50 Shades of GAY?! Vivica Fox Says She’s Got Hella More Stories!!!

vivica a fox 50 cent

“Oh No!!! Now she thinks I’m gay because I let her lick my Ass. LMAO.” ~50 Cent

In the case of 50 Cent’s alleged Shades of Gay, and the green shades of envy Fif says Vivica Fox threw [on the low] at Halle Berry … it’s only a matter of time before we find out how deep the pair’s beef will go! [no pun intended] But one things fa sho! Vivica sure has displayed the cunning of a Fox –droppin’ dat bomb, impromptu style. AND … she just might do it again!!! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Soulja Boy.

“Let me say this!! Wasn’t speaking about @souljaboy only my EX [50 Cent] and his antics! I apologize for that to @souljaboy” ~Vivica A. Fox

What’s out there:

Vivica Fox surfaced out of no where on a talk show with Kandi Burruss giving her some tea about 50 Cent being gay. “Any thoughts when 50 Cent blame the second season ratings on gay stuff?”

“First of all, you know the pot called the kettle black is all I’m saying,” replied Fox, who dated the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper, 40, in 2003, when his career skyrocketed. Fellow WWHL guest Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss chimed in: “That was some tea! That was shade. That was major shade.”

Peep what Fiddy has to say about it:

“Oh No!!! Now she thinks I’m gay because I let her lick my Ass. LMAO. Wait, I didn’t want her to, she forced me, my hands were tied. 50 shades of grey. Man somebody should have told her I’m a Troll. I got my asshole merit badge on now.” Bitch remember when you told me f*ck Halle Berry and you could have played all the roles she did better then her? And I just looked at you like what the f*ck kind shit did you take? LMAO.”


  1. Vivica is an old miserable and washed up witch. She says she has all this money but can't buy a good weave. Bye Felicia!

    • Cosign 1000000Xs. like I would listen to her about her opinion of Fifty after she was unceremoniously dumped by him. A woman scorned.

  2. 50 cent, must not be cooperating and doing the rituals. Because viv know she got ghetto gagged on the casting couch as well,because that's how they get down in JOO,satanic hollyweird. The cabal probably put viv up to do the dirty work when we all know they're all gay or bi and it's part of the initiation.

  3. Vivacad played out and is curtis even selling records these days dont listen to rap no more i do know that g unit aintbas good as they used to

  4. Why is it that 50 can air out Olivia on power 105 breakfast club twice…saying he let Olivia go because Missy Elliot was smashin..(Olivia)..but when its done to him he's mad and Vivica is bitter and old…she ate my butt etc….(its called karma 50)..the rapper Game said the same thing….that 50 was gay.he said it years ago ….go on youtube and check it!

  5. Didn't she have a nervous breakdown or face melt down after 50 dumped her. Vivica MOVE ON

  6. How can(50) he go from being the love of Vivica Fox's life? as she stated on " Unsung Hollywood" four months ago to now being exposed by her as being GAY, and 50 Cent should have keep that to himself what Vivca supposedly did to him doing sex. Rimming should never be something that is culturally popular like kissing

  7. 50 is Gay, Gay, and more Gay. I believe ViVica. 50 is Queen of the Queers. Y'all knows he acts like a queen. What rich heterosexual man gossips like 50?

    • Everybody knows 50 is gay. My question is how much p*ssy has Vivica eaten? Vivica is jsut a average actress, yet she got the role on Independence Day and Set It Off. I wonder?

    • anonymous i was saying this for years 50 did snitch on supreme & muurder inc.. he talk to damn much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Washed up, knifed up Vivica is right Curtis Jackson is gay! The bottom line is that Vivica is promoting her role on Empire! Since Vivica was at one time a b-list hollywood star, I'm sure she has done some gay shit too.

  9. It's interesting how people are putting down Vivica, when 50 is the actual sociopath. That's today's society. Put down the Truthspeakers and raise up the sociopaths. We just may be in the final days. Vivica, you go girl. P.S. HSK did an article saying the exact same thing about his tendencies when the XXL magazine cover came out, and it had nothing to do with Vivica.

    • You know what, i can't remember if i saw it here or youtube directly, but there is the video shoot of the XXL magazine cover with 50 & Soulja, & man 50 was hard up, his arms around Soulja, huffing & puffing, breathing all hard, while Soulja was just looking like whatever. I think 50 was talking to an interviewer about how much he liked Soulja, etc, etc. Mind you, both of them were shirtless. I wonder if that video is still on youtube? Hmmm. It was kind of nasty though. After seeing it, I was like, yep 50 gay.

  10. Vivica said f*ck Halle Berry? Vivica Fox is jealous! Halle Berry turned in several award winning performances on the casting couch! Halle sucked off and swallowed those hollywood directors and executives so good she got a Oscar, a Golden Globe, a multi-million dollar contract with Revlon and 10 million dollars for that bullshit movie Catwoman! Vivica's performance on the casting couch must not have been very good. All of the f*cking, sucking and swallowing Vivica did only got her Independence Day, Booty Call, Set It Off and some chitlin circuit projects! Vivica's career is over! She is very lucky she got some work on Empire!
    P.S. Vivica Fox looks like she could be Lil Kim's mother!

    • I know 50 is not being salty and into his feelings. Wasn't he was doing the exact thing to Puff?

  11. Just 3 things:

    When are ghetto girls going to learn how to wear long hair (weaves). With all that head shaking and tossing, we know it’s fake. PS: from someone with long hair, that ain’t the way you floss it.

    Viveca need to totally disassociate from 50, she was 10 years older than him anyway, or maybe she is still trying to play the “young” and the still wounded.

    For 50 to discuss ass rimmin’, proves that he is gay. He proves that only gays kiss and tell.

    • Only hood boogers give more of a damn about hair weaves than the 72% black bastard rate fathered by males who also hate their hair so much they shave their heads down to the skin.

  12. Viv , we already had a clue dude was a funny bunny , a funny bugs bunny half monkey homo, you looking Gus ma fox f*ck your haters !

  13. Wod said the jacrule 50 beef was really over a homosexual dude they was both f*cking

  14. Everybody kno 50 is a tired azz old ugly queen that keep bunch of shidd going like damn gal dick suck n ugly bitch

  15. Vivica said don't make her tell a out the dildos. It's not normal for a man to want a woman to perform anal sex on them. Fifty has diarrhea of the mouth too he don't know how to be quiet he's always trying to go off on someone. Someone will leak a tape of his homosexual acts soon. I wonder what his defense will be then.

  16. Vivicadidnt call him gay, she just insinuated it not because he is gay (because he isn't, and according to y'all everybody gay) she did it trying to help Empire, at least that's what she said on twitter. She should have apologized and movedbon but 50 a troll and he doesn't stop. This publicity stunt SHE pulled is backfiring. People who don't know her now will remember she ate ass. Vivica shitty lips Fox.

  17. Trust me when i tell you, 50 Cent has a small dick. Vivica found that real quick. He has a hang up about it.

  18. man all these niggas r gayif amybody does their research th entertainment industry isvran and owned by homosexual men. all they do is take these hungry raggedy ass niggas off th street offer them money that they never have access to in their lives and in return have to f*ck or get f*cked these men for a deal. if u hv common sense it is not hard to fathom at all. most of these niggas will killmu behind a rew racks or less. what make yall these immoral ass niggas grow moral balls when it comes to money. yall gotta b blind or stupid to not c this shit. ive bn openly gay for 22 yrs and ive seen it all. yall need to wake up and stop takin up for these undercover ass fun boys. at least if ur gonna b gay. jus f*ckin b it.u shouldnt b ashamed of what u r whether ur a broke nigga or a rich one

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