Police Called to Tamar Braxton’s Home After Another Domestic Disturbance

tamar braxton vince herbert domestic disturbance

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and we’re really starting to believe there’s trouble in paradise for Tamar Braxton and her husband, Vince Herbert.

Back in August, police were called to Tamar and Vince’s hotel room in Atlanta after a domestic disturbance. Vince allegedly bit Tamar’s finger during the incident.

And now, it has been revealed that the Atlanta showdown wasn’t the only time the police had to be called in to diffuse one of the couple’s fights.

According to the Daily Mail, several of the Braxton sisters were on hand when Tamar and Vince got into it at their Calabasas home a few months ago. Toni called the police, but since Tamar had no physical signs of injury, no arrest were made.

Tamar has defended Vince in the media, but her sisters Toni, Towanda, Traci and Trina are reportedly happy that the truth about the couple’s relationship is finally getting put on blast.

How long before these two file for divorce?


  1. yep they are still at this bullshit when will it ever end and they go their separate ways.

      • Vince just might be a down low hiding behind Tamar. He seemed to have no interest in intimacy with Tamar and was mean and belligerent to her all the time. I hope she didn't let that creep control her money.

        • Vince is a been over weight fag , she knew it long time … What's happening is he can't make her famous and be that birch … Gags ain't making him
          no money … Her wack voice and music ain't shit , plus she was in it for the money and relevancy … And who wanna hear her in her fag hag voice 24/ 7 ????

        • Yes its a joke. Ashies always using the "Illuminati" to cover for dysfunctional and or closeted homosexual black males f*cking up. As is, this couple seems like a DL mama's boy and a childhood sex abuse survivor, her body dysmorphia/plastic surgery addiction points to childhood trauma just like Mike Jackson.

      • Yes it is and always a BM being done wrong by the "Illuminati." When BW are 'dykes', tragic junkies (Bobbi Kristina), or f*ck up period, they are, well, thots, etc. When BM f*ck up they are victims, it's out of their control, etc. etc. how lame.

        These two toxic kneegrows are connected by dollars period if she got the balls to leave she wouldn't have to be popping pills & fighting like a dumb hood rat.

  2. She has been in abusive relationships before. I believe she is the trigger and is the one who needs to get her shit together before ever getting in another relationship.

    And any dude who puts his hands on a woman is no real man in my opinion. Have enough sense to walk away and stay away.

  3. OK now it's really time to leave before someone end up hurt bad are killed I know this has been going on for years and they tried to keep it private but even back then people knew that he was hitting on her she came in a Hollywood store mall with a black eye and told people please don't take any pictures of her I know her mouth is at fault but you still have no right to put your hands on her and he told her she can go but the child is not and that is why she is staying but it's really time to go he did not make you he helped but your talent is all on you.

  4. Why do I get the feeling her sister's are laughing in the inside on her marriage falling apart they were all ways jealous that she was married and got what ever she wanted and they don't have a man to even buy them a happy meal if they wanted one.

    • Who would be jealous of a man beating up their sister? All the sisters have been married before, so I don't think that's the issue.

      • Who would be jealous about someone getting their ass kicked. I was not talking about that I was saying because of the lifestyle he provides for her they are laughing and jealous of what is happening it's just what I see when I look at the TV show and in interviews and the Fights that she had over that with her sister.

        • Lanette Of course you are right. They are enjoying a bit of schadenfreude over this mess.

    • The sisters are not jealous. They know that things dont make you happy. Only love and being one with a mate who loves you, makes you truly happy.

    • I don't think her sisters are jealous…but let's face it, Tamar rubbed their faces in her material things all the time and they got sick of her ass. They love her but don't like her IMO. And while Vince, seems calm, I will never forget him slamming that door in her face after they brought their newborn baby home. Even it it was for television it was a cold thing to do.

      • That is not the half of it. Lanette is right on all counts. Vince is mean, cold, and controlling. Recipe for disaster.

  5. Maybe she fears losing her son if she walks away. With all them sisters though, seems like they could come up with a plan to stop all this bullshit though.

  6. vince looks like he gets out of breath just from standing up. Don't know how he was able to catch Tamar to beat her up. Bob and weave girl…bob and weave.

  7. I rather be alone then with a person who drives me crazy and belittles me and being scared to leave because it's your security blanket…

  8. i need more tea like why it's boring if we dont know what kind of fight and why

  9. He's got her money tied up and she doesn't want to walk away with nothing. I'd swallow my pride and leave his ass and get more on my own! He'd never see another dime I make after the door slams behind me.

  10. Now, I'm see why she was begging her mom to stay with her and Vince. Her mom was protecting her from the beatings. But, her mom listened to the other daughters and moved out, thinking it would make Tamar leave Vince. However, it's just exposed the behavior, not stopped the behavior. Everyone is just waiting for the other shoe to drop…

  11. i cant picture vince beating her lol ijs i dont know if i believe it i hope it's not true though. i know he is maaad that she keeps screwing up jobs though lol

  12. 2 of my favorite child hood shows continue to go at Fraggle Rock and Fat Albert just need to part ways and call it a day.

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