Pregnant Keke Wyatt Headed for Divorce

keke wyatt divorce

Keke Wyatt is 8 months pregnant with her 9th child, but her husband has just asked her for a divorce!

In the video announcement, Keke is visibly upset and crying. She said her husband requested the divorce because he thinks she’s “too emotional” and because of a lack of trust.

Keke also said her husband had been contacting other women to let them know his marriage is over.

She also has a child who’s battling cancer.


How soon before his side piece is revealed?


  1. Keke is crazy!! YouTube the video of her looking like a Klingon when she goes berserk about her hubby ‘telling her’ what to do. I’m surprised it took him this long. That’s one crazy heffa!

    • You beat me to it! I don’t like to see a divorce when the parties can work things out but she treated her husband like pure shit! She belittled him, verbally abused him and emasculated him in front of others. He held on a LOT LONGER than I would have in his shoes.

    • That video ain’t that deep. You can stab a dude, but if he love you, he ain’t gone care

  2. That’s whack, you don’t leave nobody after 8 kids, your wife pregnant and got a kid with cancer. Kiki been crazy since she been famous, so I’m sure she was crazy before that. That ain’t why he leaving her, he just shady. Whoever is dumb enough to take him after this, deserve whatever he got coming to them.

    Kiki just need to get rid of that ghetto hair style, prob some vaginal tightening if she need it and she can find a new and better man easily, with 9 kids because at the end of the day she is beautiful.

  3. And she real, like who does this??? That’s why I like her, nothing fake about her.

  4. And he was never goood enough for her anyway. She dated down and it bit her in the butt, that’s why you never give a lame dude a chance. Woman think dating lames will be easier but lame dudes are worst than elite men. At least If an Elite man choose you he really want you cause he can have anyone, but lames you can’t be sure of because it’s not like they have many options to begin with. Every lane dude I know be trying to get married in like a month. The trick is getting a real n–ga to wife you…

  5. I’m with Michael on this. KeKe is crazy. Like some others have said, I’m surprised it took him this long to leave. Keke is verbally, emotionally, & perhaps even physically abusive. And she doesn’t have a “ghetto hairstyle”. She cut her hair in support of her child w/cancer. The child is probably on chemo, which btw, I’m opposed to. If anyone saw Marriage Bootcamp, Keke was showing out on that as well, just like she did R&B Divas. I’m glad Michael is taking control of his happiness & sanity.

    • She does have a ghetto hairstyle to me. It’s blind and the lip ring or whatever that is is not cute. Lie to her all you want to, that’s looks tacky and ghetto. Other than that she’s gorgeous

      • Well that’s her right to look “tacky & ghetto”. Right about now that’s the least of her worries. This is also the 1st & last time I’ll respond to your posts. That’s my right as well. Your previous posts speaks droves about your intelligence & mentality.

  6. I love Keke… good head cures crazy. So does hustling. She’ll be alright. 8 kids and pregnant with one sick? He stupid… she’s gonna ring him out to dry.

  7. Lol??? Why do you get so angry over this. I call Michael lame based off what I seen when he was in R&B divas. I personally think he’s whack, a real n–ga would know how to check her. I always thought she was too good for him, she prob married him cause he was a simp, I believe that. So if you believe different have fun with that. But the nigga whack to me, been whack before this. I thought he was gay the first time I seen him. So…. that’s what it is to me. I’ll be fat and a monkey if they makes your day.?

  8. And one more thing I wish you and this anonymous person would stop talking to me. Y’all have some type of jealousy against happy ppl. Y’all are for anyone who is trying to hurt somebody. I don’t even have to meet you and I know you. This the type of stuff fat, miserable do. Hate on people’s happiness and love the people brings misery. He married her, she been crazy, had 9 kids with her, she was crazy 3 kids ago, when she came on TV.

    To be happy or surppprtive a marriage is ending, tells me all I need to know about you, which is your fat, with no life outside of this blog.

    • No one told you to respond dumb bitch!

      Damn and you don’t just say one thing you add pages onto a thread WTF?

      If you were happy you would not be on here talking shit…you are that miserably, lonely, fat bitch you keep talking about. The sooner you acknowledge that the better.

      • None of that! But you can believe all of that if it makes you feel better about being evil!

        • Yeah all of that and it takes one to know one butt face with the stank attitude, lol.

  9. If u dont give in they will cause division in your world be careful who u serve. U will sacrifice something

  10. Can’t blame her man for wanting to leave her, pregnant or not. The way she’s treated her husband was a complete disgrace, and she’s also been highly unstable. She needs to be alone, to collect herself, to do some introspection, and to get some psychiatric help. Not everything is black and white, and the man is not always wrong for some of his actions.

  11. I saw this coming after their time on Marriage Boot Camp. Messed up he’s leaving while she’s pregnant but if you check out that season, you will know why he’s OUT.

  12. Who didn’t see this coming besides that crazy lady chick writing essays? Keke is a talented vocalist but her music is trash! They both will be ok and btw, all of those children aren’t his. So sick of bitter ass females always upset when a man choices his happiness over stress. If a lot more men were honest about it with themselves, they probably wouldn’t die so early. If you’re unhappy and you don’t want to be married anymore you have the right to leave!

    • LMAO, then you should be equally happy when a woman leaves a bitter ass, butthurt, ratchet man!

      The shit goes both ways and I am sure many more women have stayed in foul relationships longer with trash men than the reverse.

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