Chris Brown Goes Off After Charlamagne Calls Out His Drug Use

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Chris Brown took to his Instagram to defend himself and his musical legacy after being called out by Charlamagne Tha God.

It all started when Breezy had to cancel an appearance with The Breakfast Club, and Charlamagne clapped back by accusing Breezy of being on drugs during his interviews.

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That’s when Breezy went on this rant.
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Recently, Chris said he’s fidgety in his interviews because he’s nervous. Do you believe him?


  1. It reminds me when Rosie O’Donnell called out Whitney for short cancelling her spot on Rosie’s show back in Whitney’s crack days. Whitney went off big time on Rosie, but we all know how it turned out in the end.

    CB won’t make 30 unless someone close to him forces his ass into rehab. He is is deep trouble.
    But considering the news which came out of the Aetna hack, I imagine he is in a dire state of depression.

    HIV is no longer a death sentence Chris, but hard core drug addiction is.

  2. He’s no God at all, there’s only one and he surely isn’t him..
    Chris might ge on drugs
    I also know mental health drugs have you strung out like you’re taking drugs
    The dosages they give is too much for some people weight
    Whatever Chris is responsible for hisself

      • No you took it that way, I happen to Know former drug addicts that now go to the mental health clinic in my area.. They look drugged out and spit running out their mouths, it sad to see but that’s what some of those drugs do to former addicts.. That’s why people don’t go to get help…they look like the living dead..

  3. He looks OK in that interview, then not so OK. He needs to realize he has a child now, time to grow up CB.

  4. Shit, more than half the entertainment industry is on drugs, been on drugs, and do stupid shit. Chris doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. Especially former Dope dealer Charlamagne. I don’t know why folks feel the need to pour their lives out on social media.
    Seriously, Instagram, “Twatter” , Facebook are turning men into gossiping bitches. The should feel emasculated. Real men don’t get into verbal slap fights online with other men, or women for that matter.

    • I was thinking the same thing, Charlamagne of all people does not get any respect from me and why does he always have to be negative. If he is pulling a Robert Downey, Jr or Charlie Seen trust all would know it, he would be in & out of jail. They made it like he is an addict and on his last leg but he out doing a pop-up concert. Cut it…..

    • BS they don’t.

      Bitch ass men are the worst and have been around since the beginning of time.

      It is just time their bitch ass activity is outed for the world to see.

  5. One thing i will say about him drugs or nawwt is that the nigguh does do free concerts. He been doing them for at least a decade now so respect 4 that.

  6. Welp. I was just thinking how humble Chris Brown was the other day. Im like he do a hook on everybody album when most artist on his level would not do that. ???.

    He do be making them songs pop though, cant deny that. Annnnnnddd he is the best R&B male artist. Between him and New Edition you cant loose

    • What fucking choice does he have?

      No one is checking for him or his music, he has to have $$ coming in some way, because he definitely ain’t in the position he used to be.

  7. Ummmmk… Dont be a hater, the Chris Brown photoed above is that N-gga, the only thing he aint got is Karruche. I dont know why ppl cant give ppl they props, what he said was cocky and disrespectful to every male artist, however that dont mean what he said wasnt true. The only competition Chris Brown got is Bruno Mars but they not even the same type of singers so I would not even compare the two.

    Everybody is asking Chris Brown for a hook to make they songs legit. He is telling the truth! Omarion, Usher and about 15 mo n–gas

        • Im sure Bruno about 30 too. Chris Brown been stop singing kid songs. But his kid songs still be jammin, I still listen to all of them, old and new. Both of them have exceeded past Michael Jackson and since Michael wasnt a hater, Im sure he would be proud of the both of them. As he definetly made it known he was a Chris Brown fan before passing.

      • I like Chris Brown and Bruno Mars. They both are actually talented and entertaining performers. I buy both of they albums, I listen to them both and I enjoy watching both of them perform. Sooo is there anything wrong with liking the BOTH of them or is it mandatory I only like 1? ??? man yall some natural born haters.

        • Chris Brown is lucky he got smashed and got on or he would still be in Virginia. Chris Brown has been mediocre since before it was cool to be. All of his songs sound the same, he cant sing, dancing is still on point though. Chris Brown makes music for people who doesnt know what music really is. If you’re a grown ass man or woman caping for Chris. Seek help!

  8. As a mater a fact let me finish swinging on Chris nuts by adding he is one of the few child artist that has succesfully transitioned from kid to adult and sold even more albums and has even more fans. Everybody page I see on instagram follow Chris Brown. Even if its just to laugh at the dumb stuff he be doing all day. Hes talented, he couldve and shouldve kept his cocky comment to his self cause now Usher and Omarion prob embarrassed but oh well. Thats what Omarion azz get anyway for trying to act high and mighty.

  9. Jus cuz he move in interviews don’t mean he’s on drugs
    Have anybody notice c the God jerks his head in interviews

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