Tyrese Doesn’t Give AF About Breaking Restraining Order

tyrese restraining order

Tyrese was accused of breaking a court-ordered restraining order that prohibited him from contacting his ex-wife and his 10-year-old daughter. The singer admitted he broke the order by flying a plane over his daughter’s school to let her know how much he loved her.

He took to his Instagram to own up to it. Hit the arrow button to see more pics:



  1. Who taught him how to discipline? I wonder what the entire school thought about the display of love flying overhead.

  2. He wouldn’t have a Restraining Order to break, if he was not accused of domestic violence. Ghetto ass Tyrese.

    • He spanked his kid. That’s what fathers do. And if she was showing out and no one checked her that would be another criticism. If he didn’t leave a mark it’s all buckshot.

  3. He needs to keep his ass off Instagram and twitter.
    I swear, social media brings the Bitch outta men. They are worse than some women with the gossip and shade.

  4. Yeah he do need to stay off social media. All he gotta do is start having other kids with his new wife and i can bet she gone change her mind. She not gone want her daughter to be left out. My friend was a crazy babymama until her babydaddy started a whole new family and she realized her son with him was not his only priorty anymore. Then she let up on the drama.

    • Right..I agree. Jealousy is a b%tch, especially when it involves children. It’s obvious that he loves his daughter. A spanking never hurt anybody. Hell, I’d rather spank at home then to have someone beat them in the streets.

  5. Yo why is Keyshia Cole on Love and Hip Hop? I dont understand. She just did a Grammy performance on a tacky reality show reunion. Im so lost, the perfomance was way too professional for this show. Lol

    • Cause everyone wants to be ratchet in todays society.. They tap dancing for that dollar. Cooning is the new ish among these House Negroes.

      • I mean they should have turned down the perfomance a little bit then, it did not fit the show, everybody on there is non talented, never prepared, now all of a certain you put A real artist on there and she out perform that raggedy stage. Keyshia cole done lost her mind. This like having a She would be better off doing her own show with her silly Mama

      • Hell yeah. The kids and young folks niw a days are disrespectful and act hella entitled. All would have been fixed with a good old ass whoopin grandma style. With one dem switches. Ha!

  6. The problem is when a child is back and forth so much
    One parent have this rule and another parent have that rule
    He didn’t need to spank her to punish her, he could have put her on her knees, took her TV and electronic devices from her.. He’s always complaining about something and I think so call celebrities needs to stop using social media, because we don’t have to know everything you feel or think..
    That’s when you start hearing that you’re the one always bellyaching about something in life
    It’s time to use that wisdom that you’re trying to shove down others throats..
    Oh yea you allowed yourself to get dehydrated to be rush to the hospital after two days in court
    that’s just plain pitiful… So for two weeks or three days you drink nothing for attention again..
    Grow up BabyBoy you suppose to be a man, not a boy, anything for attention…SMDH

      • Ummmm nope. Time outs are not for every kid. Some of them fuckers need a chin check.

        • Damn Unk Tom….Do you have ADHD?
          You are all over the damn place with that regurgitate nonsense you’re spewing.
          Stay focused. ?

          • You might have ADHD Tyress was admitted to the hospital after two days in court. He’s just trying to gain sympathy from the media and others. Get your facts straight and what could a child that age do to warrant a whipping.. Beating kids haven’t worked since the government took over people household.. The 70’s and before, parent beat your ass once and you never did whatever that was again.. Also kids were very respectful of adults, because if you disrespected someone old, before you get home your parents knew.. When you walked in the door, they tried to knock you some new lips.. Y’all younger generation need to get it straight.. My kids are working in corporate American and doing fine for themselves.. What can you say???? That’s the problem everybody think they know shit when they don’t know anything..Educate yourselves

    • You didn’t have to read it, you always on her cussing people out..

  7. That’s a problem in itself, no wonder 70% is still behind and will always be behind..
    Knowledge is power and reading is fundamental..
    Free your mind of the things they are trying to shove down your throat and stand for something or you will fall for anything. HINT HINT

  8. Eiboon ..you can speak for yourself and take a few classes why don’t you. You don’t represent me..mmkay. Now that we have that straight, Uncle Tom you weren’t present to know whether or not the child needed a spanking so mind your biz. I recognize that the youth of today are both entitled and disrespectful since the man passed a law that says a parent/guardian can not whoop or spank their children. A set up in my opinion…the police don’t hesitate to beat and or murder them if they get out of line. So train them at home to avoid their brutality. Beatings and spanking are two very different things.

  9. Eiboon: People like you are the reason I don’t visit hear as often as I used to. Your ignorant baiting comments only serve to derail the commentary that used to make this sight so amusing and interesting. Get your life idiot. BTW…no need for comebacks or retaliatory comments because I won’t be here foolish one..Sher: Exits Stage Left.

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