Rhymefest Checks Spike Lee Over His Depiction of Blacks in “Chi-Raq”

Rhymefest vs. Spike Lee Chiraq

“THAT’S how we want to depict our community?” Rhymefest says, “THAT’S the answer?” ~Rhymefest

According to a recent post to his Twitter account, Spike Lee is begging the question, “What kind of individual shoots bullets into a 9 year old?” But Rhymefest wants to know what kind of film director cashes in on the critical state of Black communities — like in “Chiraq”.

During a recent interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Rhymefest — who is widely known as a longtime songwriter for the likes of ChiTown’s Very Own ‘Confederate’ Kanye [one of the MANY Black celebs that’s keeping silent over the turmoil going down in their hometown of Chicago] checked Spike Lee over the latest drop of his movie trailer “Chi-Raq” which is based in Chicago and includes a portrayal of gang culture in the Illinois city, during an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.

Check out how Rhymefest broke it down:

“I saw the trailer. It looks just like the script I read, and it verified everything I thought. I was more shocked when I saw the trailer than when I was reading the script. I grieved for the 9-year-old little boy who was shot [Tyshawn Lee], and now a comedy [Chi-Raq] is being made about death in Chicago.”

Take a look at Spike Lee’s recent “Chi-Raq” tweets:



  1. So he's saying Spike should not put money into a movie and make a profit of it.. aaah does he realize making movies cost lots of money in addition there are huge working staff that need to be payed etc.. all this before the movie even see's a dime.. Smh would he had question this if it was a white guy that made this movie? seriously that is so ignorant. SPike is just giving people a glimpse of the reality of Chicago and its danger thats all. smh

  2. Chicago has some very heavy demonic influence over it. This is the city that gave us a President who ignores Black folk, executes 9 year olds and drags young girls (Girl X, y'all forgot that?) and another young pre-teen girl off of the street for gang rapes. Smoked JHud's entire fam and got that fool Kanye pedastaling a YT trash whore above all and declared innocent a pedophile who urinates on teenage girls.

    You know, I remember a while ago crazychris said that the Moors were the black folks who caused the downfall of Africans. I am beginning to wonder if the 6% of Africans who came to America in chains were Moors getting their comeuppance. The rest of the African diaspora being the ones that the Moors sold to the Europeans.

    'Cuz any Black fools like the Chicago gangstas (political and street), gotta be of a different kinda Black folk.

    Keep it up and spillin' blood to the devil you worship — who or what eva that may be — and you will be punished with 5 or 10 Emmitt Tills from your point of migration which was MS. You saw what happened at the church in SC.

    Keep spillin' your own blood and offering your brothas, sistas and most of all kids, as sacrifices. You will see.

    You got the devil on speed dial, he will eventually pick up.

    • Hey, ya thinkz everyonez n Chicagoo is devilin and devil wurshipppurs? the MK? Goez back to smokinz my weeeeds

    • I remember that post CC was spitting like it was yesterday. And now that U brought it up it got me thinking. Are The Moors are really supposed to be our set up for our own demise in order to claim the things they say they have? Such as laws, property, ownership? Got me thinking how Pilar Sanders became one two years ago just to get some kind of money, ownership, or whatever it is she is entitled to. Mind y'all she hasn't held a job no nothing since the divorce. Is she gonna set her kids up for the same demised in order for her to have anything? Man! There are so many theories and mysteries to this 13:47. U made a very good damn point!

  3. @Crazy Annie: I ain't talkin' 'bout no movie. Get back on the screen, reality don't suit ya.

  4. Some black males are sick in the head. Mr. Lee is HELPING that sick ass city by promoting it in his film instead of dissing him those males need to gather and shut down the punks terrorizing Chiraq! What? They waiting on bw to march and shit? I'm advising all sistas to stay home lock shit down get strapped protect you and yours and let the "men" if any handle that shit!! Fucking hypocrites.

  5. Lee is providing a mirror for the city of Chicago to see itself in the hopes that both black and white will get a big wake up call. I may not be his biggest fan, but if this film can do 1/2 of what "Do the Right Thing" did in shifting views and changing hearts and minds, then it will be a blessing.

  6. Kind of odd that all we hear is violence from chicago from the past few years the media focuses on thenhomicide ratebin chicagonmore than anybother city reminds mecof transformers dark sidecof the moon when the decepticons blew up chicago. The gang problem will never cease solution none all i can do is hope i dont get shot you are in danger no matter where you go. Or live we all in danger so what if chicago has gang violence and is the birthplace of the vicelords and gangster disciples and we know their legacy larry hoover started a legacy of death and bloodshed and he had the nerve to have people freebhim and willie lloyd got hisbin the end he started a legacy of death and received a bullet sorry but when you serve the devil hr gives you your uust reward in time

    • CC remembered back here I mentioned about these unnecessary killings in the Chi and how in the world they let this shit happen when there is a big ass military base right there on the outskirts of Chicago! That what blows me! And I went and did my training there!

      • DaRadiant1 Well you might see that after all. Tonight on Faux News O'Reilly and some black council woman from Chicago were calling for the National Guard to come in and enforce order. i remember from katrina that the Nat Guard can only take over at the request from the governor of the state. Even the president cannot do it himself.

  7. NYC is a sissy town now,yep the birth place of hip hop,lost its way.so now spike is lookin to chi town,to make his movies.I like spikes movies,they are controversial ,let's hope he does "the right thing",and make us think about the innocent kids and young men who have become sacrificial lambs for the agenda!

  8. Spike Lee has taken something so serious and turned it into a crappy comedy. The situation in Chi-RAQ (Chicago) is a serious one but I truly believe that there is a pasty dog smelling white paw behind most of it. It's like they hit Obama's district yet he has done nothing to end this crap. So does black life matter to him? It seems that it doesn't. Just like some black men who are hit with white girls as if they were kryptonite, Obama has also had a force that keeps him away. Dude is right and those of you who don't about violence and only live through it in theory and rap music, WTFU.

  9. “THAT’S how we want to depict our community?” Rhymefest says, “THAT’S the answer?” ~Rhymefest

    Ummm…….that IS your community. Not concerned about the billion murders a day, but concerned about a movie? Spike isn't giving an "answer", just showing whats going on, like Chief Keef and all the other rappers, who make money from glorifying murder….got a problem with them?

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