Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian to Star in E! Reality Show

blac chyna rob kardashian reality show

You knew this was coming, right? Now that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are engaged with a baby on the way, the couple is set to star in their own reality show on E!

The new six-episode docu-series, Rob & Chyna, will follow their “whirlwind romance.” Cameras will also be rolling when Chyna gives birth to their baby.

The good news is, Chyna’s about to cash out because she and Rob are listed as co-executive producers of the show.

Will you be watching?


  1. At least if she gets with this white boy the money will be going back to black people instead of the reverse when black man get with white women the money goes back to white women!!!

  2. Has anyone considered that they want the baby? And who will raise it once they 'steal' it from Shyna? Why the one who wants babies and can't have any! The sister who threw her brother out.
    He may be in on it!

    • Damn, you may be right. These sellout brothers and bedwenchs' are uber excited. I put nothing past white supremacist. They don't take an "L" lightly.

    • If something happens to Chyna, the will try to reel Rob in to get their hands on the kid. China is really in a precarious situation whether she sees it or not. Don't the K's need a sacrifice and PMK does not want any of her kids to be it. Chyna is good for it, then Rob.

        • I tell ya, it is unreal how backwards an superstitious most folks here are. There may be a handful who don't think every black person who dies was a sacrifice, but there aren't many.

          • Aint it the truth. You dont need a blood sacrifice to be famous. You just have to sacrifice your morals. If you're willing to do ANYTHING for fame then Hollywood has a spot for you if you're cute/freaky enough. Thats all thats required. You'll get your shot then its up to you to take it as far as you can go. Most just get used up. A few turn the humiliation to their advantage. Those are your f*cked-over 'Stars'.

  3. As another poster stated this was all planned from when Chyna and Kim was friends
    This is all scripted

  4. We all know this won't last the jokes on rob when chyna dump him for child support hell be the laughing stock you know his family gonna laugh

  5. Sad that this all started because of Tyga's trans chasing ass. Chyna was petty and had to get back at the kardashians. I don't think her and rob will last long and her life is pretty much in danger smh

  6. SMH I can't believe people are still dumb enough to let Kris make money off them.

  7. Rob is a pisces and Chyna is a Taurus, I personally think this is real love between these two.

    • Me too Ent Goon!!! I am also a Pisces and my Hub is a Taurus. We are a perfect team and it does work beautifully.

      And I don't believe for a minute Khloe wants Angela's baby. Nope. That is not behind this. Now, there could be some interest in her pregnancy for a TV show, and PMK is encouraging that, but I do not buy that the KKKs want to steal that baby.

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