Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Go Public

jamie foxx katie holmes

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have finally gone public with their relationship after years of speculation.

The two were spotted holding hands in Malibu and walking on the beach – 4 years after it was rumored they were an item.


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  1. Advice to Jamie: Ignore all the hate you prolly gon’ get from salty folk…how you choose to live your live is your own biz. Let them haterz drink those cans of haterade all they want. The heart wants what it wants, period. Don’t have to explain shit to nobody. Only God and Yo Momma have a say in your life…to all them others, if they ain;t wit’ the program, tell em to get the fuck on somewhere!!

    • He has a preference for white women. We all have preferences. Whatever floats his boat. I never heard him say anything derogatory about BW! And anyone who brings up Wanda is wrong because that was a funny character on ILC,

      • So playing a character that is demeaning to BW is not demeaning BW?

        Yeah that makes sense…smdh.

  2. i’ve never seen jamie with a black woman…his kids mother is white…both of them! he’s trash anyway.

  3. Hater.

    Yo fat ass probably is clean….but only because you’re so undesirable.

  4. Why don’t you “press” the start button on a stairmaster u moose.

    Why don’t u “press” and hold the power button on your phone so your fat ass can take a walk?

    • LMAO…you must be talking to yourself…your bitch ass is on here everyday, so I know you are bloated you fucking cow…lol.

  5. So what. Really people let them be happy katie probably hate white mens now after being with they cult ass in Scientoligist. Tom made her sign a contract not dating nobody for 5 years. She sick of white men now lol. They been creepin 4 a minute let them live they all worship the devil anyway.

  6. Jamie Foxx is a DL brother. Howard Stern exposed him. He used to fuck Claudia Jordan. Now he is fucking a white woman who has the same disease Usher got. I’m not making this up, go look at pics of Katie Holmes, she has the disease that penicillin can’t cure.

  7. This is my opinion, most white women look ugly as fuck when they turn 40. Katie Holmes was nice in the movie Batman Begins. Now she looks like 50 year old recovering meth head. If that is what Eric Bishop likes, oh well.

  8. First of all he doesn’t owe Tom anything.. Somebody gave him his big break.. They are free to date whomever they want and if they are happy, Goody Goody for them.. Life is too short to live in the past, let them be happy, because Tom will never be happy.. He really doesn’t like women old Tommy boy..I’m surprised him and Jamie didn’t have an affair, behind the scenes.. LMBO

  9. Who gives a rich about Jamie Fox? Trust me…she can have em! We ain’t sweating him bruh ?

  10. Jamie throws gay orgies at his house ALLLL the time. He even tried to holla at my ex-boyfriend. He is very GAY and Katie just got her a new beard job.

    • The streets HAVE been talking for years now. Can’t Williams went in on this subject b4, too.

  11. Anonymous

    How the fuck would u know? Your ex boyfriend must exude a gay aura for jamie to even look his way.

    You’re just a lying cunt. A grotesque lookin black wilderbeest tryin to hate on jamie.

    So zip it honey

    • Chill out Baboon,

      getting butthurt about comments over a celebrity, relax your ass, otherwise your wig will fall off, shaniqua

    • Eiboon- Obviously youv’e never been to his home NOR have you attended any of his parties.

      Your triggered behavior and your multiple responses to other comments suggests that your an uneducated coon without manners.

      Your fanboy/fangirl status is always threatened when anyone comes with the truth against the celebrity you’ve spent time fantasizing about.

      Just another random REJECT bullying people on social media from your mom’s basement.

      This will be the last time I address you as I don’t speak buffoon, coon or stupidity in general.


  12. Wasn’t Jamie Foxx accused of being the A-list celebrity of ‘substantial fame internationally’ knowingly exposed a sex partner to the herpes virus years back? Sued for $20M settled for $5Million? I remember that Blind Item appeared everywhere.

  13. Anonymous

    Shuuuuut up. You and your ex boyfriend can skydive freely w/out equipment.

  14. O my Jaime! I am super saddened that he does not feel BW are worthy! It is obvious that he doesn’t have a preference for sistas! Sooooooo sad but he better not cross the line with them or else he will loose EVERTYTHING!

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