They Saying Will Smith is Break’n the Back of Chanel Iman’s Friend

A user on Twitter is spilling some tea with a receipt trail that may or may-not prove Will Smith is traveling across north Africa with another woman.

Someone has more time on their hands than I… Let’s see where this one goes.

Seems like it could all just be GAY conversion PR run by Scientology!


  1. People, Will goes both ways like most the men in showbiz.

    Heidy is gorgeous. But those zebra pants Will?? WTF?

  2. Its better to be in an open relationship then him taking it in the butt, just saying.. shiit i’m sure shit, he is rich and he got money, the fuck, he suppose to remain celibate n shiiit in his marriage, shiit

  3. Will is phukin some dude over there,he ain’t interested in this lady that looks like his first wife Sheree Zampino

  4. Will looks like he starting over lol. like nigga arent u married wid kids u carrying ur ass to egypt wid chanel iman. Woww why even bother him & jada, guess its money, cheaper 2 keep her dyke ass. They all fuckin each other many these models are pimps and madams she prolly brought some boys & girls for willy to play wid. Just because he like d*ck dont mean he dont eat pussy, etc. Wonder what his kids think about seeing their pops out in africa thot-ing

  5. Benny Medina and Quincy Jones already broke Will Smith’s back. I will never understand why so many black women choose to screw around with hollywood black gay men; must be the money and the fame.

  6. I’m I the only one who thinks Will has outed himself by taking a picture of himself pretending to kiss the Egyptian sphinx, which is supposed to be male?

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