Usher Will ‘Not Settle’ Herpes Lawsuits

Usher will not settle with the people suing him for allegedly exposing them to the herpes virus … sources close to the singer tell TMZ.

The sources say there have been no settlement talks — none — and we’re told Usher has no interest in making the claims go away in return for money.


  1. So far anyway…….it’s a long time til a trial. He wants to save face. And he may not have enough money to settle. Everyone thinks these ‘stars’ are rich and they are not.

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  3. Settling would be an automatic admission of guilt and open season for lawsuits galore. If the people filing the lawsuits can prove that no other sexual partners had herpes and Usher has it then tho only way to protect his wealth is through trusts or bankruptcy filing. But that press conference broad is hustling for a payday. She’s a trifiling gold digging chick!

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