Universal Records Denied Birdman Entry To Nicki Minaj’s Party


Universal Records denied Bryan “Birdman” Williams entrance into Nicki Minaj’s pre-Grammy party, in West Hollywood early Sunday morning.

An insider is saying that, Lil Wayne was at Nicki’s party and reps from Universal Records didn’t want any drama between Birdman and Weezy to play out during their event.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Birdman showed up at 1:45 AM and the club is supposed to close at 2, and you hear a guy at the door tell Birdman‘s posse the club was already closed. At the same time, there was a good 15 minutes left and Birdman’s kind of a big deal, and that may be why you hear someone say that Nicki didn’t want him in.”


  1. Awww Now bird you can’t be just walk’en up on people’s mayne Now you know they ain’t try’en ta see you epecally sense you tried to snatch their cash and dash, you came ta start shit didn’t you?

  2. I think Birdman has had his day. His time is up and it is time to move on. I don’t know what he did, but he made somebody mad.

  3. He’s a clown running around wit dat fruit loot dude tlk bout jay z 2 old 4 him 2 listen 2 so I hope baby no not to try n jump on none of his joints.

  4. baby is too old to be in the club anyway. he hangs with kids to make him feel young

  5. both kanye and beyonce don’t deserve a grammy!!

    kanye’s music is doom and gloon no substance at all, since he’s been with kim he’s music has slipped
    it’s not the same as college dropout or the previous one to that

    once he rubbed shoulders with jayz he’s not the same as he once was, do i think he’s a good artist
    is questionable, some of his music i’d rock but apart from that he’s just bland

    beyonce is just a copycat she steals other artist’s style and sound even music!
    she’s so desperate to remain at the top she will do anything, i am anything she uses the black community to make herself cool
    and hip but in past she didn’t want the black community

  6. Everyone that works in the club industry knows you don’t let ANYONE in 15 minutes to close. You’re just setting up the place for something bad to happen. Bars..yes..Clubs…no. Just the Doorman/Bouncer doing his job. I’ve seen J.D. get turned away (at the height of his career..no pun intended) in an Atlanta club because he and his crew were wearing sneakers. Wasn’t a black or white think (the Doorman was black), just enforcing their code. Non-story.

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