Usher Files Response in $20 Million Herpes Lawsuit

Usher’s legal team has filed a response to one of the women who is seeking damages from the singer for unwittingly exposing them to the STD.

In Usher’s legal docs, obtained by TMZ , he notes her lawsuit says nothing about whether she had been tested prior to their alleged sexual encounter. He says, “A previous sexual partner very well may have already infected her.” And, Usher says, she could have contracted the STD after their alleged encounter.

And he takes another shot, saying she assumed the risk of getting herpes by having “casual, unprotected sexual intercourse and/or oral sex.” It’s interesting … Usher did not attack the lawsuit by saying he couldn’t have given her herpes.



  1. Because he has herpes… But his lawyers do have a good defense.. She willingly had unprotected sex… So thats her bad….he’s nasty.. And cheated on his wife….but i dont feel sorry for her.. These stars are like every one else… Put their pants leg on one leg at a time.. U have to protect your self.. They should throw all the cases out.. And these people will have to chop it up to a lesson learned….

    • By your logic then people with HIV that have unprotected sex and infect others are not liable as well and the liability falls on the person who allowed it. There is this thing called disclosure or at the very least using protection when you know you have an STD. His defense is not good if he failed to do that considering herpes is carried in the bloodstream with occasional genital outbreaks. It is true that herpes could have been acquired before or after their encounter but allegedly she does not have herpes and is suing him for exposing her to the virus. If he has positive titers for herpes, it his responsibility to wrap it up. This could also turn into a he said / she said by her saying he was healthy and no STD.

    • The unprotected part is irrelevant, because you CAN CATCH HERPES WITH A CONDOM.

      The issue is he knows he has an STD which means he is supposed to tell every single one of his partners about before he has sex with them and if he does not he is liable!

      If this were HIV and did not tell his partners and they became infected his ass would be facing prison time for attempted murder outside of being sued for $$$.

      Why you people are so fucking stupid when it comes to the law is beyond me.

  2. her lawsuit will be thrown out period . this seems all a ruse to make usher admit he has herpes so more people can come after him. which is now the case as his lawyers have not denied he has herpes . these celebrities need to start making these people sign sexual disclosure agreements that have the phrase they may or may not have a sexually transmitted disease , but the person is fully aware of that and if they come after them in a lawsuit they can be counter sued for infecting them . that would stop all this nonsense . Do like the corporations do.

    • It’s hard to do that in some nasty gas station bathroom. You would think they would meet the girl in a decent private place and discuss issues with her before doing the deed. Celebrities have no names sign NDA at the door before you can come into their parties. That means you will witness sex and drugs and whatnot involving other people celebrities or not. But some haven’t learned their lesson.

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