Angela Simmons Secretly Marries Convicted Felon

angela simmons married

Angela Simmons wasn’t going to waste any time making things legal with her felon bae, and the two are secretly married according to Bossip.

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” star and Sutton Tennyson announced their engagement back in April, and one month later, it was revealed that the couple was expecting a baby.

Angela gave birth to their son two weeks ago, and according to Romeo Miller’s sister, Cymphonique, Angela and Sutton are now husband and wife.

In a statement to Bossip, Cymphonique says she wondered if Romeo and Angela had some unfinished business, but it’s too late now because Angela is a married woman.

“I think it’s pretty cool that even after they stopped dating they still remained friends. I was wondering if there was something else there. Either way it’s too late now, she’s married!” – Cymphonique



  1. Way to go you just become another statistic like the rest of the hoot rat coons males included because they are hood rats too.

  2. Damn! That's what happens when you chose to date down. Felons? No thank you.

  3. Shameful. She had access to all types of men but she chooses to marry a convicted felon. Is this the mentality that black women have which is to marry any man as long as he is black? We need to do better.

  4. What the hell is she thinking. I know her father had to be pissed off about this I remember when she was on the breakfast table radio station and they asked her was she a virgin and she said yes she was waiting for marriage and as she was talking her ass was already with child lol and he already had his side chick in her house how low can you go is she trying to keep up with her sister if so Michael wayans is no better .lady's know your Worth we are all better then this to settle down for any man that's not a good fit for us no shade just truth .

    • You're right about that wayans not being no good either. You can tell by that on/off relationship him & Vanessa had for 10 years. That is not a serious dude at all. Angela was still young, only 29. She could've waited a bit longer. My heart bleeds for her.

  5. If this was a dude marrying some random chick, no one would say anything. Her pockets are alright, and her father will make sure her husband gets one of his companies or something.

    • Actually we would say something we might even go a little harder if it was the other way around. That's not the point this is a man she really doesn't even know that she slept with and got pregnant this is a come up for only him and a let down on her her father doesn't own him anything to give him a job if he is a true man he will work his self up for his new family then maybe get into the family business but I hardly don't see it happening like that give it by December are early January that's a wrap

  6. You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.

    Sadly she didn't listen to Kenny Rogers the gambler before she got pregnant/married.

  7. Sad to see another black woman choosing wrong. I dont know bruh but if he already had a chick in her crib thats a bad look from the get. He probably sees. his meal ticket to lounge around and live the good life at her expense. She's has to learn the hard way though

  8. If she married him, there was a reason. Sometimes a family will acquire a person to “play the heavy”. It is a come-up on both sides. A street dude can do the dirty work and the family saves money and exposure by not outsourcing their dirty work. It is all in the family. And since she obviously gravitates towards this type, voila, everyone is happy.

    The rich, powerful and celebrity circle is too damn calculating. Nothing is random or by accident.

    • I call bullshit on that. That family has plenty of henchmen to do their dirty work. They don't need one in the legacy line. I think mom and pops are livid behind closed doors. That is why she married this guy in secret.

      • Agreed. Many entertainers, especially rappers, gangster rappers ect have goons either around them, or that they can call up to do their dirty work for them. This is especially true for more A-list celebrities. The more richer and powerful, the greater the dirt.

        • "Many entertainers, especially rappers, gangster rappers ect have goons either around them, or that they can call up to do their dirty work for them."

          And we see how that usually turns out.

      • "That family has plenty of henchmen to do their dirty work. They don't need one in the legacy line. "

        But did they find the guy who killed Jam Master Jay? Did they handle that?

        As for the bloodline, that is assuming this family is something much.


        • @ Anonymouse-What are YOU talking about?? These folks are related to Russell Simmons, the original power behind main stream hip hop. They got their peeps and their henchmen. The girls (legacy) were meant for other men. Don't be naïve. As for JMJ, that is a different story for another time. Not all information is for a internet comment section.

          • "As for JMJ, that is a different story for another time. Not all information is for a internet comment section."

            The truth!!

            As for Russell Simmons, our people big people up too much. She is his niece, not his daughter and we don't know the story among the family.
            Many of these black folks out in front are just getting by because they are just that, fronts. I will just revise what you said in that he was the power for the JHEWS for main stream hip hop. Nothing, his peeps, his henchman, his money was his own. It was all theirs.

            • Anonymouse-No I don't "big up" Russell Simmons. I know for a fact that dude has some real power– and I'm not talking about money. Nieces or not, those girls of Run's were meant for other men. Not everything in that industry is about money. So there is no need to revise what I said because I pretty much gave it to you 100%. Just read between the lines. Don't believe that all black men in power are helpless to the Joo. There are some things that give more leverage.

  9. Man black women are taking L's left and right-and willingly taking them at that! But whatever. I should know better than to expect both the average nigga, and celebrity nigga's to do better at this point.

    • @Truman: But what do AA women have to choose from?
      1. They want to be married
      2. They want children with their husband
      3. They want the "white picket fence " and the American Dream too!
      So, yes they will choose, who chooses them and live their lives accordingly.

      • its plenty of decent brothas out here AA women just choose to look over them for the felon/cheater as always nothing new and it seems to happen on all levels according to angela simmons being some what rich and famous

        • @Anon 16:12 I find truth to your statement. I've got brothers that get passed by and called "Urkle/Stefan" in favor of abusive ex cons. I'm not saying that you can't turn you life around if you have been in the pen, but I know chicks that want a man that has been in the pokey cause they love the bad boy. And when they call me with a fat lip and a broken heart I tell them about the "Urkle" and they laugh. OH well.

          • And for ever Urkle story, there is the same bad boy AND Urkle who ain't checkin' for a black girl. It goes both ways, but mostly the way I just described.

            • There are plenty of black men that are checkin' for sistas everyday. It's media hype that no one wants a Black woman cause in truth everybody wants a Black woman. And that is what I see everyday.

          • Anonymouse- I don't have your experiences. And I don't see men passing black woman by that often. Especially if she is fly. The PTB want to brainwash into believing that what you say is the norm cause they want BW to feel inferior. But there is always some real brother looking to be with or wife a BW. Some white, Asian, Indian, etc, too. More often than not. And don't tell me about statistics, cause I think at the end of the day, those inflated numbers serve the same purpose–to oppress by taking down self esteem.

      • Angela chose who she wanted. That's the kind of dude she likes. She doesn't care about certain things because she's swimming in money. Most rich women operate like her. They marry who they want because unlike *lazy* *broke* chicks, they don't depend on dudes.

        • Even when you have your own money as a woman marrying a broke leech will sink you! You don't stay rich by giving away your money to broke men who use it to spoil their true love. Lmao! This is why black broke men are not for me. You won't raise the kids while I work AND you don't bring in any money.

    • She had millions of dollars to her name — before birth. How is she ever taking an L?

      You're probably some CAC or sellout that's mad she's not boo'd up with some CAC POS. GTFO.


  11. A lot of black men will dump a woman because she's gained weight or some other stupid aesthetic thing meanwhile he'll get mad as hell when I tell him I don't look at broke men who can't support any kids we may have. What's up with that? ?

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