Tyrese Shades Michael Strahan


HSK Excluisve – Tyrese Gibson called the Magic Mike XXL casting director Carmen Cuba a b*tch! Know why? Because Carmen Cuba cast Michael Strahan over the TGT frontman. Tyrese was furious when he heard the news that Michael Strahan got the role he auditioned for!

Here’s the drop:

“Tyrese thinks Michael Strahan is an old man and he should have been cast instead. He thinks the casting director is inept.”


  1. Can Hollywood please provide some fresh faces and new meat born in the late 80s and 90s? I do not want to see my uncle naked covered in oil or perhaps semen in these men’s cases.

    • Most dudes born in the late 80s and 90s prefer the semen skin and tooth polish treatment, So pick ya poison.

      • You are speaking from a place of angst. Young people are just honest and open about sex in the idgaf generation. Check CDC stats. People ages 50-54 made nearly 50% of HIV diagnosis in 2011. Also old folks are less likely to STD test. That older relative who bring that same lifetime “friend” or their “roommate” to the family picnics that we all side eye.

        No one wants to look at a middle aged man naked but the woman who appreciates him(wife) or his money (mistress). Hell my dad is hot (no incest) but no else wants to see that. Get some fresh faces and new opportunity. Goes for these black Hollywood bombshells.

        • Oooooh, . you got me, you got me. I want to be a part of the IDGAF generation which means being honest about sex. When i was 20 being honest about sex meant telling every chick you wanted to…..that you wanted to smash. Your IDGAF generation being honest about sex is just pure fagism no ifs ands or buts about it. So naw, I’m comfortable where I am..lol

          And the AIDS number makes sense because a at that age it would mean that those people would have been having sex in the late 70s and early 80s right around the time that AIDS hit the scene. Now people use condoms to to prevent diseases that could be terminal but back then you only used them to prevent pregnancy because you could get a shot for the clap so people rolled the dice. So yeah those numbers sound about right. So I’m cool with who I am, my age, my color and my career. But angst, nope not at all, because everybody gonna get old or die trying. But IDGAF generation souls like a bunch of heathens pushing the “do as thou wilt” agenda, and 5 hat just ain’t cool.

          • That’s a lie. Goto the CDC page and look at the numbers. This sounds like some shit you made up or someone told you was true. There were 38000 new infections in 2011 with 15000 in the age range of 20-29. The idgaf generation also don’t care about facts either.

          • Lets just squash any inaccuries on either side and remember the numbers below from 2011 means that those abe 29 plus were born before 1980, hence 70s baby. Now add the numbers for ages 30-34 after you will see who makes up the bulk of HIV diagnosis. Its aint Young Thugs generation or the people who just got here. Also keep in mind that younger people also test more than older gens. Profanity isnt needed. Lets be civil adults and respectful so we can be examples to the youth, something older people no longer do 😉

            Age (Years) Estimated Number of Diagnoses
            of HIV Infection, 2011
            Under 13 192
            Ages 13-14 53
            Ages 15-19 2,240
            Ages 20-24 8,054
            Ages 25-29 7,484
            Ages 30-34 6,209
            Ages 35-39 5,285
            Ages 40-44 5,753
            Ages 45-49 5,564
            Ages 50-54 3,951
            Ages 55-59 2,312
            Ages 60-64 1,229
            Ages 65 or older 948

            • That’s fine with me, I never meant for it to go here anyway. I’m just having fun most times. But I do get serious on some threads, but this ain’t one of them. Its cool, but I do stay strong in the struggle for my people….I love my brothers and sisters and I ride for them. It’s all good sister.

            • Can anybody count in here? If you were 29 year old in 2011 that means that you were born in 1982 not the 70’s

        • Cute commentary you didnt refute point or missed it. No one I said old gens make up half of the newly diagnosis of HIV, meaning they did not contract it in the 70s/80s but within the last 6 months to 10 year as disease can lie dormant.

          People used condoms for diseases, my mother did before her marriage. Pills and puling out has always been the method of choice for pregnancy,

          Keep being in denial about the bands in the sequins bell bottoms of the 70s and the nut hugging jeans of the 80s that entertainers wore and their sexuality. Lets not act like homosexuality and promiscuity is new when ballrooms started in the late 80s. I said that new gens are open and honest. Older people tend to lid about their lifestyles. What does you career color or even wanting to be apart of the idgaf generation have to do with anything stated or Michael Strayhan being too old for this role?

          • Look, this is nothing to be at odds over. Yes people in the 70s were doing all kinds of kinky nasty shit during cocaine and LSD fueled sex and now it’s the 2014 and they are on ecstacy and molly. I am not here to argue with you alright. Hey if it’s that important to you then YOU ARE right and I am wrong. I was just making a joke, its more pressing shit to be passionate about, I’m here shooting the shit and getting a few laughs, this is not something that two people, especially black people should be arguing about. Hey man if the s e new dudes want to suck a dick on ever Corner in the name of a being open about their sexual desires then let them get their rocks off. Fuck it, f*ck whats right and wrong, do what ever makes you feel good. If smoking Crack makes you feel good then do it!!! OK you won. But this is some bullshit to be going back and forth about the 70s and 80s are gone so it’s the day of the new and improved punk. But I’m confused about one thing. If a dude f*cks dudes then goes and f*cks chick’s isn’t that the IDGAF attitude of the generation or is he dirty dick DL motherf*cker. But honestly sister, I’m not here to battle with you about two different generations because wrong is wrong. And the battles that we have as black people are our biggest problem and I don’t want to be a part of the problem. So I concede,God bless you sister

          • @non importante.. Now PEOPLE can get a positive reading of the HIV virus after 90 days or more after contracting the disease. It doesn’t take years anymore cause technology have advance. So pleases DON’T let no doctor tell you other.

  2. bacon smothered in dark chocolate!!! (damn i must be pregnant my man been doing over time on my chocolate hole)

      • I agree. That black woman on top creature is highly suspect and says some real creepy isht.

        • @anon

          keep your smelly mouth shut you trouble making motherf*cker!
          do’t start none won’t be none take a f*cking hike you little twerp!!

  3. The last thing I want to see is his nasty, gap toothed , ugly ass on the screen . I don’t know how Nicole Murphy did it. He’s disgusting human being, inside and out

    • I only know Michael from football. I get the what’s gross about him on the outside but what has he done that makes him so disgusting on the inside?

      • You spanky must have tried out for the part too. I’m not doubting it, But how he know?

            • Short story man.

              Spanky was at audition with 30 “major ” stars.
              Producer/someone in charge likes Spanky and Tyrese. Dude says “whose gonna s my d?”
              Spanky thinks it’s a joke and laughs. Tyrese basically volunteers. Thus, he was Jody. Allegedly.

              Tyrese rebuts saying Spanky was only 12 or 13 at the time so it couldn’t be true.

              Sorry Tyrese. But its written on your face. How else would a talentless unattractive hack simp make it so big?

  4. I had to re-read that before it sank in. At first I thought you meant bone structure ala Jennifer Anniston and then I laughed. Now I’m repulsed as a visual learner I imagine concepts in pictures. I bet he blows a mean one with that gap and wide smile.

    • Thanks for the info. men will fock anything – including other men it seems. Didnt know that a man would lick the rusty penny quicker though. Only salad I liked tossed contains arugula.

    • True. Have you ever watched a gay porno? Those men go to town on each other.
      They also say women are better and lick…well you know than men.
      *shrugs* I didn’t see or feel a difference.

      • You know I had to go digging, I couldn’t find the video but I saw some stills. Damn that boy has some strong jawls.

      • You damn right, i don’t know what homo sex feels like. If people want tomsay people give better oral when it’s same sex oral. I will never be able to compare what head from a man feels like in relation to a woman doing it. I have heard women say the same thing, they think women give better head to women. I would never tell from the reaction of women when I geve them this hurricane tongue. shit, they always nut twice and sometime three of em. And thats my favorite part of sex, she hollers I’m cummin and then bam, she let’s lose. If she don’t nut, it’s no good for me. I live for her to nut. …and thats real

    • it also means this fags mne not real man but imorm posters…..shit in a form of a man which serve no purpose to humnan kind…reprobated minds….lol sorry but some women are just as good at giving head,,,all a bitch gotta do is ask a nigga how he wants it….my man and i communicate,,,,i aint worried its all goooddddd

      • not all gays are good as giving head to other men….i watch enough gay porns too that lolol

  5. Mike too old for the roll n folks are sick of Tyrese greasy black ass..
    he thinks he the only actor in hollyweird

  6. Tyresa is messy boots, lol…did anyone see his video rant about spanky hayes? She needs 2 stop being a drama queing (queen/king) in the video she’s wearing mink coat….stop tha foolishness tyresa!!! LOL!!



      • You already know what it is Glock. Missed you myself, got off this early. Stay righteous my brother, as always.


  8. Don’t nobody want Tyrese burnt up crusty ashy ass, LOL both of these men are DL though. Strahan got the better body and he got the better public “Q Rating” from the mornin show. Tyrese is tired.

  9. Micheal Strahan has some horrible teeth and looks very sloppy. He comes off very how you doing.

  10. Nicole Murphy looks like a tranvestite so I can see how Micheal Strahan and Eddie Murphy find her attractive because their gay. Lol.

    • Nicole is beautiful… U sound like a Hater!
      I would put 10 babies in that sexxy ass woman

      • Just because someone says that another person is unattractive, that DOES NOT mean that he or she is hating. They are entitled to their opinion! I also think that Nicole looks manly! I will admit that, to me, she has her moments when she looks somewhat feminine and she does have a nice body so I will give her that! There are plenty of biological women who have masculine features. Coco, Ice T’s wife/girlfriend, is one of those women. Ever look at Coco’s jawline??

      • Women are always harder on other women’s appearance than men are…and then they have the nerve to say that WE are the visual ones.
        Notice how when women find a man attractive men just say ‘if you say so’ but then when men find a woman attractive they so often try to tell us why she’s not.

      • Nicole is beautiful. But she looks like a trans. So does Khloe K. So does Wendy Williams. All are biological females. No hate . It is what it is. WW husband Kevin is a notorious trans hunter, like Eddie Murphy.That can’t be a coincidence.

  11. There’s nothing remotely sexy about Michael Strahan. He needs to visit the dentist to get that ugly gap closed in permanently and Tyrese is just a crybaby punk bitch always whining and fussing about something. He takes himself too seriously. Dude is just wayyyy over his head at times.

  12. 36 is old to be a stripper, male or female.
    Its a young person’s game.

    Tyrese seems a little used up.
    Michael is still going strong like he will be stepping and fetching for years to come.

    • Thank you seems like everyone has Peter Pan Syndrome. If you are stuffing a Speedo with a sock after age 27 then something is wrong in the Matrix. After then, humping folding chairs while doused in baby oil in a cherry red thong to the tune of My Pony Should be reserved for your partner or a Kappa Alpha Psi alumni step show.

    • hell naw this yung mofo bodies r f*ck up tired & out of shape male & female they all need 2 b n somebody gym lmao

  13. I don’t know but male strip clubs got a different vibe then female strip clubs. Female strip clubs they dance on the pole, make sexy dance moves, etc., etc…male strip clubs, brothers drop down off the stage pick up a chick and start humping her…simulated rape scenes. LMAOOOO

    • Still, don’t nobody want some washed up ol 36 year old desperately clinging onto youth humping them for dollars..

      Then again, maybe some women do… I bet a 60 year old woman (or man ) wouldn’t mind.
      Sugar babies come in all ages .. there is always someone older and more desperate..

      Sorry.. I assume most strippers “work”.. esp in this economy. Although corporate (re: grown) women (and gays) always have disposable income.

  14. Too bad tyrese,you did not top off the director,at least this oily bird tyrese can play the leading role of those black magpies bird,I think it’s heckyl & jeckyl lol!

  15. Whyte people like strahan because he a male
    Mammy. Gap tooth included. Look at how
    Blacks were depicted 60 years ago. Tyrese
    Can’t realize Hollywood is past it’s chocolate
    Brother phase. They back to the paper bag
    Rule. All them celebs is gay or fraternal. 50
    To ice t. The more successful the more
    Gay or fraternal. They also give bonus
    Points if you surrender your kids. That’s why
    North will be the first first grader with lip
    And booty shots.

    • That’s if she goes to school.
      Education not real important to the Klan.

      Kendall can’t read (how you rich and white and can’t read in America? )
      Kylie is clearly not in high school anymore these days.

      She’ll be working soon.. as a kids model or something.. and will prob never go to school.

    • What does having a gap in one’s teeth have to do with the Mammy stereotype? Not to mention they’re as hereditary as the usual Mammy characteristics (fat, dark-skinned with big breasts).

  16. I was reading on another website about Tyrese and Morris Chestnust being gay lovers. Wow dark on dark chocolate a little bit too much for me. Lol.

  17. battle of the hollyweird coons…Strahan will outbeat u tyrese everytime, he gotta bigger mouth & he lightskin, sorrryyy….ewww Channing Tatum look like he in heaven or someshit, did yall every see him in that movie where he was the man sex slave? smh..

      • @anonymous

        magic mike is based on channing tarum life!!! he was a stripper because he made it big

          • yeah i heard that he was a stripper, & we all know them male strippers as gay as the women strippers…why are strippers gay?? i dunno, but I saw a interview with the girl from White House Down & she played the FUKKK outta channing, she was like I call him unicorn & he calls me bulldog or some shit like that & then she was like, its because He’s so girly & i’m so masculine, i was like waattt??? damn, & this girl is like what 15? smdh….

            • Changing Tatum recently came out and said he is bi-sexuel. He also said that when he is on set he can’t help wondering how big( ‘the other male co-stars ) Dicks are. He said he gets turned on thinking about it. By the way Chaning T. wife filed for divorce last month. He said he is tired of hiding his sexuality.

            • This is not true. They have not separated and Channing Tatum has most definitely not come out as gay or bisexual. Just Google it if you doubt me. Jenna his wife would never say that publicly even if she were divorcing him because he was gay. His future earnings depend on his sex appeal to women, so she would be cutting her own throat by sabotaging his bankability. Where do people get these ideas?

    • @Black Enga

      tyrese is gonna ruin his career!! it probabbly happen and tyrsee his pissed he’s been exposed

      • I believe that because him and other have done the unthinkable to make it in the industry, they think that they can call in favors to get major roles. Tyrese’s stock must be running kind of low these days.

        I wonder what Strahan did for the part? O_o

        • @Black Enga

          what i found interesting about the video he made he mention 2pac wanted tyrese to play baby boy when he died???
          this doesn’t make sense!!! maybe tyrese is lying or something because how would 2pac know about his death!!

          • I thought he said that John Singleton wanted 2pac to play Baby Boy and when he died the role was later offered to him which is strange to me too. I’ll have to watch it again.

            He might be giving out too much info while he calls his self checking somebody else. I’m going to go watch it again and see what little tidbits he left heee hee.

            • He woke up like this, hmmm, he goes on to say that he (Spanky) committed career suicide. Hope don’t nothing happen to him.

              Spanky said the audition was for 30 men, why does that sound familiar to me? Oh well it will come back to me.

              John Singleton only had one person in mind him, he also was invited to the auditions for his mother and love interests roles, really but I don’t know how these things work maybe someone can enlighten me, sounds like diva behavior though.

              He’s 35 years old but can’t water that poor plant (sorry, I love plants and gardens) or buy a good cigar but he woke up like this with a mink blanket.

              He is a straight man and he and Morris Chestnut have a lot of respect out here. Now wait a minute……….Why did he have to go and f*ck up my fantasy by throwing Chestnut under the bus with him, damn… And they woke up doing the work……..What the hell does that mean?

              Guy in background walks toward back yard and enters building, now he walks back in the same direction Can someone say staged? What is that symbol on the door and what does it represent its’ everywhere.

              He gets in a little pink car, okay that’s real masculine Tyrese and not really helping you prove that you are straight dude. Anyways, is he slyly throwing up signs while tapping the side of his head and what is that on his shirt?

              Welp, I have to give it to him, he made a video to check Spanky, show of his blankey, his crib, and promote his new album “Black Ros’e” which has some very interesting symbolisms. That’s what I saw in his little video folks . I know some of you saw a lot more.

            • Tupac would have been 29- 30-31 in 2001.
              5 years after his death.
              Would have been too old to be anybody’s “baby boy”.

      • @Willie Jones jr–‘Baby Boy’ refers to inner-city black men with an immature mentality, not age, so ‘Pac could’ve played the part if he’d been alive.

    • Yeah I seen Tyresa video responding back to Spanky. Spanky better watch his back, straight up!! Tyresa is mad as hell!

  18. how tyrese got the part for baby boy was weird originally the part was for 2 pac but he died before filming it
    so tyrese got the role…. if 2 pac was alive tyrese wouldn’t be as successful as he is now!!!

    it really makes you wonder!!!

  19. This movie is based on the youthful indiscretions of Channing Tatum when he was young and dumb. Tyrese having a fit over a film that promotes gay and bisexual male strippers more or less. Then Again, he may want to find himself another Paul Walker and make bank that way… I Can’t Call It???

  20. I didnt know Tyrese knew Tupac but I think they should have given the role to Laz Alonso. He is so fine!

  21. Tyrese has a small dick he was not able to make the role believable. Get over, it is Hollywood and it happens. Not only do you have to be able to act,but you got to also be able to make the part believable to the people. Nobody in real life goes to see a male stripper with a little dick.

    • Sheila that is not nice to put him down like that. When will we Blacks learn to speak well of each other instead of tearing each other down?

      • You are right Brenda and it starts with me. I am going to try to be mindful of that.
        I make no promises of perfection, but I am going to give it the old college try.

      • LOL. Commenting on a man’s size is not a put down. Calling a man stupid, the n word or the coo word is a put down.
        Size isn’t everything (or at least that’s what I’ve heard).

  22. Is this the same Tyrese that got his whole card pulled by some D-list comedian? Is this the same Tyrese that Taraji P Henson called cry baby boy because he had to do a kissing scene with her. Seriously, what guy starts crying because he has to do a kissing scene with a pretty woman? I got one word for that; PAUSE!

  23. Tyrese is not gay. that’s why he didn’t get the gig.. LOL, makin fun of the other story about the comedian … hsk is just toooo much. lawd!

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