Jackie Christie Airs out Takari for Mental Issues & Spending GoFundMe Cash On Weed


    Now that the curtains have closed on the sixth season of Basketball Wives, with Jackie seemingly being shunned by Shaunie O’Neal and labeled as a bad mother by the recliner critics…  she‘s ready to grab the reins on the narrative that’s currently holding her hostage in the court of public opinion, by hitting that airwaves and pleading her case.

    Watch as she stops by The Breakfast Club to give fresh thoughts on the season and unpack new details surrounding her feud with Takari.

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    1. Jackie’s mad Takari father wasn’t white. Jackie Jackass. Donkey of the Day award.

    2. She gets it from her momma…
      Reality shows are bullshit. Just like everything else on TV.

      Remove her name, replace it with your own because it’s your own story. Ovid

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