Tyrese’s Magic Mike XXL Audition Fail!

Tyrese Gibson Magic Mike Fail

HSK Exclusive – Tyrese Gibson auditioned for a role in the movie Magic Mike XXL and the “My Lady” singer was reportedly rejected by the films casting director, Carmen Cuba.

An insider is saying rapper Childish Gambino got the role Tyrese Gibson auditioned for in the upcoming sequel to Magic Mike.

Here’s the drop:

“Tyrese and Tyrin Turner both auditioned to be in Magic Mike XXL and both were rejected.”


    • Does this fool have a pierced belly button. . Looking like the eye of horus..I used to luv me some tyrese.. that was back in the day when I didn’t know no better.

          • His fame whore. Of course he cares what people think. He’s money depends on it. Worst way to live.

          • It’s all semantics, like yea you should care if someone thinks your breath stinks, like no you shouldn’t care if someone thinks you’re not cool or hip enough.

            Decide how you wanna live,lol.

      • The ppl on this site are so sharp. That’s exactly what his belly ring looks like 🙂

  1. Its cause tyrese has a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny PENIS.

  2. He’s perfect to play a stripper..
    He’s desperate, gross, and would do anything for money..

    The role was made for him.

  3. Ain’t Magic Mike About A White Stripper?? Now They Add Black Strippers

    Is Ok For White Men To Strip Down To Their Boxers Because White People Haven’t Got No Self Respect. But Black Men No! No! No!
    Their Only Make Black Men Look Bad And That’s The Truth.

    • Guess you must have missed the new strip flick “Chocolate City”. Its being filmed right now with Micheal Jai White. Tyson Beckford

      • @Jelle

        Must Have LOL Watching Men Strip Into Their Undies Is A Turn Off (Hollywood Probably Ran Out Of Ideas) Black Men Stop Degrading Yourselves For Money
        White Men Love Seeing Black Men Suffer.

        Tyson Beckford Is Another Self Hating Sellout!!!

        • White men love watching Black men in their underwear. There is nothing more that a White dude wants for xmas than a jar of Vaseline and a big dick Black man. Keep it 100!

          • You sound how white boys sound when they clown each other..

            They say the same thing to their homeboy as a diss, suggesting each other like black d*ck.

            • White Men Are Jealous Of Black Men’s Dick Every time A Women Mentions Black Dick They Get Jealous Then They Start Bad Mouthing Black Men’s Dick
              Then Their Say Their Dick Is Better Than Black Men

              Joe Gorga From “RHONJ” Has A Problem With Black Men And Their Dicks
              Is Interesting Because Most Italians Are Mixed With Black That’s Why They Have Olive Skin

  4. Why Childish Gambino? He has no sex appeal. Tyrese has a nasty attitude so I’m not surprised he didn’t get the part. I was hoping they would cast Laz Alonso. He is so fine!

    • I agree. I guess Childish Gambino will be comic relief for the movie. Tyrese has sex appeal bit Lance Gross took his spot. Laz Alonso is sexier though. I rather see Lance, Boris, or Laz.

        • If i told you who i heard it from you would need to go into therapy,so let’s let sleeping dogs sleep.

          • I wouldn’t need to go into therapy because it isn’t that deep. Now what did your homeboy tell you?

  5. Tyrese Has Self Hate Issue’s He Went On Tv Talking About White Women. Saying He Wants Light Skin Babies

    • He is scared to be naked in front of a Black woman because he fears he won’t measure up to the Black standard. Dude keeps coming up short. white women have such low standards and will f*ck anything.

      • @YouWishYouKnew

        Isn’t His Baby Mama Mixed Or Light Skinned Black???

        @Truth Be Told

        True White Women Have Low Standards They Will Phuck Anything And Anybody

        • I beleive she’s mixed.

          He was into a light skinned friend of mine… But apparently she was just ‘light’ and boy ‘mixed’ enough…

          Self hating whore.

  6. This crap is going straight to DVD. Magic Mike was some hot trash we don’t need anymore.

  7. Some skin tones never need tattoos, it’s a waste, you don’t know what the fk is inked on. Looks like dirt blotches or green goo.

  8. I bet I know what happened when it was his time to take off his close he started to cry like he did in baby boy .

  9. Damn Tyrese now your secret is out, you didn’t have enough dick to get the part. Wow….that is not looking good for your image homeboy.

  10. This nigga looks like a flaming H0M0 in this picture and real masculine men don’t take selfies in mirrors or take their shirts off online..

      • Tyresa would, bcus his ego is bigger than his Pork n beans…& no one in this thread is HATING on this brotha…opinions observations & some truths…I’m sure its a few people that know the real tyresa b4 she went holly…WOULD….

  11. I think strippers are gross. I’ve never been into watching a man dance for money. Being a ho is unattractive.

  12. The More Older He Gets The Uglier he looks he used to look great back in the day now he looks like a big piece of Shit

    • Because he’s even more smoked out from the weed and his horribly arrogant attitude.

      Have you seen his ‘spiritual’ rantings regarding relationships on YouTube? Dude thinks he’s Creflo Dollar with a touch of Tavis Smiley.

  13. Tyrese pretty much souled his soul to Satan as everbody else to work into hollyweird. Yes i see the Tattoos on Tyrese. It’s all apart of the hollyweird contract. These artist, actor, and actresses have to show their allegiance to Satan by branding themselves with the MARK OF THE BEAST. There’s no need for branding 666 when you have tattoo to show who and what you believe in.

  14. You God is whatever or whoever you spend the most time with…..people will take IAM THAT I AM off the throne and put their own selfish needs in the place of it.Tyrese was giving the luxury that he lives in and the women that he sleeps with through the means of hollywood and now Satan wants to collect.

  15. Tyrese have been ranting like the angry black man that the world has stereotyped all black men and women to be. But best believe that hollyweird handlers is watching. Tyrese wake up call was Paul Walker. If Tyrese tries to make a move like Walker did it would be the end of his life.

  16. This role was made for someone with a big dick. If you don’t have it like that then why try out for it. The first Magic Mike XXL Movie was with a White boy who didn’t have what it takes….why do you think they are casting Black dudes this time? Tyrese knows his little dick ass didn’t have what it takes before he went to the audition.

  17. Lol Tyrese is a joke. They should get Chad Ochocinco. He’s super dark hershey chocolate. I heard he did a sextape with that video chick Wankaego. Now that chick has it going on.

  18. Channing personally offered Michael Strahan (sp) a part in the movie which he took.

    He has a positive image and white women think he’s sexy.

  19. The Only Reason Tyrese Got Famous Because Of “Baby Boy” Original The Producers Wanted 2 Pac But He Died Before The Movie Was Plan
    Tyrese Kinda Got Famous From 2 Pac

    If 2 Pac Was Alive Tyrese Probably Wouldn’t Be Big As He Is Today (Really Makes You Think Didn’t It)

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