RHOA’s Kenya Moore & Matt Jordan Breakup

kenya moore matt breakup

On the last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers got to see Kenya Moore in a relationship with a man who she didn’t have to pay to pretend to be her boyfriend.

Kenya and Matt Jordan found love despite their 17-year age difference, and Matt had even moved in to Kenya’s new home. Unfortunately, the love didn’t last, and it looks like Matt’s broke azz was the issue!

Matt set his Instagram to private, but a gossip blog took a screenshot of this message he posted.

kenya moore matt jordan breakup

Meanwhile, Kenya spent Memorial Day Weekend at a spa being completely unbothered by the breakup.



You think these two will work it out and get back together?


  1. Don't let the good looks fool you. Kenya Moore is a uneducated, gold digging, arrogant BITCH! She is the type of black woman who has champagne taste and a kool aid budget. Kenya Moore's behavior and inability to act is the reason why she appears in low budget reality tv show. Don't pay this soon to be 50 year old chick any attention!

  2. Dam the hate is real with u @nba is fixed
    Do u ever come against the skeezing black men like u do the sucessful black women?

    • NBA didnt lie about Kenya though. Her ticking clock is driving her cRaZy!! She's so desperate to front that I cant imagine a man with means dealing with her reputation. She's been jumping around the world trying to land a man. Not happenin'.

    • Tye you are so right on man. He claims to love black women, and then he bad mouths all of them except a small handful of those who fit his description of a good black woman. Typical Hotep brotha.

      And NBA, she is educated and she is not a trashy thot. And show men a beautiful woman who doesn't hope to bag a man with money and I'll show you a lying lady.

      She may not be perfect, but she is far from the way you describe her.

  3. Guess what, Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan are very good friends. That does not surprise me. Both of those jezebel sluts are well over 40, been f*cked by dozens of men and have nothing to show for it. Hella Crazy, I mean Halle Berry has sucked off and swallowed a bunch of men, but she is a millionaire. Do you want to know what a perfect example of a stupid old bitch is? Look no further than Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan!

    • You have no idea what you're talking about. Claudia and Kenya are not that close. She's closer with Demetria McKinney and Nicole Murphy. You sound like you have a tiny package and got turned down by a lot of pretty, industry women.

      • You know something, every week you make a retarded comment trying to insult my people insinuating what you think they sound like. YOU, dear, sound much like the office weirdo whom no one acknowledges because you smell like kitty litter with scaley acne infested skin and a dirty station wagon filled with grocery carts and garbage, covered by bumper stickers. You also SOUND like you were unloved and ignored as a child. Get a life and an opinion that actually relevant to the post. Stop eating cat food and get your life together.

  4. I normally don't acknowledge these ignorant trolls trying to start ish. However I know jerks like this hide behind the keyboard and cyber bully folks because they are afraid to speak to people in their every day lives craving actual human interaction, because they are so disgusting in not just appearance but also personality wise. Their lives are consumed by stray cats and the comics section of the newspaper. You should feel special that I called you out on your dry ass life. Now go scratch!

  5. you know what? i aint gonna even go in on Matt because he seem to be a cool, honest and wholesome guy, so therefore, best of luck to him and hope he finds somebody that's not deemed as a known golddigger and one who seeks out men who have wealth for her own personal gain. but as far as that nutty fruitloop ass chic Kenya? next bitch! washed-up ass reject. find a job and/or a skill heffa then you wouldn't have to rely on a man to support your broke ass.

  6. she was miss america but had the disadvantage of being a pretty but dark skin woman

    • It was Miss USA, and the fact that she managed to win as a dark skin woman is beyond amazing.
      You know that all the black Miss Americas and Miss USAs are just barely black.

  7. It just seems like Matt acknowledges the fact that he could not afford to keep her in the lifestyle she has been accustomed to living or aspired to. Also, Kenya probably finally realized unlike Todd, Matt probably did not have any Talent or Potential which she could use as a storyline on Atlanta Housewives, so he was valueless. Plus walking around like the Strong Black Man in a very intimidating Fashion probably rubbed the producers the wrong way, so they didnot want him back on the show. As a result, Kenya probably said "See Ya, Wouldn't want to be ya."

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