Yeezus Wants Beck To Give His Album Of The Year Grammy To Beyonce

Kanye West vs. Beck Grammy

Kanye West believes the singer Beck should give his Grammy, for Album of the Year, to it’s rightful owner, Beyonce.

Here’s what Yeezus said:

“I just know that the Grammys, if they want real artists, to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t gonna play with them no more…And Beck needs to respect artistry and he should’ve given his award to Beyonce.

Because when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in their face after they deliver monumental feats of music, you’re disrespectful to inspiration. And we as musicians have to inspire people who go to work every day, and they listen to that Beyonce album and they feel like it takes them to another place.”


  1. So if he was performing a “ritual” when he pulled this with Taylor Swift, why did he do it again with Beck?
    Another “ritual” I guess.

    On the other hand, he could just be a loud mouth blowhard.

    • Beck’s award was funded by CO$, they’re trying to save their reputation because of a recent documentary exposing a little behind the scenes of the “church”.

    • Herudagod I stay knocking your theories, but you are on the money with this.

      I would add though, that Beck is highly respected within the industry, and his album Morning Phase was named by quite a few major credible critics as the best of the year. I say that because the clams couldn’t buy an award for him if his work wasn’t award worthy to begin with. But yes, he surely was lobbied for and pushed ahead of Sam Smith and Beyonce.
      I can’t wait to see the clam doc.

  2. No, Kanye. Beck should not give his award he was given over to Beyonce. How about you give YOUR awards to her since you like to say people should award her regardless? He only seems to pull these stupid stunts with white people. If it were anyone else, I doubt he would do it again…

    Beck was chosen for the award, and everything can’t be the Beyonce show and everybody can’t be Beyonce. What the hell is the problem?!?! She won a few. So what?!! Now Beck is probably going to go the way of Taylor Swift. Kanye, go away.

    • There’s one big difference with Beck and T.Swift.
      Beck has been around for 26 years and he is a real favorite with white hipster artsy types. His stuff isn’t my taste, but for Kanye to actually say that “we creative artists aren’t going to allow this to continue” is hilarious. There are a million white hipsters in Brooklyn, SF, and LA who would like to smack him in the mouth for implying Beyonce is true “art” and Beck isn’t.

      • I agree with everything you said. Moreover, he’s treating this like it’s the most important thing in the world. And it’s really not. It’s nice to win these industry awards but I can think of more important pressing issues.

        When I said Beck’s probably going to go the way of Taylor, I meant his album sales will probably increase after what Kanye did. It worked for Taylor although she was viewed as a “poor little girl” victim. And Beck’s album sales most likely aren’t what they use to be. But he won a few topped by the stupid stunt, and you will probably have curious people go and check his music out. Also worked for Taylor.

        Beyonce’s not hurting, and she doesn’t need Kanye to speak on her behalf.

      • Yes I have been a fan of beck since his losers day. He may not like his genre of music but don’t deny his talent

      • Amen to that too Anonymous [February 9th, 2015 at 10:39]… Actually to be more exact, Beck has been in the music industry now for 30 years… three decades, which makes your comment even more significant because at that time Kanye just 8 years old…

      • Beyonce stole that girl ledidis moment at the grammys, that bish is just a thief and im starting to think Kanye is in love with beyonce

  3. He is sooooo out of touch, stupid and mentally ill- First off I don’t need Beyonce to inspire me to go to work and what’s more is that I don’t own NOT EVEN ONE OF HER ALBUMS, additionally I switch her music off when and if it comes on my radio stations.

  4. Beyoncé has many accolades. He’s going hard like Beyoncé is this great under appreciated artist who never gets her just due. Beyoncé made it & then some.
    She’s now doing this for fun, run up on the stage & be outraged for those artist who are great but never get their just due. Why don’t beyonce give one of her 20 grammy’s to a black artist who is overlooked. Why don’t black artist completely boycott the Grammys all together,

    • I love your last sentence. Now you are talkinhg.
      Why not just take their skill set and be independent ?
      Shut the greedy corporations out of it.

    • When will us Blacks stop begging for crumbs from the whiteman’s table?The Grammy’s,Emmy’s, Gloden Globe’s etc.or all white organizations and if we want to be recognized for our achievements than we need to get the Black Grammy’s.This guy throws temper tantrums whenever things don’t go his way musically but than he goes home to the same white woman of the establishment he so call abhor.Stop it dude get your own shit and there would be no reason to complain.

      • KanYe no matter how successful you may think you are in the end you are nothing but a business/cattle to the Ruling Elite whom runs these bullshit Award shows from behind the scenes.All these entities ate white owned and the whiteman is going to cater to his own before anyone else so I don’t get why some get bent out of shape when these things happen.Wake up people the whiteman is not wired to Love you because it’s not in his DNDNA.He’ll give a Stinky African some love before black Americans because he knows there’s a difference between us.We need to become more independent thinkers and than we’ll have our own not not get upset when Massa rejects us in favor of his own.

        • It’s not the “white man”, it’s the Zionists. The ones who parade as Jew’s but are Luciferians, giving real Jews and whites a bad reputation. Why do you think this ongoing race war has been so heatedly baited for so many years. It’s to turn everyone against each other. Divide and conquer.

          • @Hakana the real joos are not and never were white so you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.Ain’t whiteman never lived in the Middle East 2000 years ago and the bible substantiates this.

        • BA will see how much power the “Israelites” have when these white people throw is black ass in a FEMA camp

        • @Anon 11:32 And your Nappy Headed Ass will be my bunk buddy in the Fema camp bitch!!

      • Blacks should go independent. You have creative control, and you don’t have to deal with the financial and sexual abuse mainstream artists have to put up with.

        • Yes. I agree. Let the 13% record with and for the 13%. That’ll make a lot of money.

          • I did not say who they should record for. I said go independent. Who they record for is totally up to them. If this was done they would have total control over their music , minds and bodies.

  5. He really rides hard for beyonce when they give zero fcks about him. Second, this dude Beck been around a long time and have earned his credentials. Talk about respect, he needs to have more of it towards others and stop cooning for attention.

    • Actually, they need to ban his ass for denigrating the award. The Grammy has been fairly equitable awarding black artists over the last 50 years. Blacks will not get all the awards nor should they expect to. I agree the Katy Perrys and Taylor Swifts are weak artists, but comparing Beyonce’s latest album against others, it does not compare. Kanye needs to stop kissing their butts because they don’t care about him and his temp wife.

      • The queen and her camel were laughing like a couple of hyenas at Kanye’s shenanigans last night…..he looked like a double fool.

  6. Whether you like Beck’s music or not, there is no denying that he is one of the most creative artists in his genre. I love Kanye, but this shit gets old

    • Aer don’t assume that all black people are riding for Kanye West’s buffoonery. We too can recognize the ridiculous and bizarre.

  7. Kenye you boot lick’en house nikka why can’t nobody else win shit but that 44or45 year old woman? Plus that cd of hers wasn’t shit, you just a boot lick’en ass kisser mayne, she ain’t got to win every f*ck’en year, I can’t believe they allowed that retarded clown ass nikka do all that,this is my last time even acknowledging these wack ass so called music award shows, music is f*cked anyway and Madonna, you evil broom ride’en witch I hope you be as happy when you meet the real satin, as you are now witch

  8. lyrics from Loser:

    In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey
    Butane in my veins so I’m out to cut the junkie

    Soy un perdedor. I’m a loser baby
    So why don’t you kill me.
    gettin’ crazy with the Cheez Whiz

    Who’s the LOSER Kanye?

    • @Beck Hanson

      The real Beck doesn’t spell his name the way you spell it. You were sneaky enough to misspell it so you don’t have the real Beck coming after you. You aint slick, just racist and predictable.

      Of all Beck’s songs you could have quoted, you pick his first national hit, lyrics from Loser:

      In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey
      Butane in my veins, so I’m out to cut the junkie

      So your racist a.z.z. comes on a Black site to passive-aggressively call Kanye (and Black people in general) simians (a chimpanzee and a monkey). That’s what your frozen pineal brains do when someone Black makes you mad – be a racist cave crawling, dog-worshipping B/I/T/C/H.
      Then when one of your own goes crazy and slaughters 50-11 people, you realize y’all don’t have the power of G-D, that you are mortals just like the other 6.5 billion humans on this tired old planet, then you want to make sure at least 1 black person is televised caring and crying. I digress.


      We go in on Kanyetta du Bois, his stunts and Kim the Frankenwife REGULARLY on this site! My Black female self lived in Hipsterville (Seattle) for years, so of course I know who Beck is.

      Kanyetta’s people: If you read this site, tell Kanyetta I am more than happy to give him a referral to a good psychologist. Watching him disintegrate while Beyonce is on a yacht enjoying her millions (and not giving 2 effs) is sad. Oh well. Rich people’s problems.

      • What in the blue hell are you talking about? I post here everyday for 4 years. Racist? Are you for real?
        What is racist about that? It’s the only Beck song I know. And HE is calling himself a monkey, he’s not calling anyone else a monkey. Jeez louise. I just can’t with people who see racism in every thing everywhere. My only point is that Kanye was the loser in this situation–not Beck. smh

      • Thanks S.O. I am completely befuddled by that attack on me for being a “white racist.” I’ve been called many things on this site, but white ain’t one of them. lol

  9. Kanye, is soooo in need of validation and approval from white folks.

    By the way..Where was Kanye for FERGUSON, NYC, DC Protest.

    He spends more time worrying about why white folks accept us. He even thought marrying a “white” woman would let him in the club.

    NO Negro, The Grammy’s have always done this. And you know I like Becks Album.
    he is supposed to put his award down and give it to Beyonce… It was stupid 6 years ago…and even more stupid now..cause he should know better.

    • Taylor needs to send him a thank you note for making her career. This woman made herself ‘the poor white princess victim” and it paid off. Her net worth exceeds Kanye’s who needs a five year ban for his antics.

  10. Why doesnt the Ass Hole worry about his Porno Star wife, taking nude pictures qnd let jay z worry about his wife and her Grammy’s.

    Sick of him, and his “family” with the whore.

    • Or. Kanye could occupy his time and buy some clothes for North that are not black.

  11. …Matthew’s seed strikes again. Since West wants to be so vocal about the ‘truth,’ he should speak on his ‘homegirl’ stealing Ledisi’s thunder without a second thought. (Bull)Shit like this makes it easy to see why Beyonce gets the hate she does, especially when her immense Industry pull and legion of yes-men & women are cnosidered. ‘New Slaves’ indeed.

    • For those who are angered and frustrated over Iggy Azalea and her unwarranted attention and industry focus as a female rapper(when there are so many REAL black women who are superior), you need look no farther than the substitution of Beyonce over Ledisi to understand why there will never be a top rung black female rapper.

      That is, unless a Beyonce-type looker comes along with Remy Ma skills.

  12. I was on another site frequented by a fairly introspective, literary group of people. say that because these are not the sort of folks who generally bash others for speaking their opinions. It’s very very liberal. The comments regarding Kanye’s stunt at the Grammys were hilarious. I wish I could print them all. But here’s a couple:

    Dear Kanye, Please go move to Antartica and take your wooly mammoth with you.

    We don’t want him either. Love, The Penguins

    My favorite: He makes one wish that ISIS took requests.

  13. ,kanye.must be phukkin bey or he wants to eat her ass out real bad why should he even care beck been atound begore bey or ye.

    • Darn refresh! Y’ALL FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! He is lusting after that woman and has been since before Kim.

      Remember when they used to hang out together, Kanye was the third wheel. Kim knows all about it but doesn’t care.

      He’ll be the first in line if the Carters ever break up. Watch!

    • Ummm no it wasn’t. The academy is livid and considering censuring Kanye.

      Yall know good and well if the races were reversed, Beck would be crucified for it.

  14. aritstry and beyonce do not belong in the same sentence.
    this man plays over 20 instruments, and it beyonce can’t even write her own songs,,, kanye please stfu!

  15. jay wins again. he got his lackey kanye to once again promote beyonce as if she the queen of anything. kanye obviously can be put under spell by women easy ask Kimmykakes. beck illuminati anyway so he could give a f#ck and jay happy of course b/c he had his hand in it. beyonce is the most talented hollywierd hoe, but she is overrated at the same time.

    • Beck has been more than gracious. His exact words were ” you can’t please everyone with these awards. I am a big fan of Kanye…he’s a genius and I look forward to his next album.” THAT’S class.

      Can you even imagine how he feels with Kanye saying(on the E! aftershow) “Beck needs to give that Grammy to Beyonce for her artistry. We ain’t playing no more.” As if Beck is NOT as much of an artist as anyone else? I mean, like him or not, he plays all the instruments and has been pretty edgy in the alternative scene. It’s not like he’s Justin Beiber or Nick Jonas.
      What I would have liked to see is what Kanye would have done if Sam Smith had won. SS is now the “it” boy with all the top people inc. Jay and Bey, Taylor and Katy. I think he would have stayed seated rather than piss them off. He’s really a coward because the 2 people he clowned were both little mild mannered white folks(Taylor was kind of a nobody in rock/pop back 6 years ago.) I would have paid good money to see him try it with Axel Rose or the dudes from Metallica. lol

  16. the only grammy award that bitch should have won for that wack garbage cd is the alley ass wack garbage award. kanye to get out from licking that bitchs ass so she can finially take a shit

  17. So true Culture shocker… and a flip-flopping credibility-lacking entity who suffers from delusions of grandeur too…

    He made that comment to Bush about him not liking black folk [hurricane Katrina] and then instead of a being a man of principle and sticking by his statement, he went back and apologized to [Bush]… meanwhile, instead of search and rescue being implemented whilst faced-down, bloated bodies were floating downstream; the authorities used that critical time in order to guard affluent people’s property.

    “I’m like Howard Hughes! I’m like David Stern [NBA Commissioner]! I’m like Steve Jobs… if anything, that’s a compliment to them. I’m like Michelangelo. Because I’m the new version of that”. – Kanye West – November 26, 2013.

    “I am the next Nelson Mandela. I’m only 36 years old, and when I look at everything I’ve accomplished, it’s only the comparison that makes any sense. By the time I’m 95, I’m going to be a bigger hero than he ever was…” – Kanye West – December 6, 2013.

    “I don’t want to say all these over-the-top statements that end up getting quoted the wrong way” – Kanye West – June 17, 2014.

  18. Well guess what? Kanye wins. Yes. He got what he truly wanted and that’s attention. Tonight on all the news show, even the serious news, he was the #1 story from the Grammys. Not Madonna and her 56 year ols ass hanging out or RiRi and her pink giant tutu or Sam Smith cleaning up like Michael Jackson. It was all about Yeezus. And that’s how he likes it.

  19. both kanye and beyonce don’t deserve a grammy!!

    kanye’s music is doom and gloom no substance at all, since he’s been with kim he’s music has slipped
    it’s not the same as college dropout or the previous one to that

    once he rubbed shoulders with jayz he’s not the same as he once was, do i think he’s a good artist
    is questionable, some of his music i’d rock too but apart from that he’s just bland

    beyonce is just a copycat she steals other artist’s style and sound even music!
    she’s so desperate to remain at the top she will do anything, i am anything she uses the black communty to make herself cool
    and hip but in past she didn’t want the black community

  20. Now y’all know Kanye is a bit touched and off as a tick. He does things for attention to bring the spotlight on him and his puppet stringed wife. His obsession is oblivious. He thought he could make Kim as a copycat but she’s nothing but a Hollywood reject like he will become soon. Kanye has lost his mind.

  21. Kanye west album was garbage. So is beyonce to me but more ppl got hers tham his. So it was only right! The Grammys do be playing

  22. How embarrassing. kanye should shut the f*ck up and stop ripping off other artists while he’s at it.

  23. “Beck needs to give that Grammy to Beyonce for her artistry. We ain’t playing no more.”

    Beck is far more talented than her. What an idiot.

  24. Ive been a fan of beck since before i even knew Beyonce was alive, she obviously likes what Kanye does because he keeps doing it which means Beyonce has not asked him to stop

  25. Can’t Beyonce stand up for herself???? Is she that pathetic that she needs a nit-wit idiot to speak for her???
    If she has been mistreated why doesn’t her own man take up for her???
    The fact is, she threw an album out at the very last minute of December last year thinking she would just take that award in a cakewalk… but, that didn’t happen. For whatever reason, someone else got the prize this time.
    I wish that these people (Kanye, Kim, JayZ, Beyonce and the like) were as great as they think they are in their own minds… But, they are hollow, talentless shells.

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