WATCH: Mimi Faust & Karlie Redd Gets Grilled by #LHHATL Super Fans

A couple of lucky Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fanatics were recently tapped by VH1 to have a candid Q & A session with cast staples Karlie Redd and Mimi Faust to get them to open up about life on and off screen.

See what happens below:


  1. Are they in the house Mimi rented for the show this season? Why do those ATL franchise folks get a different residence every season? Buncha nomads.

    • when will they start putting pictures of their family on the walls, like we don’t notice.

  2. Off topic:

    The cop who murdered Philando Castille was found not guilty. Not a single word from CA Senator Kamala Harris. Not a single word from Oprah Winfrey. Not a single word from Barack Obama or Michelle Obama.

    • Kamala Harris too busy trying to bring down Trump to care. Same as Maxine Waters a pregnabt woman was either shot & and stabbed to death in her district and not a peep. U know barack never gave a fuck, so why u even asked this question is a mystery to me lol

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