Rick Ross & His IG Fitness Guru Side Piece Welcome Baby Girl

rick ross fitness guru baby girl

Despite being engaged to Twitter exec Liz Hagelthorn, Rick Ross welcomed a baby girl into the world with IG fitness guru, Briana Camille.

Briana shared the news on her IG and even showed some Gucci shoes and a gold Cartier bangle the rapper bought for their new baby.





  1. Oh so that’s why he failed to lose all the extra weight,
    a la Gucci Mane, eh?! …he was too busy bumping uglies
    with the help (his fitness guru)!! Fellas when you’re rich
    you don’t bang the help. Bang the maid, soon your home
    will be dusty af, playing after-school detention with the kid’s
    tutor and your lil petri dish will fail third grade, get dome from
    your personal chef, you’ll be eating left-overs/ramen noodles,
    or ordering-out reeeal soon, quick smash and dash with the cute
    accountant, soon your tax return will be light af…. j/s

    • why is it any of your business who is smashing //im glad he likes black woman thot or not thats his business hater

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