bastard is a bastard junkie or “mulatto”. Prideful people do not accept illegitmacy. Race in America is a caste system which slowly dying and the categories growing more skewed each generation.

        • People her hate mulattoes ore than they hate white folks. It pisses me the hell off too. That’s just the kid of groupthink which keeps us losing. Face it:we are a small minority and getting smaller every year. You purists out there better get used to the races mixing because that horse is outta the barn already. If we shun our biracial brothers and sisters we lose. I have yet to meet any one of them who don’t identify as black btw. Tyrone you are a divisive loon.

    • Yeah new gens prefer the term human being or at worst multicultural. Glad race is slowly being eradicated.

  6. im 22 and I remember back in the days, 90s were I use to rock Duckhead, Polo and Tommy. As a child I was told Tommy got made when his brand became urban!!! Guess he wasnt tripping when Naomi walked in a show

  7. most of these white designer are racist!! these black celebs are wearing their brand to get the black public to buy it
    when the brand is selling like hot cakes these white people open their wrinkly turkey necks dissing the black community

  8. i was in alchol rehab with his sister Cathy back in the early 90s. His sister was upset how her kids had to public school while they were staying with Tommy while she was in rehab. His sister was very down to earth though it is much different then being born into the family

  9. Fuck oprah for givin his ass a platform to lie on. Shoulda left his dick snorting ass out there waitin for twitter to be invented.

  10. I doubt that Kidada Jones, Usher, and the late Aaliyah, all would have modeled for him had they known he was racist. Black people need to stop supporting these white clothing designers who dont respect us!

  11. @Jacky Jasper

    What’s the point of the article blackman? The baby was never gonna be black anyway. A half-black female cannot birth a black child with a non-black male…Come on Jacky? This mulatto bs has gone too far, Seriously?

    • @Anonymous

      Mixie, you and your neopolitan sisters are f**king up big time. You will be called out on this foolishness…Be Mad Still!!!

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        @Tyrone your right she’s not black in fact she looks weak like most biracial. women white women ain’t doing their jobs!!

          • Your statement validates why mulattos are seen as double-agents. Real blackwomen are not jealous of you Mixie, get your mind right? Your coonish black fathers are the problem, deal with that?

          • @Anonymous

            shut your ass up with “You hate biracial but wish you were lighter” there is nothing special about black/white children it#s been going on
            since slavery and years before that!!. these biracial people do’t like black people their like the ememy because biracial people are weak
            because their white mother’s ain’t teaching them to be black

      • Tyrone you dot I am not “mixed or biracial”. But it is an offensive term that we use to marginalize those within our race who carry some Caucasian DNA. The truth is, we all carry some. It’s just not as obvious. This is why I KNOW you are a woman. No BM would ever talk such shit about a biracial girl, but BW would all day long.
        BW hate biracial women because they perceive them as thinking they’re somehow better than. The truth is that most of them are very insecure because of the fact that half their family treats them different. They get the racism from both sides of the fence.
        No man would ever use the term mixie. Just come out of the closet already Ms Tyrone. It’s more than obvious that soapbox you stand on is all about women’s issues, and no BM is that concerned with those. None I ever met.

        • @Anonymous

          You’re a mixed female, why you gotta lie? Calling me a woman is supposed to hurt my feelings? That ish does not move me. The Swirl crowd are the racists, but, you can’t see the obvious. My side will survive, yours won’t!!!

        • @Anonymous

          IBlackwomen like you keep the bs going, i gotta call you out. Sistas like you complain about the blatant racism inherent in swirling, yet, you attack blackmen that speak against self-hatred in our race, Why? I’m confused about your stance? Does it make sense for us to kill our own race just to be liked…Let’s have a real convo about this, not the bulls**t???

          • Tyrone I have never swirled in my life nor am I mixed, but my BFF is, so I have a unique and personal perspective on what she goes through. I think you are a mean girl masquerading as a conscious black man. I would rather chew glass than have a convo with you.

    • The stories and comments written on this blog, seem to be written by someone trying really hard to portray a black person. I do not think Jacky has nothing to do with it. He may still give input for his name sake, but there is hardly if any black people involved. Sounds like L 7’s to me.

  12. If this is about Rita Ora she sure knows how to get around and plus Tommy Hilfigers clothing looked horrible anyway.

  13. I want to know why these women are so gung ho for these white guys? Although looking at her she looks like one of those girls who doesn’t think she’s black anyway….. who cares when you get to the bott
    om line

  14. I am a woman so just go with me here people….. Could it be that this woman knowing who Tommy Hilfiger is, and who his kid is, could she knowingly just want a paycheck?! I mean seriously, some uptight families don’t want these things, and by things I mean kids of different races bringing drama to the grandparents. I know it sounds stupid; but imagine if it was flipped and it was black people, or Asian people or even Latin people. People nowadays are scummy and want a paycheck. Imagine instead of a girl it was a guy,knowingly getting a girl pregnant, I know it sounds horrible but stranger things have happened. And somebody said maybe it was Rita Ora .people say she gets around I don’t know but who knows. does anybody think Rita and rihanna look kind of similar like cousins or something?

  15. I’m not a spiteful person, but I would’ve kept THAT baby, just to piss them off!

  16. Rita Whora! Has f*cked every man on the face of the planet! Her name always comes up on peoples smash list…

  17. Speaking of archaic language, describing out of wedlock children as bastards is as backwards and out dated as calling biracials mulattos. Dumb trolls.

  18. You must subtract the kids dumb ass woman had to keep a man that wanted nothing to do with them other than random boning. Women know full well how to f*ck without getting pregnant so stop with the bullshit.

    • Women who get great sex from a ugly dude NEVER get pregnant by that ugly mofo. Stop it.

      • Either women are really smart and calculating or really f*cking stupid. Now which is it? Cus kids don’t make themselves and men can’t carry one. Keep that shit 100.

  19. So when I provide the link to the ACTUAL conversation with Oprah and Tommy on the OPRAH show where she and Tommy address the rumor, some of you STILL REFUSE to believe the rumor isn’t true? Damn. Cocaine is a helluva drug.

    Continue on in Rumorville. I hear Tupac has a condo there on the beach.

  20. Black love is under siege. Since the late 70’s, the “hood” has been (is) systematically flooded with drugs and guns. The men were sent to prison for feminization and and a prison record (financial suppression) while the women were given working opportunity (financial redistribution = black women more likely to buy shoes and bags = black money spent vs black money saved) aka divide and conquer + liquidation of black money = black community advancement grinds to a hault. The women were distracted by the media sponsored feminist movement and sided with white women against (black) men, not realizing that “black” is the real enemy. Now, our black women have nurtured hatred for men for decades. In particular black women no longer feel that black men are good enough. Black women always brag about surpassing the black man (a very straight admission that the black man is beneath them). The list of what they WONT do for a N166A is longer than the list of what they will do for a N166A. Subconciously, the black woman blames the black man for everything wrong in her life. For example, if a black woman is single, she says its because “N166as dont ackrite” instead of looking in the mirror or hitting the gym. If her children are unruly, she says its because of the black mans absence vs the black womans presence. The black man is media bombarded with caucasion images that grow to be accepted as societies most desired and falls for it. Black women have been brainwashed by the feminist movement so that they desire wealth as opposed to (black) love. Starting from the very beginning, a man has to pay for her attention through dating (caucasion men think black women are easy, just add money). A man pays and pays and pays. If he has no money, he has no woman. Woman are being conditioned to sell their bodies to the highest bidder. Fast forward to adult life. A black man finally makes money and he feels he has a choice to make. Date (pay) the (black) women who rejected him because he was beneath them or move on. MOST black men stick with black women. SOME hold grudges and move on. Its all academic to me. Please know that the powers that be know these things. The black man and woman are the common enemy as being rightful heirs to the throne of egypt. The plan is to keep up the distractions so we do not claim our rightful heritage to wealth beyond measure. Question… if the king (pharoah) and queen of Kemmit (name was changed to Egypt) were black…. the citizens were black… Moses was black… the prisoners (slaves) were black…. why is rabbi white? Were you ever realize who you truly are, their infrastructure crumbles because how can you/anyone respect a man/community who claims another mans/community’s heritage for financial gain? An entire religious community’s religious (financial) life depends on a very serious lie, the oppression of the people whos heritage he/they stole, and the ignorance of the victims.

  21. The would be baby momma, looks to be…..very slow, in that pic, one can clearly see how they “the family” were able to convince her that she would be making a big mistake, in reference to her so -called modeling/singing career!


  23. That young lady is not black. The family is stupid as hell and she is too. How could you ruin a life because you are (afraid?) of the fathers family and “ruining” your career. L-o-v-e has left the building never to return. Smdh.

  24. Boo boo, not all of your comments are BS, but if anyone put black love under seige, Black men got the shit poppin’!

    Who the f*ck do you think kidnapped us and put us in slave castles until the whites were ready to herd us like cattle into slave shiips? Black men. And for what? Some cloth, whiskey and cowrie shells and beads.

    Who burned down buildings, sold drugs, robbed single mothers on their way from the train station, raped pre-pubescent girls in the elevators in the projects? Who made our neighborhoods unsafe for us to live in? All for some whiskey, cloth and modern day version of cowrie shells. Who is droppin’ another brother on the street with a gun or a knife? Right again, the Black man. Who is in prison for violent crime against his own community (well, that is errrybody)? And who is the first to get two coins together and then give it all to white women and publicly talk shit about their own women?

    So, come again with that black women are to blame BS. If black men cannot look in the mirror and see that the deadliest enemy is within, then y’all were never men to begin with.

  25. Who in the blue hell cares about Tommy Hillfiger and his spoiled family and their affairs? Come on Jacky!

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