Stacey Dash’s Ex-Boyfriend Exposes Her for Skin Bleaching!

    stacey dash skin bleach

    Either Stacey Dash’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan Prophet, is obsessed with her nutty ass, or he still can’t get over the fact that she aborted his baby. Either way, he continues to drag her on social media, and his latest outburst comes just days after Stacey was coonin‘ for Fox News and calling for an end to BET and black awards shows.

    Ryan took to his Instagram and dropped a gem about Stacey bleaching her skin.

    “@realstaceyldash Ask yourself do u really Luv BLACK BABIES?! #blacklivesmatter…make me a believer, help those people in #flint. Oh I forgot, you’re a Fox news puppet. Just remember, bleaching your skin is poisonous.”

    For those who didn’t believe him, he even posted some reference photos that show Stacey’s progression from rich chocolate to an ashy ghost.

    stacey dash skin bleach

    Stacey later texted Ryan and asked him to delete the posts. Here’s his response:

    stacey dash skin bleaching

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    1. Well damn! She is or was part Aztec Native American but she don't went buck blind Becky plum fool for real!!!

      • I'm hoping she will bleaches herself invisible so we can be absolutely done with her.

      • Aztecs don't have green eyes. Every black who claims to be some type of native always has white traits and claim those as native traits. Natalie Cole did that and she had green eyes.

    2. I've been trying to figure out why she isn't stunning anymore, that it! Chopped nose, capped teeth, bleached skin. Such a pity. A large percentage of her beauty had to do with the fact that she had crystal clear dark skin. All women with that look are beautiful (Ananda Lewis for example). Take the skin away, not as beautiful (Lark Voorhies). Its such a shame that someone as naturally good looking as her would think she needed to be "fixed."

      • For so many black women, no matter how beautiful they are, they still want to be white. That is because these type of black women have been brainwashed by this Amerikkkan white supremacist culture. Self hating, uneducated, unappreciative black women turn me off; no matter how beautiful they are. This goes for Stacey Dash, Halle "Hit and run" Berry, Traci Bingham and Lark Voorhies! These black women have committed treason against the black race and against themselves!

        • Do NOT speak on behalf of black women unless you are one!!!

          All of my life from a young age I have had body and it did not stop until the likes of J-Lo and the Kartrashians…when you have people coming at you with their negativity and negative self image every f*cking day, you have no idea how something like that can f*ck up some weak or unsure persons psyche…especially when some of the people talking that shit are in your own family!!!

          I thank God every day he gave me enough strength and backbone to always love myself and who I am no matter what…so until you have walked a mile in a black woman's shoes you can shut that noise you are talking all the way down to the f*cking ground because we get it 10 times worse than you… EVERY-FUCKING-DAY on ALL FRONTS from every-f*cking-body, because they hate that they are NOT and never will be me!!!

          Ignorant ass motherf*cka….

          • That's the truth. The fact is, we are all dealing with self hate. We live in a society where we are constantly told by the mass media that we are bad, ugly, dumb etc. And the most oppressed person in America is the dark skinned black woman. It's terrible. And the guy who made those comments about being turned off by insecure black women is too blind to understand why they're insecure. We're all insecure!

    3. Regardless, he's a sick stalker. He's doing this cause he's jealous of her success deserved or not. He needs to get a life

      • Agreed. While I am no fan of her's, he's wrong to shame her like that. If he wants to criticize her politics, that's fine, but not personal things between them.

        • That bitch is in the media…she has nothing that is personal…ever.

          If she wants to play the white man's whore, shuck, coon, and jive for them…she needs to grow a thicker skin and deal with it.

    4. She was more stunning before, but half the world bleaches their skin. Much more bleaching goes on in Asia than all of N.A and Africa combined. People are obsessed with being as white as possible, even when they are pretty fair to begin with.

    5. I hate brothers that try to drag a woman through the mud once a relationship ends. Let her be crazy if she wants to be. Talking about her only keeps her relevant.

    6. Glad somebody exposed her bitch think she's white and dissing her own peeople for whites

    7. If Stacey Dash gets anymore plastic surgery, she will start looking just as ugly as Lil Kim!

    8. I dunno if he's a stalker like y'all said but that meme had me Rollin….clorox & u see she ran quick to tell him to "take that bs down!" Rotfl… By the looks of it that clorox puts in the work!

    9. When God/The Most High made Stacey Dash, he made one of the most beautiful women on the planet. You can not deny that Stacey Dash was arguably the most beautiful woman in hollywood. Stacey wasn't satified. She allowed the white devils to convince her that white is prettier than black; BIG MISTAKE! Stacey Dash decided to destroy what God created and got unnecesscary plastic surgery. Currently Stacey is no longer a dime. Stacey looks like a anorexic alien with horse teeth! Attention black women, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! Don't get plastic surgery!

    10. She was such a beautiful black barbie doll to me back in the day, now she's more than a bleached out bird brain! #realtalk!

    11. No wonder that damn forehead always shining, she bleached all the pigmentation out of her skin. Bleaching her skin, says God made a mistake…He makes no mistakes, it's just us blacks trying to appeal to the white standard of beauty?

    12. No surprises here. Sad the way she hates herself. I guess that is why her marriages/relationships with white men don't last.

    13. Perhaps no one ever took the time to tell Stacey Dash what God our creator said about her. Psalms 139:13 For thou hast possessed my reins (formed my inward parts): thou hast covered (weaved, designed, made) me in my mother's womb. (14) I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well (satisfied in the finished work that God has done to me). Maybe she did not know that God took the time in eternity to make and mold only one dark skinned Stacey Dash to send in this world to glorify him. I am a black (dark skinned) man, and I love it, simply because I know that God loves me. Maybe instead of hating on Stacey so much, perhaps we should be praying for her. I to agree that she is confused. But take the high road and love and pray for her anyway. If you cannot stand the way that Stacey Dash brain function and you believe that she is out of her mind, PRAY for her. God through Jesus Christ still answer prayers. Much love for all mankind. Your dark skinned brother.

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