Will Packer Set To Face Investor Roots Of Hollywood Producer Career!


Hollywood’s Biggest Black Movie Producer To Pay The Piper Come September …

HSK Exclusive – The numbers don’t lie … Will Packer’s ‘Roots’ ripoff may have pulled in a reported 5.8 M viewers, but the ongoing mini-series broadcast couldn’t stand up to the OG blueprint (no surprise) … not to mention, Game 7 of the NBA Western Conference finals which pulled in 16 M viewers. And now, more numbers are being presented to Mr. Will ‘Power’ Packer. Industry word points to one of Will Packer’s ‘early investors.’

“Over the past 15 years, Will Packer’s movies have generated over a billion dollars and his investors haven’t seen a dime BACK.”

We’re told of a Los Angeles, based investor, Kipp Buis, is lashing out against Packer over monies he reportedly “ponied up for Will Packer’s earlier films.” According to our insider intel, in Buis’ case that would be about $25,000. Can someone say RECOUP!?! Kipp Buis is identified as one of Packer’s “many investors” who is set to take the stand against Packer in a court battle scheduled to set off this September. Know why? Dude wants his money back!

Dig the drop:

“Kipp doesn’t want extra money from Will. All he wants is his 25K back that he invested. Will got the television show Roots back on the air and it’s time he remembered his Roots and payback those who gave him his start.”

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  1. Anybody watch this? I hope it comes to the UK, although to be honest, the thought of seeing another rape scene involving a black female slave and her white 'master' is off putting to say the least. How many does that make in the last few years? 3/4/5?

    • U can tell the difference between Alex Haley's and this watered down version.

      • Alex Hailey? You mean Harold Courlander. Roots was stolen works, and was more widely known during the 70's when the mini series came out. Don't believe me check it out…

  2. So this motherf*cker still taking money. That couldn't been me! Me and Black Girl would have beat him senseless!!!

  3. 5.8 Million is a LOT for Cable (Like cRaZy GOOD!!). He's gonna end up get a couple awards and a few more deals. His investors might be crying but the networks ain't. They get theirs off the TOP.

  4. It is important to remember that black hollywood is not black owned! For the first time ever, I agree with Snoop's choice to boycott Roots. I suggest black people not watch anymore slave movies or slave tv shows. As far as Will Packer is concerned, he likes to produce visual content that severely damages the black race. Will packer is no different than the gay black hollywood producer, Lee Daniels! I said it before and I will say it again, all black people in hollywood are coons!

    • Yes. Boycott indeed.

      There are so many great stories to be told. In just one tiny community of black people, there are thousands of great stories. There is absolutely no reason to produce this content. None. American slavery is nothing more than a tiny dot in black history. Slave films/tv are nothing more than pornography for sick, racist, degenerate idiots. Black people who watch it are either clueless or brainwashed.

      Support independent black media, and really, support African film and television.

  5. We have been traumatized enuf……..How many more slave films must we see?………..What are THEY trying to remind us of?…….. No matter what we do…… They still own us?……..We still belong to them?… WTF

    • I know you may not believe this, but a lot of well intending earnest white folks think by showing slave movies and TV shows they are enlightening ignorant backwards white people as to how evil and horrible slavery in this country was. And you probably think "who in the hell doesn't know that in 2016?"

      For one thing the younger generations don't know it as much as those of us in the Gen X and older groups. I am on your side, and I believe that it is time for a moratorium on slave epics and Civil War films, but I hope you will maybe understand just a little better that wrong headed moves are not always driven by bad intentions.

  6. ! I'm not watching any slave bullshit I don't need any pain porn life is challenging enough!

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  8. I just wish the black money makers and producers would band together and make an epic film about Cleopatra. Let's re-do that Elizabeth Taylor mess and show how Egyptians really looked and what the history REALLY is. I am so tired of the slave stuff. I won't an d do not watch! We need powerful uplifting stories about our history. How about some biblical stories as a series showing Black actors. Put ALL of them to work. Magic, Spike every NBA and NFL player could invest in something Such as this. You know, everybody bring a little to the potluck and make a huge meal kind of thing…I know I know wishful thinking and the PTB will find a way to kill off anything showing us powerful and positive. One can dream anyway!

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