Tyga Tries to Launch Reality Show W/Kardashian Rejects

tyga reality show scott disick

We knew there had to be a reason why Tyga was still hanging around the Kardashian family long after he got dumped by Kylie. It seems like the struggling rapper isn’t willing to let go of his brief moment of fame, and he’s looking to cash out with some fellow K-klan rejects.

The rapper is shopping around a new reality show called Tyga’s Den. The show is also set to feature a few of the K’s exes, including Khloe’s ex-husband Lamar Odom and Kourtney’s ex/baby daddy, Scott Disick.

According to sources, the family is “absolutely furious” about Tyga’s plans, but so far, there aren’t any networks that are willing to take on the show.

Would you tune in?


  1. They r not furious. If this will make Kris money it will be on E network.

  2. As long as the K's are making the networks money, a klap-back series is never going to happen. Not even a podcast will resurrect his career. He should've invested the money he supposedly wooed kylie for. Now that he looks like Flea of the Red Hot chili peppers, no one can take him seriously…sorry that's CB. Aw, hell they all look like Flea.. I get these guys mixed up.

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