Lil Fizz Bum Rushed His Baby Momma


Moniece Slaughter from the reality show Love and Hip Hop Hollywood said after she suffered a physical beat down from her baby daddy, Lil Fizz, he called the LAPD to lock her up.

Moniece Slaughter said the former B2K band member once came to her house threatening to take their son Kamron away from her and the situation ended up with her spending a night in jail.

Here’s what Moniece Slaughter said:

“Fizz father wanted to meet Kamron. I vowed that my son would know all of his family so I said, ‘Sure, you just have to bring him back early.’ He wanted to keep him for the entire weekend, and I said, ‘No.’Then he said, ‘Well, if I really wanted to, I could take him and never bring him back because you didn’t respond.’ So, I then grabbed the car seat and I said, ‘Ok, that’s fine.’ I attempted to make it to his car. The empty car seat was the nearest thing I could see that I could f*@k his sh*t up with, and he tackled me before I even made it to the car.

He called the police and when the police got there, I was like bloodied. Like ridiculous… My arm was swollen, my knee was dislocated, my feet were cut up, my glasses were broken, I had a cement burn on my right shoulder and he was completely unscathed. His car wasn’t touched and they were actually going to take him to jail. I got upset because they were trying to figure out who the primary aggressor was… It was just the most, so they called the supervisor and she came out and said, ‘Do you need attention for your medical injuries?’

I said, ‘I need you to make a f*@king decision, who’s going to jail, me or him?’ So they took me, and I was in jail overnight. The D.A. dropped the case because they took pictures of me and of his car and I was the only one f*cked up.”



  1. he just be your ass to the punch…literally!!! what do you think will happen if you try to damange someones property.


      • And shes trying to throw all the shade at him. hmm makes you think especially seeing how she treated amanda way before the convo got started she was already popping off. And when she did meet up with fizz she started with the “crocodile tears” to make up some bs. I do not believe this girl one bit.

  2. that’s not a picture of his baby’s mother. But too bad they didn’t need to conceive a child

  3. Typical ghetto drama. She spoke to the cops the wrong way and that’s why she was arrested. She’s lucky the police didn’t beat her down with all that foul language she was using. Black people stay embarrassing themselves on national tv and all for a check. Lol.

    • Dysfunctional yes but ghetto no. Neither one of them is from the ghetto.Foolishness is the prerequisite of these productions. It doesnt represent the real world but the misinformed doesnt see that!

      • I have to agree with you. I pulles up two clips and this woman seem like a borderlined psycho. The father is probably nut case too, but I didn’t see any evidence of at while he is on film. And can somebody tell me if I’m wrong’ isn’t this chick trying to start a line of Dildos? If so, this tells a lot about her

        • We can judge a young woman who is secure in her sexuality for being enterprising and starting her own sex toy line. Yet, men get fluffed and have molds made of their penises so they can have sex toys marketed resembling their “manhood” (often to other men) and THAT is socially acceptable? Welcome to 1954.

          • The people who furnish molds of penises are dysfunctional as well. The people get mold of their penises are more dysfunctional the the people who make them. This is no a man vs woman issue, it’s a moral issue, nothing to do with gender. She is the subject of this thread and that’s why Sh is in the hot seat

            • It is a moral issue because you don’t like sex toys. I’m happy you don’t, because you’re a man. I would rather see a single woman have a sex toy as a means of satisfying her sexual desires than to see a single woman suffer from STDs because she ran up on the wrong penis.

              If you have ever fornicated, you would probably be considered dysfunctional in the eyes of God. Put your stones back in your pocket, love.

            • As long as you don’t hurt yourself, DaR1. It’s all energy. Some people use it constructively, others just hop from person to person and lap to lap. Many times, sex is as good as you believe it to be. It is different when sex toys come into play, because there is little room for error.

              With all of these dirty di.., unfaithful, gaggle of geese having nigs out here, I would prefer sistas break a vibrator or give themselves a hand. Lol

            • Oh I didn’t. I think I messed both of them while cleaning and sterilizing them. Even I took the batteries out. I guess some of that sterilization spray shortage them. I had only used them when Mister was working outta town. But now he is not, GAME ON! LMAO!

    • 13:44:

      Anyone seeking fame and notoriety will embarrass themselves for the sake of a cheap as laugh, a check, etc. Black people need not be singled out. Omarion and Apryl are the antithesis of plop, plop, Fizz, fizz and Moniece and they are Black. I honestly believe that Moniece wasn’t ready to be a mother, especially a single mother. She bore a son, so Fizz should be happy to be able to teach his son how to be a man.

      Single mothers aren’t rewarded for doing all they do for their children, but we sure will act as though a single father is the salt of the earth. Single mother = she should’ve used birth control or made better choices in men. Single fathers = he is such an amazing man. Nah.

  4. The way Moneice was talking in that when he came to her house let me know that she was crazy. Sorry Cancers, she’s acting like one of y’all.


    • It’s actually the opposite of normal LAHH to me. All the women are chasing the men. My question is why does Fizz need money from Moneice?

      • Thats simple. He has majority of the custody. The rules are the same. Equal rights. she has a financial obligation.

        • Well I think him begging her for money is a BITCH MOVE. Yeah, I said it. LOL.

          • But you wouldn’t think it was a bitch move if she had primary custody and needed financial support from him, but because he’s a male with primary, he deserves nothing, he’s a bitch for asking.

            • Men usually earn more money than women. As a woman, you know how expensive it is for us to furnish our basic needs. Moniece is trying to start a business and get on her feet so she can be something in life for herself. If she can’t do for self, what will she be able to do for her son?

              Fizz brought his gf of 2 years in and just decides to introduce her to Moniece after he asked the gf to help him raise his and Moniece’s son. That, Sis, is a bitch move. Since Fizz wants to disrespect Moniece at every turn, he should not dare ask her for a dime. He bankrupted her spirit, her self-esteem and her self worth. Now he wants to bankrupt her financially. That is wack.

  6. @eatertreater you dont have to be from the ghetto to be ghetto. Moneice has mental issues that need to be addressed. Lil Fizz had no business having children. These people are homeless and broke and cant support their families. Mona Scott should be ashamed of herself for exploiting folks like this.

    • The term is a false generalization.There are hard working people who strive to get out and the negative stigma is not fair to them.

  7. When Teddy Riley’s daughter was taching Souljah Boi how to change her toddler daughter’s pamper, I was too through then
    How u gonna allow a drug abuse suspect man who is not even the childs parent change ur babys diaper

  8. *meant teaching*

    Im not trying to judge but u must be very careful with babies/toddlers
    This world is becoming very dillusional and perverted

  9. Hell I know how Moniece feels. That shit hurts like hell! And talk about draining? Mannnnn….Fizz only doing that because he wanna make himself look good for TV and need the money.

    • Please teach. Please preach! That little nigga hates women — specifically Black women. He hates his mama because she let Chris Stokes f him up the culo with no Vaseline for a record deal. He hates Moniece because she has a mind and voice of her own. She refuses to be his puppet, unlike the Mexican bitch he is with now.

      Look at Fizz’s gf and look at that thing Burg took to the ASCAP awards. She was wearing a fake Herve Leger dress and carrying a no name bag. She needed all of Sephora, a MAC counter and a hairstylist, but Burg was flossing her like she was it. Self hatred is so real.

      • Damn B! Lmao! Yo B.! How about Fizz asked Hus gf to moved into his house now. Knowing this girl done cheated on his dumbass! Lmao! Talking about he had some trust issues.

        • I saw that DaR1. “Move in with me, though I know you’re a commitment phobe.” Huh? A commitment phobe who cheated on him. SHE is a good role model for his child? That told all…

          • B. I was like, “Did he said that chick cheated on him?” Omg! And had the nerve to call Mo out! Bawhahahahahahahahaha! Yeah I was seeing when he said that part! I just fell out laffin!

  10. I agree DaRadiant1 that Lil Fizz is only trying to make himself look good. I would rather see Raz B.

  11. Thank U! According to the interviews she gave they have joint custody of their son. Fizz makes it seem he had their son since he was born.

  12. I don’t know who Monica Slaughter (another industry chick) whose parading her body and business on tv to make a rapper(s) seem like there not in a bearded relationshio. Most of the men on this show have been through the rings of Chris Stokes manager of Immature….enough said.

  13. these r some broke azz mofo who just got a chance 2 make a few $ on dat bullshit l&hhLA lmaorofl none of them have work n yrs they all acting a damn fool now shit so boring

  14. All I want to know is if thus is the Jaz Monae gal from BGC when they where in Miami last?!?!?

  15. @MzT you are on to something! I thought I recognize this chick from another show. That does look like Jazmone from the bad girls club! Unless she has a twin but you must be right on the money.

  16. What was Lil Fizz income before the show? Exactly broke. Why hate on your child’s mother because when that little boy grows up he too will end up disrespecting woman. I would like to see and know if Fizz disrespects his mother like that. We have already seen Omarion’s mother she has drug and mental issues but then again these boys grew up with no fathers. It takes a man to show another how to treat a woman.

    • @4:04 I think I have found my brain match! Chile, me and U on the same page! I know Fozz went thru all that B2K money cause he is touring again.

  17. Fizz’s Girlfriend Is Annoying Can’t Stand The Cheater Hoe

    Why Do Weak Gullible Men Wanna Wife Cheating Whores?????

  18. I don’t believe her. Just watching how she came at his girlfriend, whom she never met with all the threats and cursing. Na, nope no way her character says the exact opposite.

  19. She said, ‘I need you to make a f*@king decision, who’s going to jail, me or him?’ She made the decision for them. lmaooooo…i can’t my sides hurt.

  20. Marques Houston said that whole molestation accusation from Raz B of B2k was fabricated by him for publicity. He said all the members were forced to do something strange for change…All I know is Li’l Fizz had a pony tail when he was with the group. Glad he got his fade back on. LOL

  21. Monie, wake up chile! If there is ever a next time that ANY man puts his hands on you, crack him in the head with a cast-iron or cut him. Guarantee he’ll never raise a hand to you again.

    • And he’s a little dude! You can fight him with your bare hands yourself. You better go take some boxin lessons!! ..just sayin.

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