Tamar & Vince Doing the Most to Put Breakup Rumors to Rest

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Just yesterday, it was leaked that Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert were involved in yet another domestic dispute. This time, the incident took place at the couple’s Calabasas home, and Toni Braxton had to call the cops to help diffuse the situation. Since Tamar didn’t have any injuries, no arrest were made.

Even though this is the second time we have heard about one of the couple’s explosive fights, they’re still doing the most to prove us all wrong.

Tamar and Vince headed out to the Bad Boy Reunion Tour last night in Los Angeles, and they made sure to be all loved up for the cameras to put the rumors to rest.

He gets it❤️ #?amazingtimes ? #badboyreuniontour

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What do you think? Are Tamar and Vince really in love or are they putting on a show?


  1. I don't think any of these married celebrities are in love with each other. It's a business relationship not a love relationship.

  2. She needs to get her life as she's always saying.. she also popping off at her sisters, but they cant say anything about her or Vincent.l she's needs to stop pretending and get real.. it will takes a very special man to deal with this materialistic bleached out muppet.. Vince control all the money and she's not in love with his fat hanging open mouth ass..

  3. It's to late everybody already know. The best thing to do if you guys can't get along just walk away from it it's better to be up front then to pretend to be in a healthy relationship with someone that is hurting you more woman will respect you .If you walk away you might even be helping someone in the same position that you are in.

    • Possibly, or they may be fronting that all is well so they won't lose their show.

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