Who’s Jacky Talking About? – January 28, 2016


HINT: How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

It seems like today’s blind item is secretly a mack at heart. Know why? Because not only did he have chicks goin’ at each other for his love … homey’s said to have shared some smashing times with most of Hollywood’s usual ‘femme fatale’ suspects. Just ask Paris Hilton, Kelly Rowland, Britney Spears and Keyshia Cole! Here’s the thing … as hard as he might have tried to pull a Mr. Gordon, turns out dude didn’t have the Whit’s — talkin’ bout H-Town, we have a problem. And guess what? We’ve got the audio … ALL OF THE AUDIO, not just a few snippets!

“Jacky we got the audio of ___ _ high out of his mind admitting he pimped Whitney Houston & he never gave a flying f*ck about her.”

He once channelled Joan Rivers, talkin’ bout hittin’ dat first. And, from the intel we’re gettin’ … our blind item probably wished that first time to be the last. Know why? Let’s just say that our mystery man (and onetime Mayweather shadow-person) has her to blame for puttin’ him off of stale azz, month-old, fish kakes!!!


“He’s on tape saying Kim Kardashian’s p*ssy was so funky in stank and phunky … like Afrika Bambaataa was in the room! That rotten nana had him thinkin’ she gave him an STD. Onetime, ____ went back for more fish kakes, hit that and … got so scared that he ran straight to his doctor to cop a blue pill to protect him from HIV.”

Be sure to check back in. Know why? We’ll be droppin’ this 100% true Hollywood story, told straight from the woodchuck’s mouth! Now, can you guess which Hollywood B-lister I’m talking ’bout? HINT: He once said, “I didn’t want to sell my soul to the devil.”

Let’s Go!!!


  1. Comment:Wtf do they mean by pimping Whitney exactly?? Did he pimp her to other people or did he hit it when he wanted and got cash and didn't care about her romantically? This lil nugga is something else and he's just as nasty if he went back to fugg the fish cakes after he experienced her rancid snatch the first time.

  2. Women who screw a lot of different guys always have funky cooch. Multiple semen deposited into one cooch creates a disturbed PH balance. I remember my mama and her girlfriends talking about this when I was little.

      • Cuz you ain't no hoe and you take care of your self and your body. Never mind the BS!


    • Facts. One of my aunty's is a stone cold jezebel and my mother told me when they were younger my aunts coil moved outta place during sex. They went to the Doctors the next day to get it sorted. Ma's words: "Her p*ssy smelt so RANK when the doc spread her legs he threw his head back like he caught the bouquet at a wedding and said "G-SUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN!!!" in a fluent Jamaican accent. He apologized for being inappropriate and unprofessional then went to get a nurse, but my ma couldn't stop laughing at the fact my aunts acid acid p*ssy made a English guy speak Jamaican.

    • This is the biggest crock of bs I have ever heard. Your elders said this to slut shame. Semen doesn't make the vagina smell with a bad odor. There is an odor but it doesn't come from semen. All women all smell differently, Kim probably had an infection or her ph balance was off. SMDH. AND you repeating it. SMDH

      • She (probably) had an infection and she still flucked someone! That says a lot about her as a woman.

  3. Damn I can't believe I thought Ray J was cute at some point when he acted in Moesha.

  4. I havent read to much about all the mess going on with these weirdos but is he implying that kim k has hiv and that he sold his soul?

  5. Comment:bacterial vaginosis/vaginitis…..
    Bacterial vaginosis (BV), also known as vaginal bacteriosis is the most common cause of vaginal infection for women of childbearing age. Although it frequently develops after sexual intercourse with a new partner, bacterial vaginosis is not considered as an STI (sexually transmitted infection). BV is more common in women with multiple partners.

    The main sign is in the vaginal discharge:
    ◾Vaginal discharge may become watery and thin
    ◾Vaginal discharge may become grey or white
    ◾Vaginal discharge may have a strong and unpleasant smell, often described as fishy

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