WTF?! Kim Kardashian Called Out for Wearing Blackface

kim kardashian black face

Kim Kardashian posted a picture on her IG to promote her new makeup line. And she looks a lot different than how she normally looks.

Peep the pic:

When her followers noticed what appeared to be Kim in blackface, they called out the reality star by showing her a version of her unedited photo.

What do you think? Is Kim wrong for this or was it a simple mistake?


  1. I love when white girls and other races get a taste of black dick and go crazy ask racheal dolezag

  2. Doesn’t matter kim is the queen of all black men if she wear blackface you will do nothing but praise her name

    • I’m convinced that all of the urban gossip websites are on the Kardashian’s payroll. This goes double for Robert Litall’s

  3. If only these ppl wild say “I want to be black damnit!! I just don’t want to endure all of the hell that black ppl go through.”

    • no actually the reason they give us hell is because they arent black and they want to be black

  4. Black Vaginal Envy to the MAX!!! The entire KKKardashian clan is the textbook example

    Google it: “Black Vaginal Envy” and listen to the youtube video of the black woman who actually diagnosed and named this insidious white bitch behavior.

    • Thank you. Ol’ extra-sensitive over-exxagerating ass mofos love to start drama. I dislike this trick, but this ain’t black face. If it is, then we all as light as a paper back. Don’t disrespect my melanin with that statement, THANK YOU…

  5. Wow, these people know no bounds. The best that everyone can do is not to support them!

  6. You mean she appropriated black culture again. Haven’t she and her family been doing this all along. They lie down with black men to get a reaction from people while taking the fools to the cleaners. Too late for the outrage.

  7. What is really sad about this is that stupid black men (And some black women) will continue to lust after this ugly white bitch!

    • GTFOH…Outside of a lesbo what woman you know lusts after another woman?

      You say some of the dumbest shit.

      • NBA is Fixed is just telling the mf truth u will b surprised @ how many blk ppl lust 2 b like this bitch & her family

        • FOH..I don’t know what kind of bitches you know or fuck with but you and him can take that BS and shove it up your cracks…

          • Don’t fuck with a bitch like u nor a bitch like Kardashian so u can shove that up ur mf crack stink azz hoe

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                And Who you calling dumb you can’t even write in English…preschool dropout…dumb Mf just don’t know when to butt out & STFU…

              • You know all about sucking on rotten dick to bring it up…SO LIKE I SAID Keep your STANK BREATH MOUTH CLOSED and you won’t be smelling that rot you love to suck…LOL.

      • There are a lot of black women that admire the Kardashian’s. I’ll never forget the time that I went to get my hair done and there was a conversation about the Kardashian’s that lasted the entire time of was there. It was unbelievable.

          • IT was one experience but multiple black women talking about the kardashians about 20+ women. I’m just using this as an example.

            • If it was 200+ women it would still NOT be a representation of black women as a whole…so keep it steppin’.

              • My housekeeper is obsessed with the Kartrashians. I mean she LOVES everything about them. I understand that this is anecdotal and it represents only one black woman, but in fairness sometimes one would get the impression from the posts here that all black women cannot stand them.
                The truth is always in the middle.

            • LMAO…you people who try to make points are sad and ignorant.

              No other group of people gets painted with such sweeping jesters.

              A housekeeper and a bunch of clucks gossiping in a salon DOES NOT equal a consensus…stupidity reigns supreme here…lol.

              • And please stop with the examples you are not proving any thing except your need for mental health assistance from them.

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  8. List of white bitches who have worn blackface

    1. Judy Garland

    2. Sarah Silverman

    3. Julianne Hough

    4. Rachael Dolezal (She didn’t use the black tar, but it’s still blackface)

    5. Kim Kardashian

    • That’s right!!!! Don’t let that Dolezal hoe get away with her psychotic shit!

  9. What pisses me off is that most black people don’t realize that white bitches like Kim K are making fun of black women. The butt injections, blackface and doing that stupid Rachael Dolezal bullshit, and many of us continue to lust over those white bitches!

    Then again many black women (Especially old black women) love to watch Tyler Perry; and all he does is mock and insult black women.

    • If you want to speak about anyone speak about you black men who continuously procreate with these and any other non-black bitch out there…

      Do not speak on behalf of black women, because you do not know how all of us feel or what we think, dipshit!

  10. whats funny is….i can picture kim, khloe, kourtney, and one of them yung hoes sitting in that house with the checkboard floors like….”u know what would be funny?…im gonna tell them to make me like 5 shades drker in this pic…they’ll go crazy on instagram”. khloe & kourtney laugh and giggle like the wicked witches they are. this is how that pic came to be

  11. Beyoncé and Rihanna trying to be white,bleaching their skin white, shows you how sad these black women,are so misguided thinking white is better,wearing blond weaves,wigs, Michael Jackson syndrome! I’m so tired of Blacks who do not want to be who they are! Whites rightly think we are fools,and we are as dumb as rocks,thinking lighter,whiter is better,it is for people born white,well not white No one is born white not even whites,we all have some color! Wake up black folk,keep the color you born with

  12. There is also another group of people who we should blame for the devilish Kardashian cult. This group is the white owned urban websites. The KKK bitches so much as sneeze snot out of their nose, these websites post the story on their web page. I’m certain these urban blogs, which are marketed to black people (Bossip, Mediatakeout) are receiving large checks from either the KKK bitches or from Ryan Seacrest.

    P.S. Ryan Seacrest is the executive producer of the Kardashian reality show

    P.S.S. Bossip, The Root, and are not black owned

    • There are two black owned websites that rarely post stories on the Kardashians. These two websites are and

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