Judge Denies Kendu Isaacs’ Alimony Request

kendu isaacs spousal support denied

A judge has shot down Kendu Isaacs’ request for more spousal support.

Mary J. Blige’s estranged husband was asking from $30,000 a month to $65,000 a month in spousal support payments. According to the ruling by the judge, the increase was denied, but Blige is still on the hook for the $30K.

Isaacs said the singer has been profiting off their divorce by releasing breakup-inspired tracks. He thinks he should be entitled to some of the profits so he could continue living the lifestyle he was accustomed to during their marriage.


    • Unfortunately, if he had no job while married, it implies it was OK with the wife and him working or not won’t matter in the final settlement. It’s a shame. If you rich and your spouse is not working, start documenting so you can produce records when the ultimate divorce happens and the spouse refused work, not that you were OK with it. Mary was OK with it, no matter what little he did for her and her own work.

      • But he did have a job while they were married…he was her manager and making a cut of what she made…and probably stealing the rest. He is a real ass. Cheating on her with HER MONEY and still asking for more.

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  4. What’s he doing with the $30K. This is why when you got a good thing going, you go out of your way to treat your spouse special when you rely so much on their money. You screw that up then expect that same level of cash to come your way, it’s not happening. Why don’t they ever learn.

  5. I see that young bitch that Kendu cheated on Mary with is draining his pocket. Young pussy costs, old man! The question is: when the money goes, will the honey stay?

    • The judge should have made him produce a spending list for rent, utilities, transportation, food costs, clothing, whatever and reduce his monthly payment until the divorce is finalized. Now way is he spending that 30k on his needs. He’s probably giving money to other people that have been leeching off Mary through him, can’t find jobs because they don’t know how, or don’t want to get up in the morning to go to work. That would have made him run out of court and call the whole thing off.

    • Nope she doing him just like he did Mary, using him because he do sure ain’t a catch and he ain’t even a real man

  6. Kendu is so whack. Any man that can’t turn 30g’s to 100 is not worth ever marrying. He getting 30g’s a month he could’ve invested 10k into a cell phone store, car wash, trucking company, car dealership, barbershop, another artist, a rental property… I mean wtf how do a grown azz man not know what to do with 30k so he don’t need to use Mary for it any more. and then he got 30k monthly. He is so whack, Mary is even whacker for marrying him.

    • Naw, if he invested his spousal support, that’s considered income. Courts would cut his payments.
      He’s a lowlife, but he ain’t stupid.

  7. He was her producer at one time, so he gets royalties I would assume. I wonder what was in the support settlement.

  8. Some people don’t even make 30K a year AND they have kids. SMH, he’s lived a life that most people dream of and its still not enough? So sad. Karma’s a mofo tho.

  9. Get a job she’s paying you 30K a month
    Tell shorty you’re not balling anymore and she will be bailing in a few
    Cheaters never profit in the end
    Get a job if you’re such a good manager
    She should have been cut her losses with you
    10 yrs and n California means an equal division of property
    What happened to her prenuptial aggrement???
    Anyway Mary go on a make that music about you’re heart being broken

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