BET Backs Bieber: Debra Lee Doesn’t Care About Black People!

BET & Debra Lee Back Bieber

HSK Exclusive – Less than one day before Debra Lee delivered her “Impact of the Civil Rights Act of 1964” speech, during last night’s BET Awards, she was apparently all about running with the likes of bigots.

Well one of ’em, at the very least. Just ask Justin Bieber.

Now ya’ll already know that it’s been barely a month since Biber was exposed delivering… not one, but two… repulsive rants… NOT TO BE EXCUSED FOR ‘JOKES’ … on Black people. But that didn’t stop Debbie and her BET network from biggin’ up Bieber at Saturday’s “The BET Experience At L.A. Live.” The event proves to have been complete with the continued coonery first sparked by BET’s Best-named ‘Young Money Over Everything’ camp…

‘Bieber does not have a slave mentality. He treats his people with respect.’ -Mack Maine

Dig the Drop:

“Justin Bieber calls us n*ggers and they can’t wait to kiss his ass.”

BET Racist Bieber


  1. That civil rights montage just about everyone’s heads last night. It was a waist of time to even have it. F BET and the coon award show.

          • @nba–Badly. Aaron’s lack of involvement left a void you could almost see the entire season. What a bad way for a good show to go…

        • I wish they had hired Raheim to do the screenplays for the 4th season. I guarantee you he would have done a magnificent job! He has the humor and the facility for language already, so combining that with his thought process, as I perceive it to be, paralleling McGruder’s, he is a perfect fit.

          • @Anonymous–Thank you! I’m humbled by your comment. I’ve never done any Screenwriting/Teleplays/whatever, but that’s a huge compliment, especially since I’m a huge fan of the show and comic as stated above. It takes a truly gifted writer with a even truer sardonic wit (That’s tempered with a degree of cynicism, I say) to be a satirist, something I’ve never given thought to before, but who knows what the future may hold?

            Thanks again!

            • My boy Rodney Barnes is executive producer. Hit him up! He loves to help people who are actually talented!

            • I’m a fan of Rodney Barnes as well, not only for his being an integral part of ‘The Boondocks’ show, but his work on ‘My Wife and Kids’ and ‘Everybody Hates Chris.’ I’m under the impression that he co-wrote Season 4 of ‘The Boondocks’ at most, but I believe that the season would’ve been better if he was the lead writer instead of Angela Nissei. ‘Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda’ I know, but just an opinion.

  2. Debra Lee & Stephen Hill both done f^ck Bieber when the jhews arent having him on his hands & knees for them…another sex slave & Debra could give 2 f^cks as long as ppl are watching the garbage on her channel…Working for evil jhews @ Viacom, ask Mona Scott Young….Coonery @ its finest…

  3. Look let’s keep it real. Why as are we made at Justin or Debbie that’s what happens when you give out hood-passes free of charge without educating people on the sensitive issue of the word Biggs and being a bl a c k person in America.

  4. Correction: that’s what happens when you don’t educate people on the word NIGGA and being black in America.

    • jeez I was digging deep to try to figure out what the word Biggs was code for. lol

    • Amen! Most of these black kids don’t know the definition of being black in Amerikkka until it’s too late!

  5. don’t listen to bieber cant even nama a song he made.

    mack maine who been on a record label 5 years and has no album coming up.

    at least hes on the payroll.

    I mean mack maine been on hold for years who cares what he says you’re just waynes secretary or so called vice president of a record label who wayne founded but the real ceo is birdman who gets paid more than the whole young money roster.

  6. Well she was against BET’s UnCut during Bob Johnsons tenure so she has somewhat of a Soul…

    Teens dictate music, particularly young women who are normally not tech savvy enough to torrent music, specifically teen white girls who have access to more disposable income and daddys credit card. Unfortunately Beibz and Iggy are here to stay for a small spell. Not to mention they need theme music dance off kilter to when with their black baes.

    Breezy got a lil too intimate with those commissary snack cakes. He needs to shave or lock his hair. Looks scruffy. Chicken little legz.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying here for 2 months. Iggy is IT right now because of teen and tween girls. Folks say “we shouldn’t support her and her cultural appropriation.” Heck, no one here IS supporting it.

      But tell that to my 14 year old niece who is all Iggy day and night. She couldn’t give a flip about anything but the fact that Fancy is their new anthem of the summer and they want to dress like her, which is to say they want to dress like Cher and Dionne.
      I’m not so old that I don’t kind of get it. But it wouldn’t matter if I was to read her the riot act about how she should be supporting black artists, at that age they go with the group flow.

  7. FUCK B.E.T., FUCK Bieber and FUCK that gay-ass BET Award show. Oh i almost forgot: FUCK that Obama ass-kisser Chris Rock too.

  8. I tried to watch 106 and Park the other day. Clearly, BET and I have grown apart. I could care less about anything BET does. Same with ESSENCE mag.

  9. The last time I viewed BET was in May of 2008. At the time BET had just aired season four of “The Wire”. Once BET ceased airing “The Wire”, I immediately said f*** you to BET. Can anybody name an original BET show that is worth watching in 2014?

  10. I can’t believe Black people are still supporting BET. They sold out a long time ago.

  11. that bieber boy being butt f*cked by young money, chris brown, trey gey songz, and usher,

    • Usher on their in his Davey Crockett coon skin cap. Good gawd. What has Pharrell started?

  12. It Should Be Called W.E.T White People Are Allowed To Go The B.E.T Awards Now… But Is Funny How No Black People Attend The Country And Western Awards
    Double Fu£king Standards White People Are Hypocrites……Enough Said

    • Sorry Action Jackson, but I don’t want to attend country and western awards. I’m Black and love my Black culture. White folks don’t interest me. Bieber and Iggy can go to hell. They are on their way.

    • There are always a fair number of industry black people at the CMA’s. I’ve never seen them, but a friend in Nashville goes and he said there were more than you would think. It’s business.

  13. Viacom owns and operates BET, Sumner Redstone has the lock and key. Our culture is in the hands of white folk. Bob Johnson sold out for a billion, but we the people only wanted to see videos. Therefore, the network did not make money…We Got A Problem Houston???

      • @Anonymous

        No, he did not have a shotgun wedding, his eyes were open. The raw truth, black folk at the time were not feeling primetime dramas, news magazines, documentaries, etc. I watched the videos just the same, but, i watched the pseudo news shows as well. BET could have been so much greater, we wanted foolishness 24/7…Not Gonna Work!

        • I agree. I have to admit, I stopped watching after Donnie left. BET could have been better.

  14. I have no respect for these sellouts and coons. I watched the bet awards and couldn’t believe my eyes and ears watching that joke of a comedian Chris Rock walking across the stage saying the n word.

  15. Eww racist Paris Hilton sitting in the audience and Iggy Azealia showing off her newly injected fix a flat behind with her pimp T.I. performing. Nicki was pathetic as usual. Five years in a row she wins the same award? Azealia Banks is way better!

    • At least give Iggy credit for going with a believable somewhat tasteful behind unlike Km Kardahian who looks like she has 2 loaded diapers on now.



  16. Black People…IS IT BET OR HIP-HOP IN GENERAL THAT’S LOSING IT’S MIND? I didn’t watch the BET Awards for the second year in a row. My eyes said no to the spectacle in Los Angeles.

  17. I will not stoop low to watching ghetto filth like the game and being mary jane. BET and Debra Lee can both kick rocks and take that coon Tyler Perry with you!

  18. Debra LeEvil is just following orders like a good boule! She must obey Viacom’s instructions at all times! The same goes for the DL brother Stephen Hill!

  19. The boules and prince hall masons don’t mind white people calling them the N word. Those modern day house slaves only care about getting paid and destroying their own race!

    • NBA I respect your right to say what you feel, but I assure you that 99% of Boule members do not approve the use of the n word by anyone.
      You see them as house slaves, but many are hard working, smart men who have built businesses and lives to be proud of. But that’s not the politically correct thing to say here where all who succeed are seen as sell outs. In reality, most folks here, if given the opportunity would follow in their footsteps and they know it.

      • @Anonymous

        The Boules don’t love our people, look at the destruction they’ve caused. I don’t see the loyalty that you speak of? We suffer, they benefit all the way to the bank.

      • @Anonymous–You’re obviously either new to this site or harboring hurt feelings that one of your friends, colleagues, or bosses got called out/exposed on here, as you would know that not every successful black person in Entertainment is considered a ‘sellout.’ The Boule hasn’t done anything but play their role as lapdogs of the Elites which in turn keeps the black American community where it is. Maybe you should ‘follow the footsteps’ of decency instead of being another self-hating, sellout lackey.

  20. Debra LeEvil is one of the biggest boules in America. For her to defend Justin Bieber saying the N word is is not only despicable, it’s a typical house slave attitude! I have no respect for that! LeEvil is indeed intelligent, but she works hard to please her wealthy racist white bosses at Viacom. Watch The Boondocks episode, The Hunger Strike. LeEvil bows down to the white man. That is what she is literally doing. PATHETIC!

  21. I cant stand Debra THE BULLDAGGER Lee’s fake, no talking ass. Bull shit ass award show..

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