Will & Jada: We Never Promised to Give Tyrese Money

will smith jada pinkett tyrese money

The reason Tyrese’s $5 million dollar wire never came through is because the Smiths never promised to give him any money!

Sources close to the couple said they didn’t give Tyrese any money at all. They’ve been friends with him for years, and they’re really worried that Ty’s having some sort of breakdown.

Meanwhile, Ty says he’s on his way to Abu Dhabi for the Formula 1 race so he can get away from America. But you know he likes to lie, so until we see him on the track, we’ll just assume he’s pulling stunts as usual.

UPDATE: The Formula 1 race isn’t until Nov 26, and you know he can’t afford to fly out today and stay in the UAE for 3 weeks. He lyin’!

Time to hit the gym…… When you Live and speak your truth you have to be willing to #AgapeLove on your haters and enemies – no one wanted to hire me, no one wanted to close deals with me false accusations have been following me for 10 years I’m not done yet but I’m almost at the finish line and the goal is my baby……. I’m headed to Abu Dhabi for the formula 1 races and to see my non judgmental family and to take a much needed break from America and the blogs – My wife gave me a complement this morning she said you need to keep that fire extinguisher with you cause more fires ? and accusations are potentially on the way …. ! told her no – Gods already protected me and if the devil shows up again ! will actually be so much more ready than what ! was at first……. Monday ! hope to get my baby back….. The first thing ! will do is apologize cause ! know me and her mother has created a lot of unwanted attention 10 years for Mommy only 3 months for daddy gets the hugs…. to my Middle East family Abu Dhabi races ! can’t wait!! FaceBook.com/TYRESE go there now please go there right now!! ( link in my Instagram bio ).. O line up those meetings bro…… O???? #VoltronChairman #VoltronStudiosHollywood #VoltronTravel.com Romans. 8:31. What then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? The good word says VICTORY IS MINE!!

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  1. So the truth comes out. Sometimes leaving the country can backfire on your ass.

    • Would somebody please tell this dumbfuck, if somebody offers to give you a large sum of money, DON’T GO ON SOCIAL MEDIA VIRTUE SIGNALING ABOUT IT. If they were about to give you anything, they damn sure won’t now. Think for one fucking second. How are all the other people who want money from Will going to take this? How are relatives and friends supposed to take it. But nah, it’s more important to stunt on social media.

      Then talking about paying some kid’s way through Harvard. Obviously this guy loves throwing money around and is on the fast track to being broke.

  2. Idiot, talked himself outta 5 million dollars by going public and bragging. Should’ve been more discreet, but nooooooo, now you ain’t gettin nuthin.

  3. the selfie with will smith creeps me out… looks like they are all smiling because will has a finger in each guys a$$…

  4. I pray thr best for Tyrese. Hes a good actor and singer, so I hope he will be se to continue to use his talent. With of without Will Smith money

  5. This does not look good,WillSmith may be right at mental break dwn
    mental illness is no joke,hope he gets some help

  6. Hollywood stars are not into sharing like the. They don’t care about him losing custody of little girl

  7. re: heading to Abu Dhabi early – Aren’t there celebrities that “hang out” on luxury yachts in Europe and the Middle East, “entertaining” wealthy clients? I remember reading that it could be very lucrative. Hmmmmmmm……….

  8. This man needs some mental illness counseling stat, he’s losing touch with reality.
    She’s showing symptoms of Bipolar and he definitely needs to stay off of Social Media ASAP
    He’s starting to believe his own lies….He definitely not getting a penny from Will Smith now..
    They all go to Dubai for sex with eachother and any other low down thing they want to do.
    Let’s not forget Stars, Actresses, Actors and musicians go there to work the circuits..

  9. What his is trying and is misunderstanding , is the “speak YOUR TRUTH ” part…. smh…. dumb ass gonna end up divorced before 2 years is up . Cause he is a liar to himself and others and about others . Hes gonna lose it all and really end up broke , like losing everything broke. Sure you can “speak your truth” but you also have to not be manipulating or trying to manipulate others, you have to live in the actual truth, acknowledge it with humility and live FOR OTHERS…NOT FROM OR OFF OTHERS ( MANIPULATION) you cant be lying . and this man is a manipulating lying wonder disingenuous fool. smh…. there is a witchcraft this boy is trying to bring forth and its not gonna work for him cause he doesn’t understand all the rules of the spell he is trying to invoke . He doesnt even know or speak the truth of who he actually is so it cant work and it wont work . The opposite effect will take place.

  10. Tyrese is going to dubai to get his face shitted on by rich arabs. Typical of so-called black, DL thugs.

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