Kandi’s Old Lady Gang Restaurant Gets a Hit From Board of Health

kandi burruss old lady gang c grade

It looks like Kandi Burruss has some kinks to work out at her Old Lady Gang restaurant in Atlanta.

According to the State of GA, the restaurant received a score of 79 – a C during a recent health inspection.

The seven violations for the Real Housewives star’s establishment include not having hand washing facilities readily available for employees, the cleanliness of food contact surfaces, personal cleanliness, and proper cold holding temperature of food.


  1. the crab cake were terrible a yellow color no fried look and salty and i know how crab cakes should be. seafood lover… it was expensive….

  2. I guess kandi just put da money up and left it at dat so her portfolio could look soooo diversefyed.

    And she probably left it in the hands of some incompetent moronic friend/relative of hers who could care less about restaurant regulations.

    The ratchet burger king in downtown atlanta is more prestigious than this dump. Just niggas not caring. 99 rating baby! Bk that is.

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