Puffy Missed His Own Event To Party With Meek Mill

Diddy Skips Grammy Party Meek Mill

HSK Exclusive – Puffy didn’t show up to his own party last night at Supperclub. Know why? Because Puffy was at Meek Mill’s party, having a damn good time. Don’t believe me.. Ask Nicki Minaj.

Here’s the drop:

“Fights broke out when people found out Puffy never showed up. Puffy’s son Quincy showed up, but he stood outside and never entered the club.”


  1. Meek Mill must have some good dick or booty. I don’t know if Puffy is a top or a bottom.

  2. Puffy just goes wherever he thinks he can outshine. I’m sure there wasn’t any A listers stars at this party. C’mon now, meek mills is no big deal like that.

  3. Nobody was coming see puffy. He new his party was going be wack so he brought his old ass to party wit them young kids looking crazy dats y drake dnt cum out

  4. Puffy needs to grow up. The only old fool up in a club with teenie bloopers promoting liquor that he doesn’t own. Smh

  5. I was at Supper Club, there was no fight, hell no one cared that he wasnt there…Chris Brown, Justin Beiber & Sean Kingston had the groupies jumping while they were there But it was still a cool time and drama free

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