Usher’s Accuser Has Video of Their Encounter?!

usher accuser herpes news conference

For those who mocked Usher’s accuser, Quantasia Sharpton, the woman now reveals she has the ammunition to silence the haters.

She’s currently one of three people who is suing Usher for exposing them to herpes. And to prove that she did have sexual relations with that man, Quantasia says they recorded themselves having sex. Usher is also aware of the video

She also said her attorney, Lisa Bloom, wouldn’t have taken her case if she didn’t have proof.


  1. I have a hd version of the tape!

    Bidding starts at $-50!

    Anybody interested? A contaminated man with a “bbw”; you can’t miss this!

  2. Sad just sad the truth is in plain site look at her pics they will tell all just look real deep and u will see.

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