Venus & Serena’s Dad Divorces 38-Year-Old Who Stole His SSI Checks

venus serena wiliams dad divorce

Serena and Venus Williams’ 75-year-old dad, Richard, has filed for divorce from his wife of seven years, 38-year-old Lakeisha. He says Lakeisha is nothing but a drunk and a thief! He’s accusing her of stealing his social security checks and forging his signature to transfer ownership of his cars and houses without his permission.

Lakeisha moved out of their Palm Beach, FL home last year and left Richard to take care of their 5-year-old son on his own.

Richard says his wife left him for a new man who’s a criminal who has felony charges pending!

This is what happens when being a sugar daddy goes terribly wrong smh.

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  1. You are 75, she is 38. She didn’t marry you for your charms or good looks sir. Also, Serena and Venus are the ones with deep pockets, not the dad though I’m sure they support him. Dude is lucky he didn’t end up kidnapped or in a ditched. Time to strip custody from the gold digger. Big sisters will have to fight for their little brother at some point. Wow Richard.

    • why would they fight for custody? send the child to her parents if the father can’t take care of him. but i wouldn’t take on his problems. and i’m sure they warned him before marrying her so now pops deal with it but i wouldn’t get involved.

      • That’s their half brother to be raised by an unstable untrustworthy woman if Richard passes while he is still a minor. So yes, they will have to take on the fight for dad. He’s what 6 or 7. I wouldn’t let my brother be raised by criminals, her and her associates. Also, there is risk of danger to the kid knowing the sisters are multimillionaires with one about to become a billionaire thru marriage. Please, there is no argument here.

  2. Lmao she a damn drunk with that big stomach & hang with unsavory characters smdh & she steal SSI check

    • You’d have to be drunk to make love to old snaggle puss who probably doesn’t shower but once a week LOL

      • You made me spit my sweet tea out in my iPad.. When gold digging 101 goes bad, as the saying goes, there’s nothing like an old fool.. He got what he deserved and asked for.. Call one of your daughters and ask them to care for their little brother.. You too old to be having kids anyway..LMBO

        • He could have gone with hookers. Less expensive in the long run. Now a kid and he will struggle with crazy mama until he dies. I feel for his daughters.

          • It’s called an old fool, left your wife for trash.. Now one or all of his daughters will have to take over care of this innocent child.. It’s all too much to digest.. I feel for both the child and his grown sisters.. He needs his old behind whipped

            • If I were Serena or Venus, I would be worried mama will employ her criminal element to kidnap her own kid while making herself the victim. Richard knows he messed up.

              • To raise that child, I would go to court and strip her of her parental rights.. Put the child in private school when the time comes.. His ex would not walk upon none of those sisters, to get nothing.. They would knock her out with one punch.. somebody have to take this child, he’s innocent and very young…

      • Sandra, u kno his azz not having sex with her, she just dancing around naked 4 him he just playing with her titties & smelling her stinky azz cat u kno neither 1 of them bathe hell they both greasy as fuck she look just like she work @ church’s chicken but u kno she stealing his SSI check & she hang with unsavory characters lmao

    • He’s lucky the checks was all she took. He could have been kidnap by her friends.

  3. It’s crazy that he is surprised. ???like duhhhhhh dummy, why else would a woman in her 30’s marry anyone over 40.

    They forgot to mention the new dude is probably 32???

    • Luckily his wealth is coming thru his daughters as gifts so she will get half his SSI checks if he can’t prove his case. Did she think she was going to get millions. She ain’t married to Venus or Serena.

      • The child will get a check, but she’s too young to get social security.. She won’t be getting nothing, if he don’t own the home he’s in.. She might walk away with something, but she better go get a JOB.. Social Security or SSI is not going to give her one penny..

        • You are right. The kids gets it. But it’s really going to the mama’s pocketbook and a minimal amount too.

          • You right about that , like child support. I know a lot of single mothers
            spend the bare minimal amount for the children.. They spend it in all
            that fake arse hair, eye lashes, manicure and pedicure.. Its disgusting too see, I could literally drag them down the street by that fake hair..m
            They think they are being good parents.. Why do the majority of young women, can’t cook today?? The mothers and the children eat so much fast food. They know the menu at all the fast food restaurants.. SMH and hoping they can see the light.

  4. Oh wait the funnier part is she used him, now the inmate bout to use her for the same thing she used grandpa for???????????

    • There’s a lot of that lately. Question, why don’t these old men get it already.

      • They deserve to get took.

        No one tells them to ditch their wives and try to go after that which is unattainable…stay in your lane and you will live a long happy life, not one chasing an old fool’s fantasy land.

  5. Well white woman wont leave you for an inmate but they will make sure you become one… ? Or dead or on drugs.

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  7. aint no fool like an old fool WTF makes any man over 50 think he needs pussy esp from a bitch that aint got shit

    • Hey, a dude over 50 is still human with needs. The problem is when they want to hook up with an 18 year old or in his case, a woman 40 years his junior. Serena and Venus should have treated to cut him off $$$$$ if he married her.

  8. @ ASAP you are really ignorant and need help, get you a good reputation therapist..
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