Chief Keef Responds With Racial Slurs After Being Dropped By Interscope


Chief Keef was dropped from Interscope Records two weeks ago and so the 19-year-old rapper took to twitter to vent. The rapper took to his social media and called the staff of his former label “old White Honkies”.

The I Don’t Like lyricist went on say since Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine departed from Interscope Records, the label fell off.

Here’s what Chief Keef revealed:

“When Jimmy n Dre left that’s when I said f**k Interscope! Big Dick style. that’s what I signed up for not this new staff! Of WhiteHonkies!”


    • He’s standing Chief Keeef is slightly above average 6 feet and Jimmy Iovine is short. You can look at pics of him standing next to Dre.

      I said in other posts that is was a mistake for SOSA to sign to a major. Hope he learns. Some thirty cat will be in line, perhaps Lil Reese.

  1. This ignorant fool simply can’t take a hint. There was a reason they drop U fool!


  2. Chief Keef you a mess! You gave Jimmy the box now you mad cus you don’t own your shit no more! Too bad, so sad! Get your money up and pay your child support!

  3. They dropped his dumb ass because he can’t sent To stay out of trouble , with the ignorant shit he’s doing any minute he will either be dead or in jail. Why would a record label invest a small fortune in to his coon behavior . Don’t blame the white man on this one , sit you’re ugly ignorant down somewhere and make records.

    • He got a deal because he’s the (fake) embodiment of inner-city youth in Chicago (Or ‘Chi-Raq’ if you prefer) and a large swath of ’90s babies–Disaffected/Don’t give a f*ck about nothing, self-destructive, entitled, ignorant, etc.

      • He needs to grow up, get a clue and learn some social savvy.
        Him calling. People”Honki _s is stupid! disrespectful, and not business savvy.

  4. let’s be honest music today is chit they shouldn’t of given a recording deal to him or other artist who hasn’t got no talent
    these white men know what their doing is to destroy black music and use white singers are mouth pieces.

    • @Black Woman,

      By doing that they are throwing out the baby with the bath water and burning their own profits.
      The overlords of the planet think they have it all figured out. They are letting their racial superiority complex decrease their net profit.( this does not apply to regular white people only the overlords)
      Their innate racism makes them feel like if black people can do it anybody can. Truth is, all tribes of man have their own special gifts, and music is one of ours.

    • What! You don’t like violent rappers who sound like they are experiencing a wisdom tooth extraction while eating mouth full of piping hot grits? Young Chop’s beats were infectious and behind his success imo.

      Good music exists. HBCU radio stations for the most part have promoted hiphop, r&b, reggae and gospel on Sundays of course. Also explore the internet or a local club for live acts or travel for festivals. Commercial radio is just that, commercial.

  5. Chief Kief ain’t he is just calling it like he see it, Dre need to put that long awaited album out though on the real

  6. This is just karma. Isnt this the same kid that had a rival rapper from Chicago murdered and laughed about it on twitter? God dont like ugly.

    • Yes he sure did now who’s gonna give a rats ass and protect him? He don’t have the record company security/protection. Let me start sipping tea.

      • Yup! He can’t come back here to the Chi. They want Chief Keef DEAD out here in streets because of lil jo jo’s death. He better not come back to Chicago, seriously!!!!!!

        • @ Chonilla,

          Did you notice that after littl JoJo died, Chief Keef blew up.
          Something else that was interesting was, during an interview he was asked if he was surprised by his fame. He sat there with a calm, matter-of-fact face, and said no. He was expecting it.

          Just something to think about.

    • Anon 6:56 What scripture says God Don’t Like Ugly”because I’ve never seen it despite people continuing to regurgitate that nonsense.

      • Yeah,Lol BA.
        However, that phrase is often used, to describe someone,Who seemingly, looks legit n accomplished via the strait n narrow. But it is revealed, that, they made strides off the backs n sweat of others.
        God is usually added to the equation, to allude to justice, defender of the down trodden, et al.

  7. Another sell out punk got turned out in jail they used him and not dropping his ass they got their millions off of him now its on to the next young coon willing to sell out for a coin.

    • Yup, his baby mama exposed that. She said, ”Chief keef don’t own NONE of his royalities and how she regret having a baby by a broke, no good rapper”. Chief keef is a lean drinking idiot.

  8. Stop taking the bait from these record companies because they use you and when their done they wipe their feet on you and leave you for dead. All they do is corrupt the black community, glorify death, drugs, and disrespecting women.

  9. Yeah we know the industry is dirty and yet people sign into it but Chief Keef is a self destructive person who will destroy his own opportunities and himself but will blame everyone instead of looking in the mirror.

  10. Why the f*ck was this little critter on Interscope in the first place he did not deserve to walk thru the hallways with Deathrow and 2pac plaits on the wall if even Interscope even have them up in they offices still because Jimmy is a hater , y’all gave this little nigga money and he ran a muck all thru the suburbs in the Chi embarrassing blacks. He be on Tmz and all an I’m like wtf did Interscope see in this nigga he had one hot song an his music straight garbage

  11. Sosa,back to the pj,s in his pj,s with a mac 10,selling dope again,next up Lil reese lol,who want,that drank,who want that drank,who want that smoke,who want that smoke lol,Sosa just got stained from inter in a deal with the devil…..scope!

  12. I heard his deal was for $6 million. I wonder how much if any he still got. The money will be ran through and he will be back to square one.

  13. Twenty years from now nobody will know who this cat Chief Keef is but everybody will still be listening and buying 2pac’s music. The music of today has no substance and wont last the test of time.

  14. Now that his Rap career is ova, Chief can go back to his former job as being a Garbage Pail Kid.

  15. To the labels millions are like hundreds. They
    Saw his YouTube numbers and all the majors
    Got horny. Interscope got him first. He got dropped
    Cause the new owners got a different fetish

  16. I just pray and hope he did not let them sodomize him. Hopefully that is the reason they let him go. I do feel as though he will end up dead or in prison though. I hope he saved some of that money, will take a chill pill get in touch with his higher spiritual being and realize …… It does look like he is sitting in that man lap. Things that make yo go hmmmmmmm.

    • To have gotten a record deal to begin with he has to have signed his name in blood and been sodomized,signed ,sealed and delivered long time that!

  17. That young boy done sold his soul.
    He got put on through kanye and jay
    Them dudes is the new boule.
    If you not flaming behind closed doors
    They won’t breath your air.

    • i knew Keef ws down wit da program when I saw that I don’t like video…homoerotic to say the least & I heard it works like this….either u come into the industry getting facials & pearl necklaces and-or give blood sacrifice, somebody like J-hud….if u not really talented or u desperate, or they aint really checkin for u, u have to do crazy shit coming in….
      but if u talented, they really like u & think u can influence many people, they wait on gangbanging u or demanding blood sacrifice…but they still make u sign the contracts its just they dont make u pay up at first so they dont scare away the ones they really want, let them get a taste of fame first…then after a while they hit u wit everything, like they did Chris Brown…they want u to get gangbanged by them wit masks on, they wanna shit on u piss on u, make u do crazy shit on camera, then if u wanna go higher after giving sexual sacrifices like Ciara, then they want a blood sacrifice or hurt people innocent children, they want u to do real evil shit, but u can only do evil shit for so long before having to give that blood sacrifce , whats happening to Beyonce, she need blood sacriifce, after u do that, then u high up, but now u totally in & have to be a satanists, be in a coven, kill babies & drink they blood…then u also gotta bring new people in, like Rick Ross, Jay-z & Oprah…Oprah brought in alot of ppl, Dr. Phil, Dr.Oz, Iyanla, Tyler Perry, etc..Oprah is also a grande dame, Angelina Jolie just got that she got initiated by the Queen it was all over the media, she in the club wit Oprah now, but Oprah above her tho..
      Eventually u get taken over by a high demon, & the demon controls u at certain times & thats why they so scared cuz the demon in control them & u always gotta do satanic stuff & meet new satanic people & do ritual wit them….

      • Yep, that’s why I said Beyonce needs a quickening, as in fresh blood. Her ass is in London for a reason.

        Sick sick sick people….

      • Anon 13:54,

        Stevie Wonder’s album cover art, for Innervisions matches what you said exactly.
        The story is told in abstract, but once you figure out what you are looking at your mind is blown to pieces.

        Gang banged
        Extreme abuse
        Mind fragmenting
        Mind control
        Woman persona created through sexual trauma
        Advertising his services.

        It is all embedded in the art.

        • Wow Girl, I don’t know what creeped me out more the art work or what happened to him after the album was released.

            • “Three days after the commercial release of Innervisions, on August 6, Wonder played a concert in Greenville, South Carolina. While on the way back, just outside Durham, North Carolina, Wonder was asleep in the front seat of a car being driven by his friend, John Harris, when they were snaking along the road, behind a truck loaded high with logs. Suddenly the trucker jammed on his brakes, and the two vehicles collided. Logs went flying, and one smashed through the wind shield, sailing squarely into Stevie Wonder’s forehead. He was bloody and unconscious when he was pulled from the wrecked car. For four days he lay in a coma caused by severe brain contusion, causing media attention and the preoccupation of relatives, friends and fans.[3]

              It was his friend and tour director Ira Tucker who first elicited some response from him:

              … I remember when I got to the hospital in Winston-Salem. Man, I couldn’t even recognize him. His head was swollen up about five times normal size. And nobody could get through to him. I knew that he likes to listen to music really loud and I thought maybe if I shouted in his ear it might reach him. The doctor told me to go ahead and try, it couldn’t hurt him. The first time I didn’t get any response, but the next day I went back and I got right down in his ear and sang Higher Ground. His hand was resting on my arm and after a while his fingers started going in time with the song. I said yeah, yeah!! This dude is going to make it!

              —Ira Tucker

  18. Jimmy Iovine co-founded Interscope, but, he moving on. Dr. Dre saved his life…Literally & Figuratively! Conjoined Twins is what they are right now. John Janick is the new sheriff in town, a lot of dudes are gonna be ass out with the exception of a few…Following Story!

  19. Chief Keef needs to understand he can not run around disrespecting an entire group of people by calling them “honkies”.
    If they called us “niggers ” it would be on and poppin.
    No sir Sosa, No sir.
    I ride for my people, but I don’t condone disrespect .

    • Sis, we have to defeat the other side with our mental. The hot-heads among us think the suits are shaking in their pants…Naw! I can interact with anybody, regardless of background. They may assume Ty is this or that. Observant brothas will win the race, Chief Keef and his kind will engage in self-destructive behavior…Lose Lose Proposition! Refinement Is The Key Brothas…Act Like Proud Men!!!

      • Ty U have a good soul. I remembered two years ago when I joined HSK it was something humble and peaceful about U. I even remembered when you said that “We and I mean us as black people are a dominate race, we can rule anything if we can come together. All we have to do is stop, sit, think, and pray. We can conquered the world!” Right there I said. ” Ty is alright with me!”

        • Thank You Sis…Very Much Appreciated! Fear is our greatest obstacle as a people. We come from greatness, so, who and what are we afraid of? I’ve seen a lot of ish in my life, it prepared me for the hard stuff. I can’t worry about being disliked, gotta speak honestly about these topics at hand. I love all of you Sistas on here, even the ones who hate me… Bless The Sun!!!

          • What so good about your post Ty that we can actually can take over! And they way you, Black Anastasia, Eddie, Willie and Glok broke it down, it makes much more easier to understand. We got to do better. I guess with all that slave mentality that was enstill in us got us so stubborn, we act like this is the only choice!

  20. Chief Keef needs to understand he can not disrespect an entire group of people by calling them “Honki_s”
    If they called us niccas it would be on and poppin.
    I ride hard for my people but what I am not going to do, is condone disrespect.

  21. He got dropped because his music is bad and he is not marketable. Case closed.

  22. Trust…he is marketable, there is a whole ignorant demographic for his kind of buffoonery of self destruction…however he is TROUBLE, unmanageable…no label wants to deal with someone like that..Ask DMX!

    • I agree on the demographic of who he’ll be marketable to. I also agree with @brian no funeral, dropped cause his music is bad. period.

    • The whole summer was messed up here, every time it was nice and warm outside people got killed and this is one of the coldest summers we have had in awhile.

      They might be using that HARP to keep it cool here for all I know. High crime rate, robbing, raping, police killing sleeping bums, mothers starving and beating their kids to death, off duty police killing dismembering women, children getting shot for no reason, it’s awful. Nah, we don’t need anymore rappers bragging about killing, we got enough death here already.

  23. music today is crap! is about sex,money,drugs is all the same bring back 80’s and 90’s rap/r&b
    to many white mouth piece getting rich off nicca’s these white motherf*cker do’t thanks black people for their
    success!! nicca stop helping these white snow bunnies make it

  24. When was Chief Keef signed? I dont recall them promoting his album. He should have been on that ghetto network EBT promoting his garbage. It was all a setup he had beef with Lil Jojo who was the blood sacrifice and now look your dropped from the label and left for dead. I agree that they were capitalizing off the murder rate in Chicago and using children. Smh.

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