Wale Caught in Wild Confrontation With a Becky!

wale fight white girl video

Wale was caught on video in a wild confrontation with a Becky in Los Angeles.

The rapper can be seen in the video walking behind the woman as she smokes a cigarette. She then turns around and screams at Wale, “Are you really following me?!”

Then, she blew a puff of smoke right in his face…and that SET HIM OFF!

You gotta see how Wale reacts. Becky is lucky her friends and Wale’s crew stepped in…

What do you think set him off? You think he got rejected?


    • Wow. The white media really wants to make it seem like every black man is feigning for some white bitch. Some folks I know say this bitch and her tiggers girl friend was being nasty and rude to Wale after she grabbed some food from the event he was at. When he confronted her, she blew that some in his face. That is when he knocked the food out her hands. It happened fast but that was the best that my folks could see about what went down.

      • Wale always liked the beautiful brown skinned girls.. He just had a baby with one at the end of summer.. He's not into white meat—from what I heard.

        • He was talking to the little Asian chick, he could have been trying to hit her up…but the white girl turned around and copped an attitude, like he was trying to get at her, which he was not, when he smacked that shit out of her hand, after she blew the smoke in his face.

      • @OWK: But why get so mad about food? Let people eat, if they're hungry. The event organizers would just throw the leftovers away at the end… So, it looks like he really does have some "issues"…

        • From what I understand, it wasn't about the food. It seems they crashed the party and were super rude to the wrong ones. He was curious as to who they were and when he asked them nicely the first time the little blond chick said something stupid. So he followed her to ask her what's up and the rest is on TMZ.

          • @OWK: Thanks for the update!
            -He's got too much to lose, to be following folks around asking questions…

            • You are right, Anon 10:56. These days you never know who is setting you up for footage. Fools can make a lot of money with a phone camera and TMZ pays mucho for moments just like this.

  1. Push coons love bothering women period they think everybody wants their ashy ass if he treats becky like that you know he's smacking the shit out of black women.

  2. She probably did something really foul, or maybe she's a stalker he told to stay away. Where's the rest of the footage?

    Maybe it's really a dude.

  3. Why did he smack her bag out of her hand tho? lol He was like, "F yo bag, b!"

  4. This isn't the first time. Didn't Wale also get caught up in a Twitter beef with some white snapchat celeb YesJulz who hates the hell out black women? Wale asked the girl to promote his music (why would he do this given she shades black women all the time?) The girl turned around and claimed she made him famous. I laughed!

    • Someone needs to bang that chick. Hard. Make her p*ssy look like an old leather jacket..like beat up Jordans lol

  5. From the little I saw, it looks like he be on some BS with a woman. Isn't just supposed to be FUCK YOU BITCH and move on. He was walkin' up kinda close to her. Trust, if she was with a man, that would have been an all out fight.

  6. Props to his bodyguard/friend for doing what he did to stop it before Wale ended up catching a case. He shouldn't have smacked the cigarette out of her hand. He must have some anger and insecurity issues.

    • He smacked her food as a substitute for smacking her. He showed more restraint than a lot of people.

      He doesn't have anger issues. The woman is a degenerate. That's a normal reaction to toxic waste.

      • gentlemen who stay out of trouble an out of prison don't smack women or their shit

        But good on them for pulling back before it was too late.

  7. Now although I am a fan of his music, he strikes me as the wife beater type. I can't put my finger on it…but I can feel it.

  8. If you a star why you gonna follow a nobody and her homies out the door and down the street when the paid help can go after the food thieves

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