Whitney Biopic: Angela Bassett Responds To Bobbi Kristina’s Backlash

Angela Bassett vs Bobbi Kris

Angela Bassett may be directing the docufilm surrounding her late legendary mother… but if Bobbi Kris had her way, she’d be directing Bassett right out of her director’s chair. That’s why Bassett has finally addressed the Twitter bombs Bobbi Kris set off last month… letting it be known that she’s moving forward with her Whitney Houston biopic plans… without Bobbi Kris.

“She’s not an actress. I know she’s acted here and there. I know she’s been on their family’s reality show, but she’s not an actress, and acting is a craft.” ~Angela Bassett

Bassett says she’s “focused on acting talent not on relationships.” This, after Bobbi Kris let it rip over not being cast to play Whitney Houston. Sources say… “Although she made it clear she wanted true acting talent for the film, Bassett still hired a cast of newcomers rather than acting veterans.”

“For Bassett, the group of fresh faces will allow people to “fall into the world of Whitney and Bobby [Brown]” as opposed to getting caught up in the actors and actresses themselves.”

bobbi-kris-vs-whitney-biopic bobbi-kris-smells

Here is what’s out there:

“She also stated that she would not be offended if members of the Houston family decided to produce their own biopic about the I Will Always Love You crooner.

Bassett explained that Houston’s story was so “massive” and her talent was “so galvanizing” that it is impossible to capture every aspect of her stardom in one film.”

Here’s what Bassett had this to say about Whitney Houston:

“She had to play out her choices, and the consequences of them, in a very hot, glaring spotlight, but we’re not interested in dragging that through again.

She was like no one ever known before. She deserves to have this movie, and another movie, and everything and anything else.

It’s an attempt to illuminate the complexities of human behavior and life. And this is a very fast-paced schedule; we have just 21 days to tell this story. It’s more than just saying lines and turning the light on.”


    • She is still not an actress. Not only that she is in no condition to be even on the set without causing trouble.

    • BobbyKriss is an idiot. Ms. Bassett is a Yale graduate and a PROVEN ACTRESS WHO IS OSCAR NOMINATED. BobbyKris should be honored that she is stepping up to direct the feature and she will protect it.

      The child is a hot mess…I doubt if her mom is happy with her disrespect towards her good friend.

      • Thank you Ronnie. BK cannot box in the same ring as Ms Bassett and shouldn’t even try.

        Clearly there is very little demand for the Whitney Houston story. If there were, it would be a theatrical film and not a cable biopic. BK should be happy that anyone is doing this movie at all.
        If she and her blood family want to finance a real movie to go up against the Lifetime one, good luck to them and say goodbye to their money.

      • Who the f*ck cares if she went to some european inspired university (yale)that makes her god cause she can speak the european dialog ‘very well”

        • Yes because that is the gold standard in this country. That is factual and not subjective.

            • on another note..that is not her biological brother you damn idiots. stop making it seem like she is practicing incest. weirdos

          • Fuck the gold standard its about time that ignorant africans stop thinking that going hundreds of thousands in debt for an “education” is the way to make it in this hell hole of a country. Then those same individuals feel like their better than there peers because of brainwashed so call truth education. Truth is it creates uncle or aunt toms such as yourself. You don’t need a snobby yale or princeton degree to be considered smart or to generate funds in this country just be smart and know when to capitalize on opportunities when giving. And that my friend is factual. Your thought process is subjective cause you have a ass kissing mentality. You would never align your peers to take a piece of the global economy you just want to work for a boss collect a paycheck and go pay your taxes like the little slave you are. Grow some balls quit your day job and become a CEO of a corporation and stop bringing your boss coffee

    • IMO Cissy knew her daughter better than Kristina knew her mother. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kristina’s man is putting her up to all of this fake outrage.
      If Krissy really wanted to do a film about her moms life she had 2 years to create one but instead she chose to spend her time and money focusing on her brother/husband. Now she wants to complain when someone else decides to pick up the ball GTFOH.

    • It’s not about “knowing” Whitney. That’s a silly statement. Movies have been made about people hundreds of years ago that no one living knew. The issue is that this little foul-mouthed gremlin that WH gave birth to is not a professionally trained actress. I’m sure if her attitude and reputation was better that perhaps they would have brought her in as a consultant or even given her a bit part. The truth is that this girl’s reputation precedes her. It’s going to be over for her before it even begins.

    • Though she should not resort to being a spoiled brat when she can’t find any other ventures for her brand besides her mother

  1. when have u ever heard of a daughter or son playing their dead parent in a movie?…get a grip Bobbi Kris, its probably gonna be just a lifetime movie anyway…

  2. This is so….ugh. Bobbi Kris needs to just shut up. If she was so gungho on telling her mamas story by playing the role she should put her crack pipe down, climb up off her brother and take a few acting classes. Also if her mother really wanted to leave the eights to her story to Bobbi Kristina she could have done so. As it is, Bobbi doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Like Angela said just watch and see if she, Bobbi Kris, ever les her own movie, she certainly has the funds. But she’s lazy and entitled.

  3. Although she exercised political correctness in her reply, I Never figured Angela Bassett would have responded to a twitter rant by Bobby Christina. There was no need to because no one takes what bobby Chris says serious because she is train wreck. Plus I would never take that movie serious with her playing her mother. I mean just the thought of her playing her mother ruins the movies appeal to me. Now if she was playing her father in a movie I’m ordering my tickets in advance.

    • Angela made a statements in a interview and Bobbi Kris responded on twitter. I doubt Angela is classless enough to have twitter “beef”.

      • No, I wasnt saying that it was twitter beef, I was saying I didn’t think that she would reply to anything that Bobby Kris said on twitter. I know she didn’t engage in any type of exchange but she responded publicly to something that was said on twitter. That’s all. I would have totally ignored that shit because just look at the comments, nobody cares what this lil girl has to say.

        • I agree Eddie. I think Angela was showing her massive amount of class by addressing BK with such dignity. Something BK knows little about.

  4. How honest is this movie going to be. Does the daughter really want to portray the mother in the throes of her crack addiction? Or in her lesbian relationship with Robin….does BK really want to film.that last scene, in the bathtub. She better consider not getting cast a blessing and just go see it like everybody else.

    • Do you think Angela will cover Whitney’s lesbian affairs? I was expecting the movie to be the PG version of Whitney’s life but Angela may actually win an Emmy for this thing if she decides to go all the way in.

      • The movie is said to be based on Whitney and Bobby’s relationship so Robin will probably just be shown as the meddling assistant. It should be interesting.

        • It’s a wonder Bobby isn’t causing an uproar. Or maybe he feels this movie will vindicate him in some way. Oooh I can’t wait.

          • “Or maybe he feels this movie will vindicate him in some way.”

            I’ve always felt this from Bobby. It seems after the divorce he moved on pretty quickly, got married and had a child. I think he was bitter over the raw deal he got out of the marriage. And the media DID drag him for filth for many years.

    • Not a big deal to me, but the LGBT community is hollering big time that if the movie doesn’t address Whit’s long term love relationship with Robyn it will not be genuine. They kinda have a point because many people including me think that her inability to live as she chose openly had a hell of a lot to do with her personal hell which in turn led to her substance abuse. I was around Robyn and Whitney twice back in the late 80’s and I’m telling you they loved each other just like any man and woman in love.

      • They will never stop pushin their agenda. I would like to know how these people are wired. They will fight to have a lifestyle Acknowledged in a movie that is the about someon that they admire, not even realizing how screwed up Whitney was. Constantly crying and fighting to be acknowledged. Shit everyone knows that you all have more rights the the average person, now let the heterosexual community live shit. Go make a gay movie and see if heterosexual care if you don’t acknowledge them. This shit is getting aggrevating. I’m going to Chick-fil-a, anybody want something???

  5. She’s too close to the character to play her HONESTLY.

    Plus, she can’t ACT! You can’t just LOOK the part, you have to ACT the part!

  6. Her reality show revealed she has NO talent. Hopefully she will use her inheritance to have a nice life, but in will NOT be in. The legitimate entertainment industry! Just go to school and get an education!!!

  7. whitney daughter is crack head with no sense, pray for that uneducated fool,Angela handled that witch with class.

  8. Ok im going to be very honest and direct about Angela the same way she was to Bobbi.

    Let me critique Angela based on Her Career as actress I will be as cold an empathetic as Angela was Im going to do this ANGELA BASSET STYLE.

    To date, Angela’s HIGHEST award WON- NOT NOMINATED – BUT ACTUALLY WON in her career feild of which she considers herself an professional thespian of the highest caliber is a GOLDEN GLOBE. She obviously has not earned the respect of her peers.

    Angela basset is most known for playing Tina Turner and being in low budjet Urban Films in other words the CHITLIN CIRCUIT. In other words HOLLYWOOD has NO CONFIDENCE in her Box Office draw or Mass Appeal.

    She went to Yale on an affirmative action program called Upward Bound and her Class Curriculum was Drama. In other words she was given a handout she wasn’t smart enough to go Yale and her family wasn’t rich enough to send her. She also wasn’t smart enough to earn a regular degree so she took the easiest choice, Drama.

    She has no exsperience as a director, won no honors by the Academy in the feild of acting, no blockbuster box office sucess and BY HER OWN STANDARDS no business directing a movie because she is not a movie diretor.

    By her own standards she has not been a sucessfull actress and has earned the lack luster chitlin circuit roles she has been cast in
    Her NOT being accepted in the ACADEMY means THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF CRITICAL ACCLAIM IN HER FEILD HAVE DEEMED HER UNWORTHY ! I can assure you that this very reason, is why she is so BITTER!

    If she really wanted sucess as a DIRECTOR and really wanted CRITICAL ACCLAIM she would have started out directing a BROADWAY PLAY versus a CHITLIN CIRCUIT made for TV Movie.

    • In other words, Bobbie Kris can use her own coins to make a play/movie about her mother and the problem is solved.

  9. See how easy that was for me to be overly critical and brutality honest about Angela was it necessary? Nope, but guess what, its the truth ANGELA BASSET STYLE!

  10. Lets remember Whitney is Bobbies mother, this girls mother suffered a horrible death. Bobbi as an only child was severely truamitized.

    Angela is doing a movie about her dead mother. Please pause and think about this. Is your mother still living. ……………………………..

    Angela is unable to empathize, unable to relate , why could she not offer some kind words , Angela hurt Bobbies feelings and spit on her dreams. How about offering Bobbi support like Angela was helped early in her career by getting her placed in acting program.

    Say something nice, like well she has her mother’s eyes and passion and we are going to work with her to get her to star potential we have other projects she will definatley be involved in
    and we are using her as a consultant on this project . Be a mentor like someone was for you!

    • How can Angela Bassett be a mentor to someone who first of all. Will not listen to a word that anyone has to say, smokes crack, drinks like crazy and does not have the sense to not marry and screw family members. Plus she does not need a move industry mentor because she already has one in Mudea, Tyler perry is her official Mentor. This is a disrespectful woman, 21 years old, out of control with millions of dollars. I would like to see someone mentor her.

  11. the truth about Whitney sexuality has never been addressed.. its time, if you look back at her first documentary about her first world tour it clearly shows a very butch Whitney; she very comfortable being a lesbian but the industry wouldn’t stand for it.

    • Precisely. And yet folks wonder why she threw her voice and career away on drugs, alcohol and Bobby Brown. All they have to do is look at what she really was and wanted.

      You can closet yourself til the cows come home, but sooner or later the dam breaks. Ask Michael Jackson and about 15 others.

        • Some folks swear he wasn’t, some folks swear he was. Of course still others consider him a pedophile. At least one biographer that worked closely with him and interviewed many males and females who claimed to have been his lovers said he thought that they all lacked credibility and Mike appeared to have suffered childhood sex abuse and was basically asexual. Who knows? He took that to his grave.
          All those law suits and pay-offs tho….

        • He was a pederast. A man who was sexually attracted to males just past or at puberty. A pedophile is sexually attracted to prepubescent children of both sexes.

          I have never once heard a lick about MJ being inappropriate with a male below 12 or a girl below 18.

          He wasn’t asexual, but that certainly is the kindest description one could give him.

  12. Denzel Washington looks nothing like Malcolm X, Will Smith looks nothing like Muhammad Ali…by the time hair , costume and make up gets a hold of you ,you look exactly like whothey want you to be. Hell Katie Holmes even looked enough like Jackie Kennedy Onasssis. aSo the looks should not be an issue . Btw, race purists….if her father is black,shes black too. Ijs

  13. Them Drug Must Of Done Some Damage.. If She Plays Her Mother…….She Will Technically Be Sleeping With Character Who’s Plays Her Fther

  14. Little Girl you need to have SEVERAL SEVERAL seats..Yes you can Act alright..Act a Dayum Fool! PSA Brandy Norwood is the only one who can and should portray Whitney..#imjussayn

    • I like that choice, the only thing is, AB said they wet casting unknowns. But that would be a good one. I thought about Keke Palmer. But brandy would be a better choice

  15. I always come here but this is the first comment Eddie ALWAYS bringing strong brewed tea ha…@ if she plays the dad

    • She, look like him, talk like him, try to be a rebel like him and her singing voice is more like his than hers….lol….you don’t agree…lol

  16. Why is Angela so bitter….hmmm…I guess Bobbi Kris…is that you girl? Stop acting like yo daddy.

    • Yeah, that makes no sense to me. If she loved her mother the way she says she does, the only thing she should be worried is that her mother is portrayed by the best available choice in an actress. The prolly pissed because she already knew what she was gonna do with the money. She was gonna “donate” it to the coke dealer with the best product.

  17. Silver Screen is not the place for Biographies anymore..
    TV is the place kfor them now. Times have changed.
    NEXT what if the movie FLOPS at the Theater…..the. You have that stigma to deal with.
    Folks dont buy tickets any more



  19. ^^^^ Angela Bassett never crossed over because she refused to play hollywood’s game! Halle, Kerry and Zoe played hollywood’s game. Hollywood’s game is getting f*cked in the ass, swallowing DNA, doing the Eyes Wide Shut orgies and pledging allegiance to white supremacy! Angela Bassett is one of the best actresses in the history of hollywood. Halle, Kerry and Zoe decided to suck that white dick and get f*cked in the ass for roles. That’s what hollywood is all about; selling your soul and your asshole for movie roles!

    • Angela didn’t need to crossover. She is an honanry member of DST. She became one last year so it was no need into doing that.

  20. Remember, hollywood asked Bassett to do Monsters Ball first. She refused. Halle stepped in and was willing to get f*cked on camera. The mafia decided to give Halle the false idol award! Bassett can act circles around Halle. That is not my opinion, that’s a fact!

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